The Pretender

The PretenderNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 86 (hour)
Seasons: Four

TV show dates: September 19, 1996 — May 13, 2000
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries, Ryan Merriman, Richard Marcus, Alex Wexo, James Denton, Sam Ayers, Harve Presnell, Paul Dillon, Willie Gault, Pamela Gidley, Ashley Peldon, Kim Myers, and Jason Brooks.

the pretender past TV show

TV show description:
As a young boy, genius Jarod Russell was taken from his parents and trained in a fortress-like facility by the secret organization known as The Centre.

He is raised by kind psychiatrist Dr. Sydney Green (Patrick Bauchau) and trained to become a “pretender,” someone who is able to flawlessly integrate himself into any profession or lifestyle. Eventually, pretenders are sold to the highest bidder and are used for a number of nefarious purposes.

As an adult, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) escapes The Centre to search for his parents and expose the organization. Other pretenders that are hot on his trail include alluring assassin Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), and the team of Brigitte (Pamela Gidley) and Bobby Lyle (James Denton).

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    i was also disapointed how they ended it they left it all standing out there what i think is they should have let jarrod marry miss parker and him find his whole family and told every thing about the scrolls jarrod take over the think tank all thatkind of stuff you all know what i mean. good luck with getting it back on the aire even for just a movie to answer all the un awsered questions. sincerely virginia

  2. says

    Michael T. Weiss plays a DC comic powered heavy hitter called CAPTAIN ATOM. On the hit saturday morning DC NATION cartoon called YOUNG JUSTICE ! Maybe he can find his mother in the form of CAPTAIN ATOM ! That would be his greatest PRETENDER move yet !

  3. sheila says

    I think they who ever should bring the show back so we can know what happed to her mother if he find his family

  4. Carol Hunt says

    I too enjoyed the series and would love a resolution, a real ending to the story. The two movies were great, but I was disappointed that they didn’t resolve the mysteries of “The Center” or Jerod’s fugitive status and separation from his family.

  5. JS says

    My husband and I watched all 4 series and haven’t seend anything since then. Where are other movies at that we can watch? Looking for more! Love this show!

  6. Helen says

    The Pretender is great!please,continue the story!we want to know the answers.there are fans of the show in different countries,and Russia is not an exception.and we all want the Pretender go on!please…

  7. Janice Viverette says

    Loved the series and movies, but it is ridiculous how they ended it. It didn’t do the fans any justice. You can tell they got cancelled and had to try and tie up ends quickly. Otherwise they could have been working on it all season and cut some of the run of the mill episodes. Then to try and make sense of it, they add supernatural mumbo jumbo taking the easy way out. Hated the brothers so called ability.

    I agree with the comment that reality tv is garbage. It takes away jobs from real talent and quality entertainment that adds to society instead of dragging us down into the vast machine!

  8. stella kemp says

    It feels sooo unfinished. It would be great to get some resolution. Michael and the rest of the cast are a great team and we want more. I will be hoping !

  9. adam says

    A very sad thing indeed. I have all 4 seasons, both movies. Just make another movie to tie things up.

    Reality really is sh*t. Not only does it air, but it takes away from great shows that should be renewed/rerun.

  10. aldana says

    I love the Tv serie ‘The pretender’. I can’t imagine this finale for the show, I think is sad don’t have a really closure for the story…Bring back the Pretender!! Thank you very much for the site… !

  11. Thomas J. Mitchell says

    2/12/10 We have finished the 4 seasons of the Pretender. It has been the best of all the tv series we have watched. My husband is an addict to these aeries and this has truly been enjoyable . We are soooooooooo disappointed to learn there are no more series. We will continue to Wait……………….. More Please.

    • Kate says

      The two final films from 2001 left more questions than it answered. Please answer those questions so the fans and actors will be happy.

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