The Riches: FX Officially Cancels Drama, No Season Three

IMAGEAfter months of speculation, FX has finally put rumors of The Riches’ cancellation to rest. The show is over.

The Riches debuted on March 12, 2007 on FX. The TV series follows a pair of Irish con artists and their children who assume the identities of a wealthy family who has died in a car crash. The show stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in the roles of Wayne and Dahlia Malloy.

The series debuted to 3.8 million viewers and 1.9 rating/5 share in the desirable demographic. The numbers fell during the 13 episode season but FX still renewed it for a second year. The numbers fell significantly in season two and The Riches lost almost 50% of its 18-49 viewers.

For those that did watch, they only got to see a shortened season because of the writers strike. Only seven of the 13 planned episodes were produced and ended with storylines unresolved. It was hoped that the remaining six would be added to the order for season three but that won’t happen now.

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Though the season two ratings didn’t warrant a renewal, FX was hesitant to cancel the series. Riches was a hit with critics and Driver received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Ultimately, as is usually the case, it came down to economics and resources. Things weren’t likely helped by the fact that neither Izzard or Driver were available to return to production any time soon. Izzard is booked for two movies and has a busy stand up schedule that keeps him touring. Driver recently gave birth to her first child.

After months of waiting, actor Todd Stashwick (Dahlia’s cousin Dale on the series) broke the cancellation news to fans on Thursday. The network made the official announcement a few days later.

In a perfect world, a final episode or movie would be filmed to wrap up the series’ cliffhanger. Based on the show’s ratings, that seems unlikely to happen. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. casey says

    ahhhhhh…just a cliffhanger…..I just finished the 2nd season, and that is no kind of ending.
    I wonder if I can find the written episodes that were never shot! Damn this country for caring more about profit then any other greater meaning.

  2. Red Lunar says

    I agree with Ella. If they would have aired the Riches on HBO it would have continued. They should be ashamed; everyone was so wrapped up in this family, The Riches, then left us all hanging! Not knowing what happens to this family is the worst! FX is a huge disappointment for this!!!

  3. Angel says

    This is the ONLY series I watched all of on Netflix. Sadly for me, I didn’t know that it was never completed. Still I don’t regret it. I do crave it though.

  4. Ella says

    I’m extremely upset D;
    I fell in love with this show through Netflix. If only I had known sooner about this show and maybe if it was commercialized more, I don’t think it would’ve been canceled. Most of us are upset because there is nothing we can do about it now. The show is done with and maybe if we knew about this amazing show we could have done something to keep it on for a very long time.
    P.S. I think if this show was on HBO and not FX it would still be on. Anyone agree or disagree?

  5. Monica says

    I watched this show when it was on FX and LOVED LOVED LOVED it….but lost cable (too expensive) and thus missed out on the last season. Found it on Netflix and was instantly hooked again. I have always been an Eddie Izard fan and Minnie’s performances in this show were spectacular. I hate the fact that FX canceled the show leaving all of those unanswered questions. Who beat the hell out of Daryl? What happens to Cal? Does Wayne ever ‘come clean’?? Do they end up staying in Eden Falls?? What happens with the neighbor Nina??? (OMG>>I LOVED HER TOO) Too sad this story will probably never have an ending. One can only hope FX tries again to see if there is any renewed interest. Very sad and angry. I feel let down.

  6. Kris says

    Like others, I watched/inhaled all episodes on Netflix. The show is/was fantastic! And I’m so disappointed to learn that there isn’t any more. Since it was canceled in 2008, I’m guessing the idea of a movie ended up in a circular file. Perhaps the problem was the network. With Golden Globe and Emmy nominations and an outstanding cast, who knows why ratings dropped. From my experience, and it appears that of others, the show was addictive!

  7. Sey says

    I just started watching The Riches series last week on netflix and got so addicted to it. I love the story and the characters. I agree with the previous comments, i have great respect now for Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard. The show is awesome. I really wish they make a conclusion to the series or a movie to end the story. Please make the fans happy!

  8. Anonymous says

    they should put the show back on watching it on netflix and its a great show and there arent too many on tv right now..redo it a second time and it will be better the second time around!!

  9. says

    I just discovered “The Riches” after doing a search for Dmitry Limpkin who also writes “Hung”. I rented both seasons on Netflix and am really bummed two years after it was cancelled that it was never completed!!! This Dmitry Limpkin is a genius and the cast, direction, production, casting etc. were all spot on in “The Riches”. Back when it was on I didn’t watch much TV, so it wasn’t on my radar at all. I watched all of season one and two over the weekend and am totally hooked. That was a unique and special coming together of characters and in a world where many of us feel overwhelmed with the economic downturn and disappointment in the job environment , forclosures, and all these people show us how to ‘fake it until you make it’. But with conscience. I loved the way Nina became a gypsy and the family adopted, and loved the dead Riches old grandmother. It was quite something. I laughed and cried alot and am grieving the missing 6 episodes.

  10. J.D. Mag says

    That is one of the problems with how they rate these shows – most people I know wait for the season to come out on DVD then they watch them – many people just don’t have the time or the the right schedule to watch these shows when they air- so for so
    e it has to bedone this way – I really enjoyed watching “the Riches” I hope they find a conclusion for it –

  11. Leigh Anne says

    LOVED this series. Can’t even say how disappointed I am that there will be no season 3 or a conclusion. How can they leave the fans just hangin????

  12. Susan says

    I thought this series was excellent…I LOVED IT! I watched it on NETFLIX and was sad when it ended without conclusion. I have new respect for both Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard as actors…as well as all the supporting cast. It is a fascinating look into values, character, personalities, greed, love and respect. Havent see n anything this great since DEADWOOD.

    • Jay says

      Friggin A!!!!! Deadwood was excellent! The Riches are fantastic! Who are these big business idiots that keep killing these shows?! They have let The Tudors run on in seasons and I like it, but you cant tell me that it cost more to produce these shows than what they spend to recreate old England? You can’t run a show on one network for a season or two and expect a smash hit out of the box. Pulp Fiction didn’t do **** until it hit video! These people need to wake up and broaden thier economic thinking.

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