The Riches: FX Officially Cancels Drama, No Season Three

IMAGEAfter months of speculation, FX has finally put rumors of The Riches’ cancellation to rest. The show is over.

The Riches debuted on March 12, 2007 on FX. The TV series follows a pair of Irish con artists and their children who assume the identities of a wealthy family who has died in a car crash. The show stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in the roles of Wayne and Dahlia Malloy.

The series debuted to 3.8 million viewers and 1.9 rating/5 share in the desirable demographic. The numbers fell during the 13 episode season but FX still renewed it for a second year. The numbers fell significantly in season two and The Riches lost almost 50% of its 18-49 viewers.

For those that did watch, they only got to see a shortened season because of the writers strike. Only seven of the 13 planned episodes were produced and ended with storylines unresolved. It was hoped that the remaining six would be added to the order for season three but that won’t happen now.

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Though the season two ratings didn’t warrant a renewal, FX was hesitant to cancel the series. Riches was a hit with critics and Driver received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Ultimately, as is usually the case, it came down to economics and resources. Things weren’t likely helped by the fact that neither Izzard or Driver were available to return to production any time soon. Izzard is booked for two movies and has a busy stand up schedule that keeps him touring. Driver recently gave birth to her first child.

After months of waiting, actor Todd Stashwick (Dahlia’s cousin Dale on the series) broke the cancellation news to fans on Thursday. The network made the official announcement a few days later.

In a perfect world, a final episode or movie would be filmed to wrap up the series’ cliffhanger. Based on the show’s ratings, that seems unlikely to happen. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. JOYCE says

    OMG, You must be kidding. Totally completely hooked. Just saw that last show of season 2. I am sick! Please give us a frickin ending!

  2. says

    FX proves that this is the reason why no one watches FX – Bunch of lifeless people working for a lifeless channel…this is just like Fox media and all their other ****** outlets and “writing” pube-lications.

  3. n8 says

    I have only recently discovered the sheer brilliance FX has been putting out lately. much as it is the millions of idiots that watch “reality tv”, ‘s fault for this gem to b canceled it is my own to have missed it … alas we have more chances with sons of anarchy and justified, to enjoy telivision as an art form rather than the common crap peddled for “rateings” … out of 5 stars i give this show 110 and ive only just seen 4 episodes… i like what AMC is doing with breaking bad, weeds is also good… but as far as tv goes these gems are hard to find and im sad to have missed out on/ lost this one. guess FX has the movies … but has no good sense

  4. says

    WHAT A LOSS!! I was so hoping for a Season 3!! Unbeleivable they cancelled this show. Its one of the BEST shows EVER.. How can this be!! PLEASE PLEASE bring a Season 3!! This sucks!!

  5. Sandy Breckenridge says

    I am so disappointed that this show was canceled … PLEASE reconsider . The whow was awesome!

  6. carrie says

    I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and I am very disappointed that there will be no season 3. this is an excellent series! Please reconsider!

  7. Ryan n Cynthia M. says

    We just finished watching season 1 & 2 and loved them. Never knew what the show was about before and watched one episode and was hooked. they should definetly start it up again. I would definetly watch this show over some other ones on right now!!!

  8. Lynda says

    As a Brit am also so proud of you Mr E now get your backside back and go on with it……so loved it..

  9. Lynda says

    What a crap end..after 7 episodes of Season 2 .no real conclusion..I want to see MORE MORE MORE——–I am really disappointed

  10. Sam Meyers says

    This is BS!!! I started watching the show when it first aired and i was addicted, but because of school and the time it was on i was unable to watch all that often and completely missed season two, but thanks to netflix i am currently watching all the episodes. This was a great show with a great cast and a great plot, but of coarse it gets cancelled just like many good shows these days and with a cliffhanger non the less :( hopefully there will be a movie like Izzard started to promote.

  11. zach hutchins says

    thats bullshit i just finished watching season 1 and 2 on netflix great show! its a total disapointment that it was cancled, they should start it back up

    • says

      I agree! I just watched this show on Netflix also. I got to the 7th show 2nd season and it all just ended. I loved this show. Didn’t even know it existed until a month ago. I want to know what happens!!! I have told my son and other family members to watch it and now this is all we get?

  12. Teh Jokre says

    Just like corporate dcks to pull the plug on a good show. Its a prime example of how TV has gone to utter and complete crap and needs to just float down the sewer so room can be made for something new.

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