The Playboy Club: Cast Reactions to NBC Cancellation

Playboy Club TV series cancellationThough The Playboy Club didn’t generate high enough ratings for NBC to keep the TV series on the air, millions of people were still tuning in each week and will surely miss the cancelled series. Those behind the scenes are going to miss it as well. Many connected with the show have taken to Twitter to share their disappointment about the cancellation and their appreciation for the viewer support they’ve received.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Bunny Janie): “I’m so moved by all of y’all messages that I decided to RT just a you all so much!” She later wrote, “Finishing out last episode, happy to be w/ some of my favorite people in the world. Everything happens for a reason..onwards and upwards :)”

David Krumhltz (Billy Rosen): “Your comments about The Playboy Club are touching. There was great stuff to come. Most shows die. Some before their time. I’ll miss Billy.” Earlier, he joked, “My show was cancelled today and this is how my cat feels about it:” Dewan-Tatum responded with, “ok that just made me laugh out loud for the first time all day. I love u krum krum”

Leah Renee (Bunny Alice): “Thank you all so much for your messages and love for TPC. I will keep you posted on where to catch the remaining episodes. Big hugs!”

Naturi Naughton (Bunny Brenda): “Thank u all…I see all ur tweets supportin #playboyclub.” She later wrote, “Up at 6:30am…still headin 2work. #playboyclub. ‘Work hard until the end'”

Wes Ramsey (Max the bartender): “Tough day… such talented and inspiring friends I’ve made… miss u all already!” To fans of the show, he wrote, “We all appreciate all the support we have had from the fans. We should have had more time…”

Sean Maher (Sean Beaseley): “Thanks for all the support. I am disappointed to say the least :(” He followed that up with, “For those of you who are asking why I’m disappointed- The Playboy Club was cancelled today. Going to miss it tremendously.” And then, “To the remarkable cast and crew. Miss all of you already.”

Riley Smith (Wade, guest in two episodes); “Fun while it lasted. My thoughts go out to all the wonderful people that were apart of making #theplayboyclub daily.”

Chad Hodge (the show’s creator and executive producer): “Was about to start writing xmas episode where Benanti rides out on a snowflake singing ‘Santa Baby’ – all I ever wanted for #playboyclub”

Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy Enterprises): “I’m sorry NBC’s “The Playboy Club” didn’t find it’s audience. It should have been on cable, aimed at a more adult audience.”

What do you think? Will you miss the show as well? What did you like or dislike about The Playboy Club?

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  1. Jane Whitford says

    I love simplicity…this was simple, nothing to wrap your mind around; although it left you thinking about another era, another way of life. Historically, for many women this was a way to succeed within a patriarchal culture, a culture that is just as prevelant today, but disguised. As a society we are still struggling with stereotypes, still struggling to end sexual assaults, still struggling to walk the streets alone at night. The Playboy Club provided a pop culture exploration of a time and place where women were emerging and resistant to complacent roles, where homosexuals were hidden and unaccepted in a socially constructed society that only allowed one-of-a-kind cutouts. The Parents Council should fight against overbearing sexual innuendo that is more degrading on shows that are aired in earlier time slots, or advertising that depicts underwear for the “girls.” I am not a fan of Hugh’s use of women as objects, but I am a fan of women moving forward and the Playboy Club, with footnotes, was an interesting effort.

  2. says

    Why is it everytime there’s a show that has a good story to it, that would make a person use more than one brain cell its cancellation time. Good Grief how many reality shows do we need!!!!!!! BRING THE PLAYBOY CLUB BACK, give it a chance. Please.

  3. Loved Playboy Club says

    Disappointed the show was cancelled!! I really didnt see anything wrong with the show and thought it was going to pick up. It was nothing explicit about. Heck if Glee and Little Pretty Liars can portray so much dirt we dont want to expose to our kids..really!! Get it together people!!

  4. taryn says

    I love the show. I think it was great because it is so different than what is on tv now. All there is now is reality tv and cop stuff. Bring back the bunnies.

  5. Alisha says

    I am soooo upset about the cancellation of the Playboy Club. I am a huge fan of Playboy and thought the show was fabulous. The Mob and Playboy two great combinations. It was getting so good too. I believe the show would have done better if it wasn’t for all the media about Two in a half men. Its a damn shame to say the least.

  6. Carol L. says

    I am sick to my stomach that they cancelled one of the best shows on TV. I am a babyboomer and this show was all about growing up in the 60’s during the Kennedy era, I actually cried when it was cancelled, I cant believe Gloria Steinem was boycotting it, what a hypocrite. She was a bunny. The music the dancing and the hair and make-up were perfect, After seeing Jersey Shore and CSI thats total disgust, I hope Bravo picks up this show, I will pray some 60’s nostalgia catches on!

  7. TRINI says

    Shows like Playboy Club and Pan Am show the way women were treated and how brilliantly they dealt with it and how far we’ve come. The women in these shows were proud of their jobs and did it well. It was a part of history. I was hooked from the first show.
    These shows are much more entertaining than those blood curdling shows like Dexter and Criminal Minds which show humanity at it’s worse yet they go on. Shows about smart, strong women can’t find a large audience. What is the problem with our society? I am so tired of shows like the CSI franchise and Criminal Minds – showing mankind at it’s worse. And don’t get me started on reality shows like Jersey Shore.

  8. says

    When I saw the promo for the series, before it started, I said I wouldn’t be watching it. The name was a turn off, “Playboy Club.” But, when a new show starts I always give it at least 1 try. I like period pieces and it was a reminder of times gone by. I think it could have been another “Mad Men.” Hope another network picks it up.

  9. Erma Boyce-Childs says

    Please try and bring the show to the cable networks, Maybe, TNT or something. This show was excellent. To me it did not demean women, it portrayed women as working women who worked at the Playboy Club as a catalyst to further their careers, i.e. earning money for college.

  10. Brian says

    What a shame. I really enjoyed the show and only found out about the cancellation 10 minutes ago when I was looking at tonight’s schedule.

  11. BHA says

    I love the three episodes that NBC aired and I watched them in real time, not on the DVR or TiVo. Three episodes is not enough time for the writer(s) to give any of the characters any kind of development. TPC should look for a cable channel or HBO, Cinamax or Showtime. The Playboy Club showed how narrow mined yet almost two faced Americans really are now. Go watch “Jersey Shore” or “Teen Mom” to see how depraved we are compared to the Sixties. TPC has this soap opera connotation to it that is not unjust. If you don’t want your kids to watch it, use the V-Chip in the set to block it. Instead, the people decided to go to NBC and get it cancelled. The show meant no harm, it showed that the Club was THE place to be in the Sixties. These were the bunnies, not the playmates in the centerfold. I can not believe in other respects how little we have changed. You can not show or speak due to Standards and Practices on television. Yet, cable channels can do anything they want, really. To get back on course, I will miss switching over on Mondays at 10 p.m. to see them. I do hope that TPC will appear again in the near future. I got to know what happened to all those beautiful women and the handsome men that made this show so awesome.

  12. DeDe says

    I’m really not happy that it is being cancelled. I liked the plot, beginning with the tension created by the gangster being killed; the political deceptions; the club’s inner workings; and the acting–a good assemble.


  13. "Chaps" says

    I knew this show would be cancelled about 10 minutes into the first episode. Somewhere, somehow some PC group or other would get up on the tip toes of their self righteous orhtopedic shoes and start whining.
    AND: I knew, given their whining that NBC would CAVE and cement their rightful place at the bottom of the heap!! Way to go NBC – you still suck after all these years!!

  14. Kimberley says

    I have not enjoyed a tv show in quite some time and it was a refreshing change of pace. I can’t understand how anyone feels this is portraying women in a bad light. It was a true part of history. The Playboy Club existed in that time and even though I am quite sure there was creative license to make the show more interesting, it is or was a part of our lives. I loved the cast relationships, the suspense and it left me wondering when it ended each week about what would happen next week. More like when shows like Dallas and Knots Landing were on. Please reconsider your decision to cancel. I see no difference in this show than I do in Pan Am. Women were treated this way in the past and there is nothing wrong with anyone seeing how we have evolved any more than it is to see any changes in life that have occurred. Please reconsider.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree totally. shows like Playboy Club and Pan Am show the way women were treated and how brilliantly they dealt with it and how far we’ve come. The women in these shows were proud of their jobs and did it well. These shows are much more entertaining than those blood curdling shows like Dexter and Criminal Minds which show humanity at it’s worse yet they go on. Shows about smart, strong women can’t find a large audience. What is the problem with our society?

  15. Julie Paris says

    I think the show was wonderful!!! To bad it was cancelled. Hef is right it needs to be on a cable show. Please bring the show back…I’m sick of those reality shows. I watched all three of the episodes. I was glued to the TV…….



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