The Shield: Petition to Continue the TV Show as a Movie

The ShieldAfter seven seasons and 88 episodes, The Shield TV show has come to an end. Did Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) get his just desserts? The series could have ended with Vic’s death, him going on the run, going to jail, or getting away with it all. In the end, the vigilante was separated from his posse, abandoned by his family, and sentenced to three years in his own personal hell.

Should this be the end of this exceptional series or should it continue? There’s been discussions of a Shield movie and Chiklis and creator Shawn Ryan have indicated they’d be interested in seeing where Vic’s future lies. What will happen once his term with ICE is finished. Can he go back to his old ways? How will it change him? Will he ever see his family again?

If you’d like to see The Shield continue as a movie, sign the petition below and let us know what it should be about. You can also write to Ryan and the FX network here. Does Vic’s story have to end?

To: Fox Television Studios, MiddKid Productions, Sony Pictures Television

We, the undersigned, greatly enjoy watching the FX TV show, The Shield. The series is truly unique, continually entertaining, and outstanding in many ways.

We’re truly sorry to see this complex show come to an end and are not ready to say goodbye to the tough world of Vic Mackey. Please consider continuing the tale in some new way, preferably in a series of movies, either made-for-television or in theaters. This gritty story shouldn’t come to an end just because the TV show chapter has concluded.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • lindaCountry: united states2015-07-30 13:18:41
    Keep the series going. That's a kick ass show.
  • ChrisCountry: Canada2015-07-28 07:32:29
    SPOILERS AHEAD - if you haven't seen The Shield, go watch it now. As much as I enjoyed the end of The Shield, you guys clearly left room for another few chapters. Some loose ends too: Dutch tries to mentor/change a budding young serial killer but the kid's mother has gone missing and Dutch suspects the kid has murdered her. Was that ever resolved? How's David's political career? Ronnie now has a very real ax to grind with Vic? If Claudette is suffering a fatal disease, who's going to be the moral center on the Farm? Lots of tales still to be told here. Not the least of which is Vic, walking into the night with his gun in hand. Where was he going? Come on, all you producer people, don't leave us hanging here - in some places, it could be called "cruel and unusual punishment."
  • Daniel WHITTONCountry: USA2015-07-19 10:47:26
    Please bring The Shield back as a movie or even another series. Though it was a great ending to the season I feel it wasn't an ending to the series. So much story to tell with his family, and maybe Ronnie breaking out seeking revenge. I know at the end of Family Meeting Part 2 when we see our vigilante walk off with a gun in his back he's walking with purpose. Please bring Vic back.
  • Brian heeleyCountry: Canada2015-06-16 08:53:54
    Make a movie where Vic breaks Ronnie out of prison and they go looking for Vics wife and kids this is a great show bring it back
  • theodora PierceCountry: westchester 2015-06-01 15:38:53
    Bring it back loved the show
  • Dr. Steven LizarragaCountry: USA2015-05-29 03:02:29
    I agree please continue The Shield it was a great show!
  • Richard RubioCountry: UNITED STATES2015-05-26 14:20:26
    I hope that you could just continue the show it is a very exciting action movies.
  • Lynette HobbsCountry: Australia2015-05-26 12:08:31
    Please continue the series. There is so many different story lines that can be told to keep the shield well up in the ratings. There is the "What road does Vic go down from here", "What happens to Ronnie and Corinne?" "Does Danny and Leigh find happiness?" "What has Dutch's future hold? Does he find happiness?" And then what about Claudette and David? Oh so many twists and turns and plots to go on with. It would be a real shame to end such a unique series so we left with CSI in whatever state or country or the overkill of reality shows that, in truth just splash ordinary, but majority of them, completely lacking of brain matter over our screens. What for? To send us insane with frustration and leaving us bewildered with the "Who gives a damn about some red neck (no offence intended) WHO runs around in a swamp seeing who can wrestle the biggest croc or hunting bearers and other rodents wildlife to supply their restaurant with meat, YUCK! So continue with something we can sink our teeth into and enjoy other than some swamp rat that's fresh in today!
  • Dan BoyerCountry: canada2015-05-09 16:17:43
    The shield has broken many grounds and set the bar very high for gritty cop TV. Vic Mackey is one of the best characters ever written on cable. His story needs to come full circle. A 6 part mini series could tie up loose ends or even a full season..just wishful thinkin ☺
  • Joan DonohoeCountry: Canada2015-04-26 15:54:00
    Please do aseaso 8. I need a good ending for Ronnie.
  • amberCountry: us2015-04-08 11:34:36
    88 episodes was to short plz do season 8 I love Vic and he owes Ronnie .
  • aleksandraCountry: Canada2015-04-02 09:00:22
    Please make another season or movie. Please!
  • AdamCountry: England2015-03-26 03:40:56
    Got to bring back mac !! just seen a trailer on you tube for season 8 is it reall or just a cruel joke ??
  • doreen AshfordCountry: United Kingdom2015-03-21 08:46:32
    Please bring it back!
  • Timothy a LockwoodCountry: usa2015-03-21 00:03:40
    I defiantly would like to see the movie or continue a new show
  • TedCountry: usa2015-03-19 21:07:36
    I think the series should come back with Vic helping Ronnie get a pardon, and the 2 of them starting there own private investigating firm, and running it just as dirty as the strike team, with them making stops to the barn for leads on cases and having Dutch become a dirty cop giving them inside info on drug busts before they happen so they can rip them off, we need Vic back and mean as ever
  • CiaraCountry: Ireland2015-03-06 08:26:32
    Please do season 8!!!
  • Ulf PeesCountry: germany2015-03-02 11:35:28
    This end is no end at all. Live goes on and I wanna know how.
  • scott slackCountry: U.S.2015-02-26 16:33:14
    mack attack to the rescue. bring it back or else
  • PhilCountry: United states2015-02-25 19:53:55
    The show is unbelievable and ended too soon. I think ending with his death Is too easy. He survived all the years by major drug dealers, serial killers etc.whatever you decide, bring it back with the movie.
  • jimO'SullivanCountry: england2015-02-24 19:28:46
    bring it back..the door was left open....he owes Ronnie big time to get him out and the blonde boss needs her ego taken down...certainly lots still to tell...come on guys write some more....please
  • Art TragerCountry: USA2015-02-21 20:35:59
    Greatest cop show ever. Please make a movie. Vic needs a better ending!
  • Layla GudaCountry: the Netherlands2015-02-21 08:51:53
    PLEASE do season 8!!!
  • Scott HaggertyCountry: Canada2015-01-25 08:58:47
    Vic yearns to see his family and for Ronnie to forgive him - neither of which happens initially . In the daytime he goes about filling his obligation to ICE - he's a model employee. At night he's up to his old tricks extorting/taking money from criminals hoping to one day use the money to start a life with his kids. In short, straight as an arrow cop by day, a psycho bulldog by night always covering his tracks so ICE doesn't get wise and void his immunity.
  • Jeff MayCountry: United States2015-01-20 00:53:58
    Strongly urge Fox and/or Sony/Columbia to finally make The Shield movie.
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