The Sing-Off: Cancelled; No Season Four

NBC Sing-Off cancelledWell, there’s one singing competition that won’t be back next season. The Sing-Off has been cancelled after three seasons on the NBC.

Hosted by Nick Lachey, this TV series seeks to find the most-talented a capella singing group in America. Judges have included Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman, Nicole Scherzinger, and Sara Bareilles. The judges decide who advances to the finale and the final winners are determined by viewer votes. The champs take home a Sony recording contract and $200,000.

The Sing-Off began in December 2009 as a short-run series with just four episodes. It did reasonably well — averaging a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.9 million viewers — so the peacock network brought it back for season two.

It returned in December 2010, expanded to five episodes, and the ratings rose 26% — to an average of a 2.9 in the demo with 8.6 million viewers.

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NBC decided to take another chance and give The Sing-Off a two-hour timeslot on the fall schedule with 11 episodes. That gamble didn’t pay off and the ratings were much lower. By the end of the season, The Sing-Off averaged a 1.5 in the demo with 4.56 million.

On our NBC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo performance of TV shows on the network, The Sing-Off has an “C-” grade. The network has now cancelled the show.

NBC could have brought it back for another limited run, perhaps over the summer or in December but were likely hesitant to flood their schedule with yet another singing/talent competition. America’s Got Talent has been very successful for them over the summer months and NBC plans to run two cycles of The Voice next season. There just wasn’t a place on the schedule for The Sing-Off any longer.

What do you think? Do you think NBC should have kept The Sing-Off, perhaps run it in December? Are you sorry to hear that it’s been cancelled and won';t be back for a fourth season?

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  1. Barbara Gray says

    VERY disappointed that this great show is cancelled. Both my husband and I have music backgrounds and are over 65 and we loved the show. Please bring it back for at least a short run each year.

  2. Tara says

    The best shows always get cancelled! Oh please let’s get rid of the real talent and keep the gimmicky shows. So predictable, like everything else on TV. I’m going back to he library to get a book!

  3. Rama says

    Well, i don’t know about the business perspective of the sing off but to me it was a great show and i never missed even one episode, so of course i am sad it wont be aired again but it requires a second thought this is a unique show that you wont find anywhere else. To me that was a plus to NBC it was one of a kind i just cant compare its talent to any other show honestly.

  4. Laurie says

    This was the best show for raw talent on TV. Can’t believe NBC cancelled it. Had they promoted it at all it would have crushed X Factor and America’s Got Talent. Way to go, NBC…

  5. Linda Hax says

    I look forward to The Sing Off and was researching when it might begin only to discover it has been cancelled. It was the best of the singing competition shows. Please consider bringing it back.

    • Linda Hax says

      Inadequate marketing might have contributed to the lack of ratings. The first year I discovered it by accident. Perhaps 11 episodes was too much of a stretch.

  6. Claudia says

    The cancellation of the Sing-Off is a disappointment. It was one of the most enjoyable shows with great, positive judges. We had friends over last year to watch the last few episode. These are music friends and they also liked the show. We also turned our kids (18 to 26) on to the show. The promo for this show was lacking. Please reconsider bringing this back next year.

  7. says

    I cannot believe that NBC has cancelled “Sing-Off”. Being in a family of musicians, this was something that always brough us together to watch during the week! Shows like “America’s Got Talent” are a joke. The people that get the ratings for them are the ones they’re exploiting because they’re terrible – there’s something to be known for. AGT isn’t even a singing show! It’s a “talent show”! Like the ones from grade school! “The Voice” is good, but most of that performance is lighting and musicians behind them which they have nothing to do with. “Sing-Off” was the ONLY show of it’s kind – beautifully showcasing pure talent and hard work. I agree with Cyndi – it was NOT well advertised. There were people that I got hooked onto it as well! But it wasn’t something that was in your face like NBC has done with advertising like “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent”. If you ask me, NBC set it up for failure by not giving it the same amount of attention. @Kevin – I won’t be watching NBC either.

    • livi03 says

      I am sooooooooooooo disappointed that the Sing Off got cancelled….WOW….one of the few shows that promoted performing arts on television. It supported college students and the future of voice and cultural studies in this nation…I was so looking forward to this season’s offering of Acappella to end the Christmas season. As for America’s Got Talent….I agree with Anna….its a circus…and we wont even discuss The X Factor….not even interested….so thanks again NBC for getting this one wrong……

  8. Stephanie Dennehy says

    So so sad The Sing Off isn’t coming back. I felt the judges were smart and witty. I felt the talent was compelling and cutting edge. I was looking forward to another season and was very VERY disappointed when I saw they wouldn’t be back.. I do hope they reconsider and bring it back in 2013. Please please!!!

  9. Cyndi says

    I think it was one of the best shows on tv today. What you did need was good advertisement. I turned 6 people on to the show…. It became a big topic at work, but if I didn’t introduce them To it they never would have watched it. After they watched it they were hooked! Just put it out there, let the viewers know its there.

  10. Anonymous says

    This is terrible news . . . The Sing Off was one highlight of the holiday season. Please reconsider for 2013. It is a tremendous show.

  11. David Johns says

    I’m very sorry to see “The Sing Off” gone. I thought this was one of the best singing shows going and was looking forward to this fall. I still have some of last seasons performances recorded and go back and watch them. I wish it was kept and some of the others cancelled.

  12. Kevin Brock says

    It is a shame that the Sing Off was cancelled. This was a show that the whole family could watch together. It also was real music and wasn’t so cheesy like other music competitions that we had seen. Nice job NBC get rid of a family show to put on the crap you now are airing. Guess I want be watching NBC!

  13. Lisa says

    I can’t believe that the Sing-Off has been cancelled. I was looking forward to another season of the show. It was one of my favorite shows. The contestants were so talented and I loved the judges. I’m very disappointed.

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