The Revolution, The Chew, General Hospital: One Cancelled, Two Renewed

General Hospital renewedABC has cancelled one daytime series and renewed two others. Fans of General Hospital can breathe easy, at least for a little while.

The network has confirmed that The Revolution, their ratings-challenged talk show, will go off the air on July 6th. The TV series debuted in January and took the place of One Life to Live. Hosted by Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, Ty Pennington, Jennifer Ashton, and Tiffanie Davis, The Revolution has been a ratings disappointment and has been averaging about 1.3 million viewers according to Deadline.

Meanwhile, both General Hospital and The Chew have been renewed for the 2012-13 season. While General Hospital’s viewer numbers have come down over the years, the ratings have shown signs of improvement. In late March, GH averaged 2.3 million viewers while The Chew drew 2.2 million. The Revolution pulled in just 1.3 million.

Katie Couric’s new talk show, Katie, is slated to premiere on September 10th and will air at 3pm on most stations. Until that happens, ABC will fill the timeslot with an hour-long afternoon version of Good Morning America, tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon.

While the alphabet network hasn’t said as much, they are obviously still searching for low-cost programming to fill their daytime hours. While the renewal of General Hospital has ensured that the venerable soap opera will reach its 50th anniversary — on April 1, 2013 — there’s certainly no guarantees beyond that.

What do you think? Did ABC make the right decision to renew General Hospital? Do you think it will reach its 51st year?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. fran says

    I am so glad the Revolution is cancelled now they need to cancel the Chew . This is a chance to bring back OLTL instead of Katie Couric. I don’t like her and will boycott her show. She left the Today show to do a nightly show and that ended. I am glad that GH is staying but don’t like the fact of moving it to 2PM to make room for Katie. Looks like I will still boycott ABC except for GH and I see another cancellation coming up for her.
    This is a chance to fix what Brian Frons did to us soap fans.

  2. Katrina dyer says

    Leave general hospital. That’s all that is left..”.. Two many talk shows….give it a rest

  3. Vivian says

    Had ABC cancelled General Hospital I think I would of left ABC forever. I guess I should be grateful they only moved the time slot. But, I have to say General Hospital has been a staple in many lives at 3pm. I am not a fan of Katie Couric. Never have been. Did not watch her on NBC and I will not watch her on ABC.

  4. says

    I love the CHEW, it gives me lots of laughs and I hope you do not cancel it. Who needs more talk show like the view where they all talk over each other show the talk”awful”. and more news talkie hows don’t we have enough, boring.

    • Mimi says

      I too love the Chew! Love their inspiring, delicious recipes, as well as the fun way they present them. The Chew and their hostess-cooks offer great ideas and most recipes are easy to make! Please keep The Chew!

  5. Allison Mitchell says

    I loved AMC, OLTL, and General Hospital. It is theroputic to me. I need GH in my life. I still fantasize about what should be happening in AMC andOLTL. I am 41 years old and have been watching these soaps off and on since I was a teenager. The off time was when I joined the Military from 1999-2006 and couldn’t watch it off and on. But now I am a government employee/Zumba instructor/ulcerative colitis partient, educated individual who still love the story lines of the soaps. It gives me a chance to hold on to a familiar place when I’m sick and away from home for an unlimited amount of time. When I need to feel comforted, I can watch my soap family. Reality TV can’t replace my reality. My neighbors, my family members are the cast of the soaps “in my mind”. Hair & Fashion trends are dictated by my soap family. The definition of hotness comes from my soap cast members. The blend of the OLTL cast is genius! If I could play a soapstar I would love it; but really I just love to watch!

    • Susan Quijas says

      Enough of the talk shows already! I agree with Allison. I had been watching AMC for over 30 years and looked forward to it ever afternoon. I know it could be absurd at times but it was good for a laugh that I could share with my Mom and sisters. I could watch the Food Network or better yet PBS who have much more entertaining food shows if I needed to see someone cooking and eating. The Chew is not entertaining and is very silly in my opinion. Don’t forget ABC the baby boomers are still alive and kicking and it isn’t all about the younger generation. Bring back All My Children! At least the Revolution had good advice for health and fitness. The Chew is all chewed up and should be spit out as far as I am concerned.

  6. Neal says

    I don’t watch Revolution or The Chew.. I want my other soap opera’s back AMC and OLTL…I”m so happy that GH is staying I love my Sonny and Jason…I’m glad the the Revolution is cancelled.. Now just cancel The Chew…And bring back the other soaps…. T

  7. Linda miller says

    I love Gereral Hospital, and I enjoy The Chew. The Revolution needed to be canceled, it’s not interesting in any way shape or form. But I have one tiny suggestion for the producers of The Chew. Please get rid of Daphne Oz, she is horrible and boring and does’nt fit. I believe she was offered the job due to her dad. I love Michael Symon, he’s great, Carla is a fit, and Clinton Kelly is a wonderful fit. He’s just so darn funny and brings a lot to the mix. And I enjoy Cliton and Carla’s C & C factory. Mario, I could take him or leave him. But he is a nice addition at times. Michael is funny, sexy, just amazing. When the show first took over OLTL I was upset, but 2 shows in I was hooked.

  8. Brenda Lawless says

    I am retired now and wanted to watch all my soaps….but, where are they????? When shows run the manys years that they have is proof enough they are being watched by more than what you have counted. People are tired of food, talk, doctors and reality shows….We want to watch a good story to take our minds off of all the problems we have with food, talk and doctors

  9. Liz says

    SAVE General Hospital – happy that One Life to Live stars have joined. PLEASE keep GH going!!
    Revolution – yeah – love Tim Gunn that’s it.
    LOVE – The CHEW! Angry at first that it replaced the soap.

    Didn’t ABC anticipate angry people leaving after taking away the soaps!

  10. Jae says

    I do enjoy watching the chew it has grown on me. But I really hope they don’t cancel General Hospital. Ive been a huge fan my entire life my mom watched it when i was in elementary school and I started watching in middle school and have been dedicated to this day as I’m going on 30. I love the show and have grown up with the characters. Glad one life to live cast lives on in GH. If my opinion matters at all I wish its not cancelled I hope when my kids grow up that ads a third generation to watch my favorite soap.

  11. Yvonne says

    I sure hope that General Hospital reaches it’s 51st year. I have watched it forever and could not stand losing another one of my beloved soap operas. I do not think that Good Afternoon America is the way to go. I love Good Morning America and Josh and Laura but it is a little to much news programming. How many times can you hear the same news stories? I will say I sure would rather see Josh and Laura than Katie Couric. I do not like Katie Couric and will not watch her show. I’m glad the Chew was saved for another season. I will say I did not like it when it first started,but I do enjoy it now. Daphane could go. The Revolution was just awful. I like to watch Tim Gunn and Ty on there other shows but the Revolution just didn’t cut it.

  12. says

    We enjoy watching General Hospital and have watched it forever. We record it every day and sit in the evening and watch it. My daughter is married now with her own family and they watch it in the evening also every evening. I also have lots of friends that watch it. While we were at the beach last summer ther were women on the sand that I overheard talking about General Hospital and that they watch it. The whole world likes General Hospital. We need a break from the sad news on tv and General Hospital does that..

  13. elee says

    I hate the revolution, they talk too fast; the chew, too many hosts; general hospital, and one life to live……the dialogue is lame

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