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The Shield: Petition to Continue the TV Show as a Movie

The ShieldAfter seven seasons and 88 episodes, The Shield TV show has come to an end. Did Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) get his just desserts? The series could have ended with Vic’s death, him going on the run, going to jail, or getting away with it all. In the end, the vigilante was separated from his posse, abandoned by his family, and sentenced to three years in his own personal hell.

Should this be the end of this exceptional series or should it continue? There’s been discussions of a Shield movie and Chiklis and creator Shawn Ryan have indicated they’d be interested in seeing where Vic’s future lies. What will happen once his term with ICE is finished. Can he go back to his old ways? How will it change him? Will he ever see his family again?

If you’d like to see The Shield continue as a movie, sign the petition below and let us know what it should be about. You can also write to Ryan and the FX network here. Does Vic’s story have to end?

To: Fox Television Studios, MiddKid Productions, Sony Pictures Television

We, the undersigned, greatly enjoy watching the FX TV show, The Shield. The series is truly unique, continually entertaining, and outstanding in many ways.

We’re truly sorry to see this complex show come to an end and are not ready to say goodbye to the tough world of Vic Mackey. Please consider continuing the tale in some new way, preferably in a series of movies, either made-for-television or in theaters. This gritty story shouldn’t come to an end just because the TV show chapter has concluded.

Thank you for your consideration.

943 Entries - 38 Pages
  • Amber AshfordCountry: usa2014-04-18 21:28:44
    Bring it back! Bring it back!
  • Adam MatijasevicCountry: United States2014-04-12 18:17:09
    More of The Shield in any format!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Matt PareeCountry: United States of America2014-04-07 07:27:43
    The Shield had a wonderful ending, but we would love to see more. Ronnie needs his moment in the Sun. Literally.
  • Greg ToddCountry: USA2014-04-07 04:18:57
    The show ended with us all wanting more.Show us where "Vic's" future lie's and don't end it with us all just hanging.
  • EmilCountry: Sverige2014-04-01 22:15:59
    Please bring back the shiled!!!!!!!
  • CarolineCountry: Australia2014-03-22 06:24:21
    The Shield is just brilliant and has stood the test of time. The world is ready for the next chapter...Vic where are you?
  • Bradley ThomasCountry: usa2014-03-05 13:25:57
    Bring back the shield PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Leo SoCountry: USA2014-02-26 00:49:35
  • Al LizarragaCountry: USA2014-02-08 05:32:30
    Please make a return of the Shield!
  • Paris HandakasCountry: USA 2014-02-01 14:16:49
    Would love to see Vic Mackey bak in action maybe they offer him a deal to testify on a case in exchange for a new beginning.
  • vanice winlawCountry: canada2014-01-22 01:39:45
    Please make,a,movie!! Dont just let an,awesome show, and Vic! just peter tony saprano.. :-(
  • TLCCountry: United States2014-01-04 23:07:29
    Bring it on!
  • JeremyCountry: United States2014-01-04 16:58:32
    After serving his three year sentence at ICE, the movie should follow Vic into some kind of alternate federal agency. As an agent, he will eventually find a way to grant immunity to Ronnie, and the two team up.
  • Evan sauveCountry: Canada2013-12-31 13:45:16
    Please make the movie just please im begging over here
  • Brian RamseyCountry: USA 2013-12-28 17:59:05
    I want to see what happens next with Vic
  • Craig LeonardoCountry: United States2013-12-13 12:53:23
    I want to see what would happen next.
  • ThomasCountry: France2013-12-01 08:54:22
    Une série extraordinaire, et de très grande qualité. Un jeu d'acteur rarement égalé dans une série. J'ai pris autant de plaisir à la regarder en m'achetant le coffret complet il y a quelque mois , qu'en la découvrant en 2006 / 2007. Vous avez fait un travail formidable sur cette série et je rêverai de voir à nouveau la Strike Team en action ! Vive Shane, Ronnie, Lem, et Vick !
  • adrienne francoisCountry: usa2013-11-29 20:30:25
    please, let us know what happens...
  • Joanne FarnhamCountry: United Kingdom2013-11-14 16:00:28
    Vik should find his family and his other son, get Ronnie out of prison and get their jobs back ! x
  • mike hillCountry: usa2013-11-04 00:26:02
    So want this to come back..
  • Carol LewisCountry: England2013-10-01 10:15:53
    My husband and myself would love to see more episodes of The Shield, its the best show we have seen in a long long time, to see how Vic ends up, would be fantastic, if he gets away with everything or sent to prison, or worse, would be exciting stuff. Please have a heart and at least make a feature film to conclude this fantastic drama PLEASE PLEASE
  • Flory SchwarzCountry: USA2013-09-28 13:52:33
    Loved, loved, loved this series- movie would be icing ln a great cake
  • Jodi ThomasCountry: US2013-09-13 19:16:10
    I want to know what happens to Ronnie and Vic
  • Sebastian OeyCountry: Indonesia2013-09-12 02:32:44
    I would like to see how the story of the Barn crew ends... please make a movie!
  • SavaCountry: Serbia2013-09-04 05:42:19
    The best tv show ever! It was trully amazing how I was hooked on it while it was on air. Great finale, of course, but there were so many unfinnished stories about other characters. It would be great to see what happened after. Did Vic stay in that office or... Please, give us satisfaction with some kind of spin-off or movie at least...

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