The Price Is Right: Bob Barker to Retire — Will the Game Show Continue?

The Price is Right host Bob BarkerAfter years of speculation, Bob Barker, the venerable host of CBS’ Price is Right, has announced his retirement. Bob will be 83 in December of this year and says he wants “to retire while I’m still young.”

Bob Barker started his national television career in 1956 as the host of the popular Truth or Consequences after many years in local television and radio markets. Bob became the host of The Price is Right in the Fall of 1972 and has been with the show ever since — outlasting games, “Barker’s Beauties” and two announcing legends, both Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy.

Bob’s been considering retirement for at least ten years but says he was just having too much fun to give it up. But, now that he’s reached a pair of impressive milestones (35 years on The Price Is Right and 50 years on national television), Bob feels the time is right to hang up the mic.

“I’ve gone on and on and on to this ancient age because I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m going to miss it. I’m just reaching the age where the constant effort to be there and do the show physically is a lot for me. I might be able to do the show another year, but better (to go) a year too soon than a year too late,” Bob admitted.

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank the television viewers, because they have made it possible for me to earn a living for 50 years doing something that I thoroughly enjoy. They have invited me into their homes daily for a half a century,” he said.

President and CEO of CBS Leslie Moonves said, “We knew this day would come, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Bob Barker is a daytime legend, an entertainment icon and one of the most beloved television personalities of our time.” A primetime special celebrating the long-running show and host is reportedly already in the works.

Does Bob’s retirement spell the end of the popular and long-running daytime game show? Hard to say. Bob Barker and Price have been considered inseparable entities for years and years. Many have believed that his retirement would spell the end of the show. CBS has tried primetime incarnations of the show with other hosts over the years and none have succeeded.

That being said, CBS and Freemantle Media (who produces Price) certainly are not ready to say goodbye to the profitable game show. Freemantle is said to have been looking for a replacement host for the past few years in preparation for Bob’s eventual departure. No word on how soon a new host is expected to be selected.

How will Bob finish his 35 year run? Well, Bob’s last Price will air in June of 2007 and at this point, he plans to treat the final episode like “business as usual.” He intends to end it with his trademark sign-off: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” I’m guessing Price fans wouldn’t have it any other way. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. William Thomas says

    Dear Bob,
    I was a very young boy when I first watch you on Truth or Consequences. I had my family take me to the T or C Festival just to see you. You shook my hand. That was a great day in my life. I have watch you on the Price is Right since you started doing it as much as I could. I want you to know how much I will miss you when you stop doing the show. But, I wish the best for you and a long retirement. Thank you for all the memories. Bill



  3. Bo Hatton says

    Over 20 years ago, my father was on the Price is Right and went on to win the showcase. My 18 year old daughter Jami has a dream of following in her Grandpa’s footsteps and being on the show. Has Bob Barker set a date for the final show? We are planning to fly to LA in June after she finishes the school year.

  4. Anonymous says

    Bob barker and the price is right go together. take that away and thats like separting red beans from the rice;Ken away from barbie;Pat sajak from vanna white!!!!!

  5. says

    Dear Mr. Barker;
    I was at the Price is Right years ago. My gradcaughter was a ontestant on your show.
    I watch your show daily if I can. I am 90 years old and have a suggestion. After the prize being bid on is shown, Please mention again to winner what the prize was. So often us old people miss what it is the contestant is bidding. I enjoy your show, hang in there. Bea Elm

  6. says

    BOb Barker is a Great Entertainer on the “Price Is Right”. You Have Great Love Doing Your Show and Great love for the People. I THINK YOU FOR Making Me Happy For 35 Years Watching Your Show.
    I Am A Singer, Actor, Master Tap Dancer Voice Impressionist And Your Show Make Me Happy.

  7. Ladybug says

    BoB– How great it was to see you in person on the Price is Right.. I did not get up on stage but had a front row seat. Nov. 2003 will always be a wonderful
    year i will never forget.I will miss seeing you on my favorite game show for 50 years.

  8. Jamie Mabe Fitzsimmons says

    Hi Bob, Sorry I never got to see you in person. It was always a dream of mine to be on tbe Price Is Right and I never fulfilled that dream (my loss), I used to pretend to be sick to stay home from school to watch you and Mom would say if you are too sick for school you are too sick for TV and I would tell her I just had to watch The Price is Right and she would cave and let me because she watched it so she had to let me. I watched your show from the beginning and I dont know how I remember but I do remember loving to watch Truth or Consequences and I had to be 4 yrs or less old, how ironic. I am 39 and most of my life was spent watching you on TV. I am going to miss you. Enjoy Life after the Price Is Right and I hope you live another 83 years feeling younger than ever. Love Always Jamie MABE Fitzsimmons

  9. Gloria J. Malacara says

    Dear Mr. Barker. My daughter Jeanni, who is now going to be 44 this March. Has watched the The Price is Right since she was 15.I also watch it. But, Jeanni was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 15. Hopitalized off and on most of her life.She would always have the T.V. on to watch you. It was good medicine for her all these years. She has lost the use of her kidneys and has be on dialysis for over 20 years now. She has always wanted to go and be on your show and meet you. I as her mother wished that would of happened. Jeanni has had a hard live and we have almost lost her on several bad trips to the hospital. She is an inspirtation to alot of people. Just like you are to her. We wish you a very happy retirement. Well, deserved. God Bless you. G. Malacara

  10. Lorraine Talotta says

    Hi Bob,
    Sorry to say I have not had the great experience of being on your game show, even though it was a dream of mine. But most of all I,m sorry to hear your retireing. I,m 44 years old and you were good medicine when I was home sick from school, or just home. I will miss you but good luck to you and your family in the future. Stay healthy and happy, you deserve it..

    THANK YOU FOR EVERTHING, Lorrain Talotta

  11. Lorraine Talotta says

    Hi Bob.
    Sorry to say I have not had the great experiance of being on your show, even though it was a dream of mine, but most of all I am sorry to hear your leaving. I am 44 years old and back in the day, home sick from school or work, you always made me feel better. You and your show is the perfect medicine.
    I need one thing from you….
    Please let me know the final show so I can take a Personal Day from work and stay home and watch it. It would really mean alot to me… I already have plans to stay home that day just for you.
    Stay healthy and happy, you deserve it.
    Thanks for all you’ve brought to my home.
    Sincerely, Lorraine Talotta

  12. Jean Parker says

    Hi Bob,
    I had the thrill of being a contestant on The Price is Right as well as two different times on Truth or Consequences. I always admired you, being not only a fellow Missourian, but an all around nice guy.
    I did a love scene with Lyle Wagoner on your Truth or Consequences show back in the early 70’s but because of my work schedule (I was a flight attendant)was never able to view it. Any idea where I might be able to obtain a copy of it?
    We got to be friends with Robby and Diane Robertson.
    Any idea what has happened with them?
    I wish you a long healthy and happy life after TV.
    Jean Parker

  13. says

    Hello Mr. Bob Barker, it has been a pleasure to watch you on, ‘THE PRICE IS RIGHT’for a number of years. You have done a super job, all these years and we will be sorry to see you go, but as you have said,its time. You are going to be missed by a great great many people.
    Do enjoy your days of peace and fullfillments and you are AS YOUNG AS YOU FEEL.


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