The River: Saved from Cancellation by Netflix?

The River saved?If ABC cancels The River (which they almost surely will), it seems that the TV series might still have a chance for a second season.

Netflix and ABC Studios (which co-produces The River) have had early discussions about possibly producing some TV shows for Netflix and their streaming service. The River apparently came up as a contender as part of those discussions.

Once known only for their DVD rental by mail services, Netflix has been offering streaming services for more than five years and TV shows have become very popular with subscribers. We often hear from readers who’ve only recently discovered serial TV series like The Event, FlashForward and The Gates; shows that were broadcast and cancelled more than a year ago.

Netflix has made a deal to produce a fourth season of cult-favorite Arrested Development some six years after it was cancelled by FOX. The company has recently discussed the possibility of producing a second season of another canned FOX show, Terra Nova.

TV show supportWhile The River has amassed a devoted following, the ratings for the ABC series have been poor almost from the start. It premiered on ABC with a mediocre 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.35 million total viewers. Those numbers quickly dwindled downward and the season (likely seres) finale came in at a 1.4 in the demo with 3.99 million.

Deadline sites that The River picks up a healthy percentage of viewers from DVR viewing but that’s essentially true of any show. If a show has relatively low viewership, picking up 36% (3.99 million to 5.43 million) still doesn’t amount to much by network standards.

Could that size of an audience be enough for Netflix to justify the cost of producing a second season of The River? We’ll have to wait and see but at least there’s a bit more hope for fans than there was before.

What do you think? Is there a realistic chance that Netflix or someone else will save The River? Is it worth being saved?

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  1. David B. says

    In this day and time fiction is an endangered genre, due to a lack of imagination in American viewers. Shows like Terra Nova, The River, Heroes and V to name a few were quality tv shoes that have been assassinated by reality tv seekers. Sadly horror and science fiction based shows have a 1 to 2 season life span at best. These shows take us to another place whereas reality is right outside our windows. Please SAVE THE RIVER its worth it!

  2. Erin says

    I defiantly think they or someone should bring back the tv show The River it was the best show on television during the week. The only other stuff left to watch(basically ) is reality shows. Please bring back The River!!!!!!

  3. Mark Franklin says

    I loved this series, but because I work nights, I watched it on Hulu. I knew before it was over that I’d have to have the dvds when it’s released and now I do. I would love to see more.

  4. Gerard says

    I hope there will be a 2e season, because I have enjoyed the first one. It was exiting and a very good story. It let you belive that there is more in this world then what we know, and I think that a lot of people thinks the same.The rain forrest hiddes a lot of secrets and we are verry busy to destroy everything, so let us save this al en enjoy the beauty of it and also wait for the next season. Moviemakers “THANK YOU”

    Fan off “The River”

  5. West man says

    Please bring it back. Change the time slot if need be, but don’t cancel it. Many people DVR it because of the overflow of commercials. That’ll kill interest quick! I had only found out about it late in the season and had to buy the box set to catch up. It’s an amazing story and it’d be great to have it come back and finish what you started! Don’t leave us hanging!

  6. aussie3440 says

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not wait the week to see what happened next, now I need to have a season 2

  7. kaylee johnson says

    That show was completely awesome! I can’t believe that anyone wouldn’t like that show. I REALLY hope and i’m praying that they make another season and Netflix picks it up. Please Please Please! My husband and i just couldn’t get enough of it.

  8. b says

    I loved the river too! It was different and i was always on the edge of my seat! give it another shot, don’t cancel it only after one season! Give me a chance to see what happens next!!

  9. Brenda Allsup says

    I loved The River! I was a huge Lostie as well and I found the action and intrigue riveting! Please do not cancel or at least offer it as a movie on Netflix!

  10. latrachia says

    I absolutely loved the river!! How can they not bring it back?? I need to know if the crew is going to get out of the Boiuna!! I watched the whole series and so did some of my friends! We loved talking about it the next day at work…PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

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