The Riches: FX Officially Cancels Drama, No Season Three

IMAGEAfter months of speculation, FX has finally put rumors of The Riches’ cancellation to rest. The show is over.

The Riches debuted on March 12, 2007 on FX. The TV series follows a pair of Irish con artists and their children who assume the identities of a wealthy family who has died in a car crash. The show stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in the roles of Wayne and Dahlia Malloy.

The series debuted to 3.8 million viewers and 1.9 rating/5 share in the desirable demographic. The numbers fell during the 13 episode season but FX still renewed it for a second year. The numbers fell significantly in season two and The Riches lost almost 50% of its 18-49 viewers.

For those that did watch, they only got to see a shortened season because of the writers strike. Only seven of the 13 planned episodes were produced and ended with storylines unresolved. It was hoped that the remaining six would be added to the order for season three but that won’t happen now.

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Though the season two ratings didn’t warrant a renewal, FX was hesitant to cancel the series. Riches was a hit with critics and Driver received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Ultimately, as is usually the case, it came down to economics and resources. Things weren’t likely helped by the fact that neither Izzard or Driver were available to return to production any time soon. Izzard is booked for two movies and has a busy stand up schedule that keeps him touring. Driver recently gave birth to her first child.

After months of waiting, actor Todd Stashwick (Dahlia’s cousin Dale on the series) broke the cancellation news to fans on Thursday. The network made the official announcement a few days later.

In a perfect world, a final episode or movie would be filmed to wrap up the series’ cliffhanger. Based on the show’s ratings, that seems unlikely to happen. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rica says

    Ok terribly the worst place to leave the suspence suspended!!!, I mean is Cal going to be ok? Is Dahlia going to hook up ever with fine ass king pig? (He is sexy!) And is DiDi going to be pregnant? I didnt see any condom usage suggestions and Gigi (Georgia) was looking so classy… Please bring some closure !!! Must have one last season!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cincity says

    I wasn’t sure if I would like the show, and I was not a big Minnie Driver fan, so I assumed the show might not be so great , but I gave it a chance. What a complete contradiction and surprise that I had when I watched the first episode. This show was awesome! Minnie Driver was great at drawing you into the character (Dahlia), with her great performance, and every episode kept me excited and anxious to watch the next one. It had an intriguing story line, and was very disappointed when I saw the last episode. I was left wanting more. I would love to see this show come back. I had never heard of it before, and I just recently stumbled across it, (late Sep/2012), only to find out it came out 2007-2008. Surely wish there were more episodes

  3. Anonymous says

    Is there a plan for our heroes?? Come on writers, back to the drawing board!!! You’ve got an audience for this dark, quirky and addictive series. Loved it, but not fair to the audience to exit too early……

  4. Rae says

    This show was so awesome. I just ran across it and watched episode after episode and I finish season 2 and realize season 3 is cancelled. I told all my friends to watch it after i had seen a few episodes, now they are all mad at me because it was cancelled. I did this with Merlin and firefly. These execs have copycat crap on every network, play two weeks, take three off and they wonder why ratings are low. I wish somehow this show would return. Every actor gave such great performances and should be recognized for them. I am completely bummed!

    • megan says

      I agree!!! Just found this show on Netflix….. BRING IT BACK!!! Itd be awesome to see it completed! SO SAD at just reaching episode #7 on season 2.

      • sally says

        Ive never heard of this show but my bro had me check it out and I LOVE IT!!! I don’t get why such a feel good show is cancelled so fast and yet shows that go on until even their theme song alone wants us want to toss the tv out the window!!

  5. Denise says

    I am really disappointed to get to season two episode 7 and find that was it.
    I looked to see if there was a book to continue the saga but no. I started watching the series
    This summer and thoroughly enjoyed every episode. I wish one of the writers would give the show a well deserved ending or new beginning.

  6. JD says

    I’m kind of amazed that I’m so out of sync. We have watched the Riches on Netflix and wanted more. Just like Lie to Me, In Plain Sight, Numbers and I’m sure there are more. Who makes ratings and what are the rest of those people looking for?
    I think this was an aexceptional show from character develeopment to glimpses into the nature of human dynamics — totally ENIGMATIC!

  7. E man says

    Just watched all 20 episodes this past week on Netflix. Great show and wish it had an official ending.

  8. liz crews says

    I originally started watching this show when it started and just recently noticed it was on netflix. We are so upset that this show was cancelled…Please bring this show back or at least closure!!!

  9. Anonymous says

    This is crazy, of course the shows actually worth watching get canceled. Go figure but at least do a wrap up season or something.

  10. annie says

    I also watched it on nettflix and was addicted, I searched for more episodes and found this unfortunate article. I wish I wouldve known about this show when it was on air. The writters totaally left me hanging, with season 2 being even better than season one, I jusst can’t believe this :(

    • doug says

      I totally agree with Annie.. i did and feel the same way everyone that has watched this show has told someone how good it was and so forth an so on..if they bring it back even after this long it would be a great success.. because all the people that watched it when it was on plus now all the people that watched it on netflix will be tuned right to there Tvs watching it…i guess i am not the only one that just found out about it and loved it an wants more..

  11. Jennie says

    It should be required to film a final episode (wrapping everything up) when a show is cancelled. I’ve been betrayed.

  12. lisa says

    Listen!!…I just started watching the riches on netflix a day ago..and I love it so much I spent all night watching episode after episode finally during watching episode 20 I decided to Google this Awasome show becuse I wanted to know why I havnt heard about this Awasome show, and come to find out it’s canceled!!!??…who would do something stupid like that..this show was not properly promoted cuz I just found out about it on Feb 4 2012 on crushing…smgdh…plz find some way to bring back this show

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