The Real Wedding Crashers: NBC Wants a Divorce

The Real Wedding Crashers on NBCI’m sure fans of series The Black Donnellys couldn’t be happier about this one. NBC is set to pull the reality show The Real Wedding Crashers after tonight’s broadcast and only three episodes.

Crashers debuted on April 23, 2007 and replaced Donnellys on the Monday night schedule. Crashers is loosely based on the 2005 movie The Wedding Crashers starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and is produced by Ashton Kutcher’s production company. The series depicted various nuptials being interrupted by undercover crashers performing outlandish stunts. Unlike the Crashers movie, the bride and/or groom were in on the joke.

NBC will replace Crashers for the next two weeks (the rest of May sweeps) with new episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The Criminal Intent episodes will be then run again the following night at 9pm. Doesn’t NBC have any original programming left? Maybe Studio 60 or Donnellys?

The remaining episodes of The Real Wedding Crashers are expected to run during the summer months. Obviously this doesn’t bode well for the series’ future but, as is standard practice these days, NBC has not said that Crashers is officially cancelled. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kerri Ann says

    I am sooooo happy to hear this news!!!! I didn’t watch one single second of this show. It is a total waste of air time. NBC has lost it’s collective mind to put something that stupid on and stick The Black Donnellys to on line views only! Now it’s time for NBC to eat a little crow and admit they screwed up. Put The Black Donnellys back on for the summer and renew for another season. Do the right thing for once and save The Black Donnellys!!!!!

  2. michael lopez says

    It really makes one wonder what the exec’s are thinking, on NBC’s own site they posted reviews that praise the writing and direction of TBD. Yet they pull the show for another reality show?? Come on you have a show that has real substance and has developed a true fan base. Put TBD back on the air what do you have to lose!!

  3. Chris says

    I know reality shows are cheap for the networks – but ENOUGH ALREADY – Both the Black Donnellys and Studio 60 deserved time to build an audience and are far better than most of what is on TV now. Quality is a GOOD thing NBC.

  4. eric says

    Black Donnelly’s is probably one of the best series I’ve seen in years. I hope it is brought back for a second season. It is the only show that I care to watch that isn’t sports related. NBC made a huge mistake pulling this show and I hope it redeems itself by putting this back on the air. The writers of this series are geniuses and I can’t wait to see what happens in each new episode. Please bring the Donnelly’s back!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    thought the show was great …i want them at my wedding.How much fun would that be to prank your whole faimly?

  6. Lora says

    I liked the show and I would like to see more. I thought it was funny, and I could watch it every Monday night, just like everyone used to do with “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.
    I never watched the Donnellys, but the previews I did see looked just like a violent soap opera. Sorry Fans.

  7. says

    Thank you! This is the news I’ve been waiting to hear since the show was announced, and even more so when I saw it was broadcast in wasteful SD. Whatever drama comes on to replace it, I promise I’ll at least leave the TV on, just to prevent any kind of threats to Heroes.

  8. Erik says

    What is ironic is that most Black Donnelly’s sites are filled with posts about how Donnelly’s ratings were so much higher than Crasher’s, so it makes sense to just put TBD back in its slot.

    It’s ironic because after the 2nd week of TBD, that’s exactly what Studio 60 sites were noting.

    Highest ratings of the three shows was Studio 60, hands down. Unfortunately, the slot is a death-slot and no one is going to break even on it after Peacock jerked the shows around so much.

  9. Stefanie says

    Yea I’m happy to see that NBC got what they deserved. they took a great show, The Black Donnelly’s off the air for a show that got even worse ratings! Maybe they should give The Black Donnelly’s some more air time before pulling the plug since it’s getting a lot of support!

  10. Cathy says

    Why can’t NBC admit their mistake and put the Black Donnellys back on … and then rerun the series this summer. And maybe even advertise it a little … that would be a switch.

  11. jf says

    Seriously why doesn’t NBC get it? Donnell’s was the first show in a long time for them to try to snatch generation Y back!

  12. Nikki Allen says

    You are right! The Black Donnelly fans, aka The Firecrackers, couldn’t be happier to see this. Just wish NBC would smarten up and put The Black Donnellys back on TV where it truly belongs.

  13. says

    I am not surprised. I watched the first episode, and it wasn’t funny at all. It was either very cliche or too contrived. I was bored after the first 20 minutes, and I could believe that there was 40 minutes to go. My wife begged me to turn of the TV when I was watching something else and a commercial came on. It was pathetic. I can’t believe that any TV executive couldn’t see this.

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