The River: Saved from Cancellation by Netflix?

The River saved?If ABC cancels The River (which they almost surely will), it seems that the TV series might still have a chance for a second season.

Netflix and ABC Studios (which co-produces The River) have had early discussions about possibly producing some TV shows for Netflix and their streaming service. The River apparently came up as a contender as part of those discussions.

Once known only for their DVD rental by mail services, Netflix has been offering streaming services for more than five years and TV shows have become very popular with subscribers. We often hear from readers who’ve only recently discovered serial TV series like The Event, FlashForward and The Gates; shows that were broadcast and cancelled more than a year ago.

Netflix has made a deal to produce a fourth season of cult-favorite Arrested Development some six years after it was cancelled by FOX. The company has recently discussed the possibility of producing a second season of another canned FOX show, Terra Nova.

TV show supportWhile The River has amassed a devoted following, the ratings for the ABC series have been poor almost from the start. It premiered on ABC with a mediocre 2.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 8.35 million total viewers. Those numbers quickly dwindled downward and the season (likely seres) finale came in at a 1.4 in the demo with 3.99 million.

Deadline sites that The River picks up a healthy percentage of viewers from DVR viewing but that’s essentially true of any show. If a show has relatively low viewership, picking up 36% (3.99 million to 5.43 million) still doesn’t amount to much by network standards.

Could that size of an audience be enough for Netflix to justify the cost of producing a second season of The River? We’ll have to wait and see but at least there’s a bit more hope for fans than there was before.

What do you think? Is there a realistic chance that Netflix or someone else will save The River? Is it worth being saved?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. B says

    My borfriend and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The River! What idiots decided to cancel the show?! Netflix please pick up this show or I’m going to have to write a very mean/rude letter the the producers of ABC and not watch their channel anymore. Bring back The River!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Edith says

    LOVE THE RIVER!!! First show on tv that actually had you on the edge of your seat
    Please Netflix pick up season 2 and I’ll subscribe for your service!

  3. pat says

    The River is a fantastic show. It kept you on the edge of your seat. We need have it back. It was a show that was talked about at work. I am a hugh fan and would like to see it return.

  4. Wonder says

    Ohhhhhh, please, please, put another useless reality show in its place, my brain is so overwhelmed at work that it would be nice to come home and sit on the couch and not have to use my brain.
    What is wrong with people?? Why do so many dumb people get sucked into these “reality”, LOL, shows. Its absolutely ridiculous that people actually think there reality, anyone with have a brain can see that there completely just the opposite, omg.

    Get a life and watch something that actually challenges you, really.

    • Laci says

      That’s the whole point of it! When people have been challenged at work all day and are tired they don’t want to always come home and watch a challenging tv show. Not everyone looks at it as reality, they simply look at it as entertaining. Simple as that. I love The River. It was a great show!

  5. G&L says

    ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Totally can not understand WHY this show wasn’t renewed. Absolutely sucks! This is the only show our family was looking forward to watching again for the new season. Just goes to show when you finally find something you love, someone has to go & take it away from you! How can we get ABC to realize this HUGE mistake?

  6. Kim says

    I hope the bring back both the River and Terra Nova. I believe the reason they were cancelled is because most people are too basic to wrap their head around the concept of a show that actually has a continual story. These were both a change from all the stupid reality, doctor, and detective shows.

  7. derek says

    Netflixs needs to save this show..ABC is a joke..i dont know who runs things over there but they need to be fired..they have had some of the best shows out there. Such as…V…flashforward…no ordinary family…and they cancel cause they only get 5 million viewers?? Thats better than have the crap they have on tv now. Does ABC realize how many shows and channels there is?? I bet most of these shows would do better and bring in more viewers if you gave them a decent time slot and not competing with the biggest show that most americans wont miss. They need to fire whoever is in charge..or sell the shows to other companies who know how to run the about FOX

  8. Suzanne says

    All of you can dump your reality shows ! Am so tried of spin offs I’m gonna scream ! Just bring back THE RIVER ! a good drama is worth a hundred of those stupid shows where everything needs to be BLEEPED !!!!!!!!!

  9. cchan says

    I absolutely loved The River! It was a breath of fresh air, when it comes to tv shows. It seems that most of them are cop shows or comedies. Finally there was one that I actually found interesting, and I could never wait until the next episode was on. I really hope Netflix or, hopefully, ABC renews it for another season. *fingers crossed*

  10. says

    I’m SO happy they are thinking about doing this. Most mainstream shows are for the “comman” masses and like with ABC you have THREE shows variations of the bachelor’ desperate housewives’ and hospital setting shows itseems all for housewives with too much time of their hands. (No offense to anyone who likes that kind of drama) but most “non”mainstream” shows which provide an interesting and creative kind of entertainment are cancelled when there is a cult kind of special following for them. Shows like The River and Terra Nova have a market out there and I am more then disappointed they have been cancelled and I had my DVR all ready to capture them. I would definitely PAY for those shows as I only like a hand full of things and I really look forward to taking time out to enjoy them. Bring the creative stuff on Netflix!!

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