The Secret Circle: No Second Season; Cancelled

CW cancels Secret Circle no season twoIt seems not even magic couldn’t help bring the ratings up. The CW has cancelled The Secret Circle after one season of 22 episodes.

A supernatural series, The Secret Circle follows teenager Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) who, after moving to Chance Harbor, discovers that she is a witch and part of a young secret coven. The show also stars Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Shelly Hennig, Louis Hunter, Ashley Crow, and Natasha Henstridge.

When the season began, it looked like The CW had found the perfect match for their big hit, The Vampire Diaries. The premiere drew a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.05 million viewers. These days, those are excellent numbers for the smallest network.

Should Secret Circle have been cancelled?

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In week two, the ratings dropped 31% but were still strong by CW standards. Unfortunately, over the course of the season, they have tumbled downward. They’ve gone as low as 0.5 rating with just 1.14 million viewers. Other CW shows were performing better and they didn’t have the advantage of having such a strong lead-in.

On our CW Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demographic numbers of shows on the network, The Secret Circle has a “B+” grade. That grade however is heavily reliant on the early season numbers and the show hasn’t been pulling those in months.

If The CW had renewed Secret Circle for a second season, the ratings would likely have been lower when it returned in the fall — lower still without a Vampire Diaries lead-in.

The CW has different standards for success than other networks and derives income from other sources beyond broadcast viewing. They also have just 10 hours of primetime space available. It just didn’t make sense to bring Secret Circle back for another season.

The series finale aired on last Thursday night, May 10th, so there won’t be any further resolution for the ongoing storylines.

What do you think? Are you upset that The Secret Circle has been cancelled and won’t be returning for a second season? What will you miss about the show?

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  1. Anonymous says

    i really love this show was googling when the new season is gonna start and i stummbled on the shocking discovery that there won’t be another the CW to me doesn’t care about the millions of viewers it has disoppointed such a shame big big shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jessie E. says

    Please bring back The Secret Circle! I love that show. Its one of my favorites. And it was just getting really interesting and now we will never know what will happen nex. Its such a shame that the CW cancels good shows but renew crappy ones.

  3. Diane Haven says

    This is so bogus, The Secret Circle needs to keep running until the story is finished: when the witch-hunters are dead, Nick is alive, John Blackwell is exposed – that he is working with Dawn and that he wants to kill the elders and give Dawn her power back, if Blackwell had more than 2 kids – cux he had a relationship with melissa’s mom, faye’s mom, and diana’s mom, and probably more. Why did Blackwell kill other witches, how did he get dark magic, who else in the circle has dark magic, etc. The show needs to keep running to answer these questions, which could be at least an entire season, which would be season 2 and that could be the end, there could even be a season 3. This show NEEDS to keep running. LET’S MAKE A PETITION, AND ON EVERY SITE THAT MENTIONS THE CANCELLING OF THE SECRET CIRCLE SEASON 2 POST THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE CANCELLED!

  4. Tanmoy says

    Well, I agree that there were setbacks in the secret circle show in between but comparing, there were setbacks in the vampire diaries too, sometimes, and the secret circle grew really interesting in the last couple of episodes, the suspense and the hotness of the show were an equal to the vampire diaries, and the beauty of the last episode the way they left things off, I dying to watch the second season right now!!!! So please CW bring the show back….

    • Diane Haven says

      Yeah, where I live, thousands of thousands of people wwatch the secret circle, most kids at my school watch it. I reasearched it, the ratings have decreased very little, if any, and more people are watching it. Yeah, the show is getting more and more interesting, and more people will want to watch it, and eventually own the series. So this show will be really popular if there is a second season- if u research how many people watch this show, you’ll see that the numbers are increasing.

  5. Grandizer says

    I guess to forma real opinion on this show, I would have had to read the book (s) it came from…
    I did not feel that need with TVD.

    The people who just show up and then disappear, who die and then come back half a season later? The confusing family relations, the cluelessness of the rest of the town? The other teens who practice magic and keep comatose girlfriends in their private rooms?
    I don’t know how many books this show is based off of, but they did seem to be reaching for material many of the weeks.

    The writer LOVES strong teenage women, that is more then evident in her shows, and I have no problem with that, but I did get tired of seeing the males simpering all of the time.
    The witch hunters? Yeah, ok… Rolls eyes…

  6. Bec says

    I am devistated they have axed it :'( it was my fav show and i was so excited to see what would happen with the balcoin sibblings! I live in australia so i had to watch it online but me and my mates all LOVE the secret circle! :'(

  7. Anna says

    Demo Grade Ratings Viewers in Millions
    The Secret Circle B+ 0.8 (0.78) 1.86 ” cancelled? Seriously!”
    Hart of Dixie C+ 0.7 (0.65) 1.58 renewed? OMG!
    Gossip Girl C 0.6 (0.60) 1.20 renewed? BIG MISTAKE!
    Nikita C+* 0.5 (0.52) 1.58 renewed? NO! NO! NO!

    Why did The CW cancel The Secret Circle which has a better ratings instead of the other series? It doesn’t make sense. Please, bring back TSC!

  8. Asvina says

    OMG!!! I really wanted to see who the other Balcoin children are. Please CW Please Please PLEASE bring Secrete Circles back!!!! I always watch it after Vampire Diaries. I really want to know what’s going to happen now that Diana is going away, Adam might go bad, Jake got the letter from his Grandpa. OH GOD please CW please bring it back I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. anon589 says

    it has nothing to do with making sense – the network kept taking it on hiatus every 3 episodes so people get confused- even TVD had dropped, TSC has it own fans and could strive with or without TVD- trust me especially now… it deserves at least another season to close the storylines… this is ridiculous – just because the show did bad for 2 weeks doesnt mean u should cancel it… it was going back up the last two weeks u shouldve waited for DVR – this cancellation was pointless and stupid. this show couldve meant huge syndication money internationally cuz its got just as big an internation fanbase as Nikita…

  10. david says

    theres a petiton sign it so secrett circle.can stay we have until thursday to show how much fans love in twitter and gopetiton we
    have around 15,000 signatures a

  11. Emma Nichols says

    These rating numbers are so false. I live in Australia and I happen to know thousands of people that watch the series here, let alone other countries. I bet those figures aren’t counted in the ratings. I without fail would go online every week at the time the episodes were released in the USA and watch the episode. I would think these numbers couldn’t be counted. Maybe if it had have been released in Australia sooner, they might have got the ratings from people watching, however I was watching them before they got here. Another huge problem were the breaks in the series after about every 3 episodes, that’s never a good idea if you want to get the ratings up. This series had enormous potential, with an amazing cast and I’m really disappointed they have cancelled it with such little imput from the viewers. Isn’t it all about the viewers? The CW have a lot of unhappy viewers from this decision and I would think this will now very negatively affect the rest of their running television series! I certainly won’t watch another one of their shows due to this. And to leave the viewers on such a cliff hanger, that’s just mean!

    • Bec says

      YOUR COMPLETELY RIGHT! Im from aussie to and i know thousands that watch it as well, and thats just in my town! I cant even imagine everywhere else!

  12. johnny says

    it’s unbelievable! how could they do such a thing? i hope anothe network picks it up. might as well cancel vampire diaries and be done with it!

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