The Sopranos: HBO Series Wraps, Is It the End?

Sopranos final seasonIf the hype is to be believed this time, The Sopranos series is finally wrapping up — and at least three of the regulars make it to the end. The series returns on April 8th and it looks like the finale will air on June 10th. The specifics of the final episode is still under wraps but here’s what we do know…

Shooting is scheduled to be completed this week but the finale scene was shot last week. The last scene takes place, not in a go-go bar like Bada Bing’s, but in a simple ice cream shop by the name of Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The filming was done on location behind a storefront window that was masked by a large black tarp. According to onlookers, James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Tony Sirico (Tony, Carmelo and Paulie Walnuts) took part. Though this is believed to be the final scene of the series, a spokeswoman for HBO noted, “Until Mr. Chase goes into the edit room, it would be impossible to say what the final scene will be.”

Its fitting that the eight seasons of the HBO series came to a close in New Jersey. Most of the series is filmed in a Long Island soundstage but the exterior filming is done in the Garden State, at the insistence of series creator David Chase. He’s a native and believes that the authenticity of New Jersey locations are a vital part of the show’s character.

Not everyone agrees and some in the community have tried to block the Jersey filmings. They believe that the HBO drama perpetuates negative Italian-American stereotypes. Bloomfield’s mayor and council even tried to stop The Sopranos crew from filming at Holsten’s but the producers had already secured the permit. There was some drama back and forth but the shoot did go through.

Those that gathered to watch the filming obviously didn’t have a problem with the show and will miss it. Fans of the series were aware well in advance of the location and some set up their lawn chairs as early as In true American fashion, one man was even selling $20 t-shirts that read “The Final Episode.”

Will we ever see Tony and his business associates and family again? Both Cross and HBO briefly considered a spin-off (a sitcom featuring Janice and Bobby Bacala) or a prequel series featuring a young Tony. Both are highly unlikely to happen.

Prior to the order for nine final episodes, there had been discussions of a Sopranos movie. Though many believe that the final episodes replace those film plans, Chase has not totally ruled out the possibility. He recently told New York Magazine, “A movie still exists as a possibility, I suppose. But it becomes less and less of a possibility because of technical challenges. I mean, where would you come in on the story? Let’s suppose, at the end of this, there are characters who don’t make it. How would you do the movie without them?”

I dunno… does it sound like we’ll have to make David Chase “an offer that he can’t refuse?” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. HalfItalian2 says

    The ending of 86 left me speechless for quite a while. It was as stunning as a bullet to the head which is I think as Chase intended it to be: shocking and all over in a nano second. This is how it is to live in Tony’s shoes. I thought it was brilliant. It would have been easier to kill Tony off than devise this ending. We were left with staring at this family as it slowly gathered pretending to be normal while danger lurked all around them. It is simply the way these people live. It made me want to jump out of my own skin….intolerable for most of us. The writing was simply brilliant.

  2. Bill says

    Actually I have to disagree with many of you. The ending does indeed leaving you hanging and that the beauty of it. Nice clean, tidy, and expected endings aren’t the reality of the world we live in so why should an HBO drama end any different. The ending makes you think and makes you angry at the same time. I do however have to agree that with the ending of Oz, Rome and now the Sopranos there is very little reason to stay with HBO.

  3. Theresa says

    I thought something was wrong with my cable at the end I really thought when the guy from the counter got up to go to the bathroom something was going to happen and then when the two guys came in before Meadow I thought something was going to happen and then when the bell rang and Meadow came in the screen went black so what did happen did they all get shot or all they all alive I don’t like the way this ended. It could have been better. Very upset.

  4. Chris says

    I liked the ending; it was very thought-provoking. Tony said earlier that you don’t realize when it’s coming, and I think that’s exactly what happened. He and his family were finally acting normal and getting along, they were out for a nice dinner, Phil was off Tony’s chest, and BANG. When he died, the show did too — no picture, no sound. The empty screen was very indicative of his death. Awesome job, HBO!

  5. Debbie says

    A brilliant ending to a brilliant series. The ending was not predictable and left everyone giving their own interpretation. David Chase left it wide open. If HBO falls by the wayside…maybe they will come back with The Sopranos-The Later Years.

  6. Anonymous says

    Thanks Mr. Chase for a thrilling, unpredictable ride the last 7 years. Also, for that perfect, “imperfect” ending. The last episode gave the fans the final call for Tony Soprano…to make their own ending, however perfect & neat we think it should be, or not be. Now that the shock is over, I truly thought it was an honest, worthy finale!

  7. Rondo says

    Okay, so Phil gets wacked. Good. And the show ties up a few loose ends about the family with the son and daughter. Son is going to be fine and eventually have his own club. Cool, but what is going to happen to Tony? Is he going to prison? What’s going on, The show left all the fans up and hanging. The daughter doesn’t even get into the diner, and then cut black screen and no music. Every episode there is music at the credits. So is there a movie in the making?

  8. KW says

    If I wanted to use my own imagination I just wouldn’t watch tv at all. I would just sit around and imagine my own shows in my head. I feel totally let down by the ending.

  9. says

    What kind od sh*t was this? All of the buiiding up from the other episodes to the final episode. Yes, Journey was played ” Don`t stop believing” So, should we the audience “keep beleieving ” that some type of Sopranos will go on, maybe a movie or another tv show???
    Get your act together..
    New Orleans

  10. says

    Will someone be kind enough to recap the entire episode? We lost power on my block, (due to severe storms), approximately 2-3 minutes into the episode.

  11. erin says

    My opinion is they left it open for another network 2 grab it or a sopranos sequel. I was hoping AJ went nuts and killed everybody

  12. Syl says

    Thought it was just us. What a letdown! Good to know it wasn’t just our cable that had gone down. Miserable ending!

  13. says

    What the …???? Did the writers leave early that day?? What sort of ending was that. What a waste of my time and the show.

    Some should get “wacked” for giving the green light to that ending.

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