The Riches: Izzard Says TV Show Will Continue as a Movie

The RichesMany fans of The Riches were left on the edge of their seats for months, waiting to hear word about the fate of the gritty FX series. Unfortunately, when the word finally came down, it wasn’t one they wanted to hear: cancelled. But, according to one of the TV show’s stars, the story isn’t over.

The Riches TV show debuted in March 2007 on FX. The series follows a family of Irish con artists who assume the identities of a wealthy family who perished in a car accident. The show stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in the roles of Wayne and Dahlia Malloy. Others in the cast include Shannon Marie Woodward, Noel Fisher, Aidan Mitchell, Todd Stashwick, Gregg Henry, Margo Martindale, and Bruce French. Stashwick broke the cancellation news to fans last month and an official cancellation notice came soonafter.

In a recent TV Squad interview, series star Izzard says that there are plans to make a Riches feature film, inspired at least in part by the interest of a famous fan.

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Izzard says, “Oh, there was unfinished business [in the series]. We want to do a film about it. We want to do a film to continue it on….We’re already working on the script for it. Because I met Samuel L. Jackson in a lift, or an elevator, as you say, in London. And he was going, ‘So what happens with your kids…they gonna be ok, you continuing, what’s going on?’ So I thought, well, if Samuel L. Jackson wants to know what’s going on, we have to do a film. So we’re going to pick up…the plan is to pick up exactly where we left off, and we think we’re going to make a film of the next bit.”

The actor believes the timing for a movie couldn’t be better. “You know, with the Internet exploding, with all the finances going through the roof, we’ve got passionate fans. We had great reviews, and passionate fans all over the world… But we didn’t have the right number of them. ”

While the show’s declining ratings ultimately doomed it, Izzard believes simply measuring a show’s popularity via traditional television viewers is unrealistic. He said, “And how you test with these Nielsen boxes, it’s antiquated. It’s 1950’s technology, and we’re doing stuff that is different. People are looking at it in different ways.”

He concludes, “Numbers apparently stopped us, but passion keeps it going.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. David R says

    I have always loved your performances Eddy! I died a little inside when this show cancelled. Please revive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m hoping the number of exclamation points I used stresses my seriousness enough haha

  2. says

    My son is just like Sam jasmine my Sonia 11 he won’t potty train and and he will only wear girls diapers and cloths but we love our sweet heart so much

  3. Anne says

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back! With television programming like it is now, there are a lot less restrictions. I know this show would do great. Maybe the timing was off before, but we need more intelligent programming like , “The Riches”! What a great cast and storyline!

  4. caroline kilgore says

    I just finished watching the complete The Riches series on Netflix and what a let down. How could they not finish the storyline….hopefully that movie will be made to tie up the loose ends. My favorite series since Nip/Tuck.

  5. Grandma1954 says

    Loved the Riches want more the acting and the writeing were superb please bring back the Riches FX great story line about Humanity and the struggle for the haves and the have nots

  6. Dani says

    Show is freakn awesome. I’m like what’s gonna happen next then bam it’s over. Found it on Netflix and lemme tell you its like crack!!! I wish they’d finish it! Great show.

  7. Michelle says

    We just got Roku and I discovered THE RICHES and watched every show last Saturday — I can’t believe it was canceled Without a conclusion ! Got me thinking if that’s even allowed !!!? With the TV show “scandal” and its popularity–it shows me that clearly clearly THE RICHES was well ahead of its time. So now it’s time to bring it back! I wish Netflix would buy the rights the way they did with house of cards –And just go ahead and create a sequel . That would be awesome and so refreshing to watch something where another family has more drama than mine:)

  8. Loren says

    Are you kidding me, the show has to come Back – I don’t even enjoy television and I couldn’t get enough – I have watched it all three times now – it has to come back – I was never fans of Minnie or that lizard guy and I adore them – the show has to come back –

  9. Pooka218 says

    It has been 5 years since the show has been off the air and I still miss it. It was a great show. I was really disappointed when they canceled it. I had to find out it was canceled by poking around the internet and finding out that the guy who plays Dale is the one who announced it on his blog. I would really love to see this show come back. Not just as a movie but start up the series again. It seems like a lot of people are fans of the show and even after all this time they are still wanting more. I wonder what it would take to revive the show. There has to be a way to convince someone somewhere to start the show up again.

  10. casey says

    I really loved this show and miss it so much. Yes the movie would be awesome but please how can they not bring the show back to tv. FX really p****ed me off when they cancelled it because they continue to keep dumb shows like always sunny and the league yet when they have this fantastic show it gets cancelled after a short 2nd season and they leave us hanging. It just burns me that they have so much crap on tv but when something comes along that is great and different it gets cancelled so fast without giving the show a chance to grown and get a audiance. Hell Friday Night Lights was one of the best shows on tv and it took a while to gets a following before signing off. And i know its alittle different because it was a cartoon but fox cancelled family guy only to bring it back because of strong dvd sales and fans on the internet. Please Please Please bring back the show on a different network. I will be happy if a movie comes out but i want the show back.

  11. Monica says

    Oh..and one more thing (only because it doesn’t allow for editing said message)…Take a look at the Movie the Boondock Saints. Opened in FIVE theaters in the USA..ran for only a few weeks…got really bad reviews….but has become a LEGEND…it is so popular, a TV series is in the works!!! Now…FX…it can be done. :)

  12. Monica says

    I too am STILL waiting on said movie! I feel let down…no…more like betrayed. I was addicted 3 years ago….watched every episode again on Netflix (cheaper than cable!!) and here I sit with what seems to be THOUSANDS (maybe even more!) of other folks (including some famous ones!!) wishing there was some closure to the Malloy Family. It’s really to bad that the Neilsen people have not figured out most people don’t watch TV. (tired of the commercials, life is more hectic so not everybody works 9-5 M-F anymore)…so the internet has become a staple in most’s lives and the actual television has gone to the way side for DVD watching and video games.
    But, alas, maybe there still is a real possibility of a “Riches” movie coming out so that the fans can get those much needed answers to close the chapter on Eden Falls.

  13. Lyssa says

    Here it is 2011, and I know it’s silly of me to have hope that a movie will be made 3-4 years after the show has been cancelled…. But I still hope. It is ridiculous that we are still going off of viewer tv ratings. They should be taking into account hulu, netflix, and plenty of other sources you can watch tv shows on the internet. Internet has taken our worlds by storm and soon, who will need cable? It’s unrealistic to count on viewer ratings from cable.

    Like many others, I would like to see this come to a conclusion. It was great and I am thoroughly impressed, I think I could even settle for a writer sending me the conclusion in an e-mail, I just wanna know what happens!!

    It kind of makes you feel screwed over by FX and others, they drop all of these bombs in the last episode only to say “oh, sorry, no more Riches, use your imagination.”

    2011, and like any good fan, still hoping for a movie…

    • Michelle says

      You are so right on with this early assessment TWO YEARS AGO!! And now 2013 and its even MORE accurate! No one has time or the inclination to be tied to a television anymore –just create the entire season and get it up on the screen and people will watch it at their own pace–And over and over like me!

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