The Sopranos: HBO Series Wraps, Is It the End?

Sopranos final seasonIf the hype is to be believed this time, The Sopranos series is finally wrapping up — and at least three of the regulars make it to the end. The series returns on April 8th and it looks like the finale will air on June 10th. The specifics of the final episode is still under wraps but here’s what we do know…

Shooting is scheduled to be completed this week but the finale scene was shot last week. The last scene takes place, not in a go-go bar like Bada Bing’s, but in a simple ice cream shop by the name of Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The filming was done on location behind a storefront window that was masked by a large black tarp. According to onlookers, James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Tony Sirico (Tony, Carmelo and Paulie Walnuts) took part. Though this is believed to be the final scene of the series, a spokeswoman for HBO noted, “Until Mr. Chase goes into the edit room, it would be impossible to say what the final scene will be.”

Its fitting that the eight seasons of the HBO series came to a close in New Jersey. Most of the series is filmed in a Long Island soundstage but the exterior filming is done in the Garden State, at the insistence of series creator David Chase. He’s a native and believes that the authenticity of New Jersey locations are a vital part of the show’s character.

Not everyone agrees and some in the community have tried to block the Jersey filmings. They believe that the HBO drama perpetuates negative Italian-American stereotypes. Bloomfield’s mayor and council even tried to stop The Sopranos crew from filming at Holsten’s but the producers had already secured the permit. There was some drama back and forth but the shoot did go through.

Those that gathered to watch the filming obviously didn’t have a problem with the show and will miss it. Fans of the series were aware well in advance of the location and some set up their lawn chairs as early as In true American fashion, one man was even selling $20 t-shirts that read “The Final Episode.”

Will we ever see Tony and his business associates and family again? Both Cross and HBO briefly considered a spin-off (a sitcom featuring Janice and Bobby Bacala) or a prequel series featuring a young Tony. Both are highly unlikely to happen.

Prior to the order for nine final episodes, there had been discussions of a Sopranos movie. Though many believe that the final episodes replace those film plans, Chase has not totally ruled out the possibility. He recently told New York Magazine, “A movie still exists as a possibility, I suppose. But it becomes less and less of a possibility because of technical challenges. I mean, where would you come in on the story? Let’s suppose, at the end of this, there are characters who don’t make it. How would you do the movie without them?”

I dunno… does it sound like we’ll have to make David Chase “an offer that he can’t refuse?” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    I thought the ending fit very well. It left the audience with numerous thoughts of how the Soprano’s show may have ended. The immediate family never gets killed and that was what the show was about. It was a family drama portraying the mob life in New Jersey. I really hope to see some more projects in the future with a Sopranos character and maybe even a continuation of some sort. Love the show! Love the ending!

  2. Richard Davis-Lyons says

    What an episode it took three days to come to terms with it and accept that it was in fact a good final repisode ableit frustrating as hell. I love every episode (pine barrons most) right to the last bell ringing scene

    Rich London

  3. sal says

    the last episode of Sopranos was broadcasted in Australia tonight.
    I think the last scene was very much calculated and the fact that it didn’t have a proper ending made it the only unpredictable scene possible for a show like Soprano’s. It was brilliant! perfect ending.

  4. adam says

    i really hope this is the final comment. how easy it is to gauge the intelligence of the viewers by their reactions here! need i say more?

  5. shane says

    sh*tty ending. tony was like my god. it should have been ended with two hours of tony wackin anyone who messed with him any finally phil. then cut to tony sittin in his back garden hodting a party with all his crew around with everyone knowing hes still king with frank sinatra playing. true mobster ending

  6. scott rodgers says

    lv the comments, sixth series draged on a bit with tony getting shot and even knowing about it a year before kind of took the fun out of the sopranos too, everyday is a gift he’s a gangster he takes life into his hands everyday, eny way i lv the sopranos can’t wait for the last episode.

  7. Mike Hartnett says

    Tony,Carmela and AJ get whacked by the “Members Only” hit man.Tony gave a perverted “Last Rights” when he passed the onion rings.Meadow is spared by her own delay in parking, to lead a positive life.”It goes on and on”, as sung by Steve Perry, when gang members arrive in the Restaurant to take over the turf now that Tony is out of the picture.

  8. Johnson says

    Not bad, in a way I hated it but I also loved it. But I do agree it was the most perfect imperfect ending there could possibly be.

  9. R.Rijsdijk says

    I have watched the ending again, and somewhow evertything is not so threathening at all..I thouht so the first time I watched it, but now I look at it again, I don’t think anything happened. It’s just an open ending, and anything could happen..the people that walk in are not threathening at all..the 2 black guys don’t even look where he is..they look at the pastries.. I think there will be a more..

  10. Butta says

    Sopranos either way was history in the making. The next crack in the street, persay. But all an all the show was overall the most enjoyable hour spent in front of a tv. Even if the last episode sucked you forget the hundred that came before it. At the end You start looking at when it all began. It was a modern day davinci painting. In the minds of those who let it. -Butta

  11. Cassie says

    In reference to what BayareazFinezzt said. I also agree that Tony indeed got whacked by the black guy (one in black hoodie, with white t-shirt). The reason why I believe so is ……If you go back and watch the end again and look REALLY close, when Meadow comes in the diner you can see a reflection on the mini juke box on the table (left side by Tony). The reflection IS the black guy with his hood up and you can see a light in the background which is the bathroom light. Above the guys head in the reflection is the diamond shape on the bathroom wall. When the guy sitting at the bar goes to the bathroom you can see it on the wall for a split second, and you can also see it when Tony first sits down by himself reading the menu. So in my opinion I believe that Tony was shot and killed by the black guy … Re-watch the ending and pause it, right before the screen turns blank. Look real close throughout the diner scene and see how the reflections change in the juke box.

  12. annnamariiiaaa says

    okay u gotta watch the end of the episode again and watch closely…here is wat ul c…when tony walks into the diner he looks at himself sitting down at the table…u can be sure of this b/c he is wearing different clothes when he sits down…i dont no wtf that means…in previous seasons it had been told to us that tony’s dad died just as his daughter (janus) walked in…if u wach closely u will see janus walk in shortly after tony sits down…this is used to signify the possibility of that happening again…then u will c the sports store owner who tony destroyed walk in wearing a brown kinda hunting jacket…he is the guy that a couple seasons ago got into gambling trouble with tony and tony took over his store…HE IS THE 1 WHO WACKS TONY…he comes in and sits down hunched over…hiding his eyes as not wanting to be noticed…and alas…”u probly dont even here it when it happens rite?” (this is bobby talking to tony in the 1st episode of the season…tony had! this flashback as he was laying down in the last episode…there would be no reason to have had that in unless it had some huge significance)…and finally…tonys daughter walking in to c her dad get shot just as janus did so many years ago…u hear the bell of her walking in and then blackness…nuthing…it signifies the neverending cycle of the soprano family…aj will become tony…meadow will become janus…carmela will become livia (tonys mom)…and cycle of violence goes on and on and on….absolutlely amazing…i HATED the ending at first…but when i wached it again…and understood it…it is really the most amazing ending possible for the show…we really would not have been satisfied with the boring u c tony get shot ending…this was priceless…remember..this was not an action show…it was a drama about a FAMILY…. the whole episode is a flashbackk ; when u see tony sleeping in the beginning of the episode he doesnt really wake upp ; it’s alll a flashback the whole episode. also notice how aj has a therapist similar to one tony had 7 yrs ago and still saw her up until the last 2 episodes.. AJ IS THE NEW TONY SOPRANO GUYS !!! AND there WILL b a movie that`ll be at least 3 hours long. kthanks hope this helps. !

  13. says

    the final episode of the soaprano’s i think was a great ending bcuz if chase had tony being whacked than ever1 would b saying that the ending was so predictable and since every1 would have excepcted it every1 would b pissed than with tht so chase jus let the fans make up their own endin,…mayb tony and his family finally got the peace they deserved that tony ever really wanted,…or mayb big tone got whacked w/ the rest of his family up 2 u to decide the fans that habe been watchin tiz show 4 9 yrs have the power to make your own endin 2 such a great series….

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