The River: Paul Blackthorne Joins CW’s Arrow Pilot

The River Paul Blackthorne, who plays producer Clark Quietly on ABC’s The River, has been cast in The CW’s Arrow pilot. It’s a reworking of the DC Comics character Green Arrow that was last seen on the network’s Smallville series.

Stephen Amell will star as Star City’s Oliver Queen, a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist-turned-outspoken politician. His other identity is the vigilante superhero known as The Arrow who fights crime using archery, martial arts, and technology.

According to Deadline, Blackthorne will play Detective Quentin Lance, the father of the hero’s love interest Laurel (Katie Cassidy). He’s a gruff and determined cop who believes in strict law and order and is charged with bringing the vigilante to justice.

TV show supportBlackthorne is formally billed as a guest star in the Arrow pilot because it’s technically in second position behind The River. Given the ABC show’s low ratings, it’s almost a sure thing that The River will be cancelled and won’t stand in his way of appearing in more episodes of Arrow should it get a greenlight.

What do you think? Do you think The River will get a second season, preventing Blackthorne from working on an Arrow series?

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  1. ND Mitchell says

    OMG…YES, YES, YES, YES, Paul Blackthorne is a perfect actor to appear on Arrow. Besides his sexy accent and good looks, he had a super hot furry chest, too!

    • Nosgoth1979 says

      Yeah he’s about as perfect as you can get for that kind of role, so I hope everything lines up for it. I still kind of miss The Dresden Files though, I seriously wish that had lasted longer. I actually just started watching that series again after I came across it while browsing the extensive amount of content on dishonline(dot)com, which is a free streaming site run by my employer, DISH. It’s pretty convenient and easy to use. Plus, DISH customers as well as non-customers can check out many of the titles. I hope this happens, because honestly, The River is okay, but I doubt it’ll get a second season and I think Paul’s talents are squandered on that show.

  2. Lauren Michaels says

    The river is gone. Its a good premise but a horribly executed show. The faux reality style is horrible

  3. Karen says

    The River – We wanted to like this show – but it was awful – couldn’t even make it through the pilot.

  4. MK says

    Wait….if they were willing to go with an older actor (not a teenager)…then why aren’t they casting Justin Hartley who has already made the role his own????

  5. Zzzz says

    Yes – Bring back “The Dresden Files”!!!!! Haha!

    I wish to see Paul Blackthorne in more movies that showcase his serious talent and move him up into the A-list. Or play 007 as he’s born for this role. But if TV is all he could get or all he has ambitions for… well, it doesn’t really matter which series.

  6. leslie says

    i like the river very much & he is one of the reasons why–but its unique, intriging, fascinating & original so of course it will get cancelled–just about everything i get attached to does, in favor of the nauseating reality shows. Originality is definitely frowned upon!

  7. Kat says

    They’d recast the role in Arrow if The River survives… but he’s the best part of The River and I like watchign him there! I’m torn. Oh well, as long as he’s on some TV show, I’ll be happy. And there are worse things for him to be in than a TV show I was going to check out anyway (if it gets picked up to series).

    By the way… “and won’t stand in his way of appearing in more episodes of Archer should it get a greenlight. ” Err, no, Archer is another show. But I laughed a little at the slip up. They really need a better name for this show than simply Arrow.

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