The Starter Wife: USA TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

The Starter WifeFollowing a successful mini-series, USA Network assumed that viewers would want to watch a weekly version of The Starter Wife. After 10 episodes, it seems the numbers weren’t big enough and the TV show’s been cancelled.

The Starter Wife mini-series stars Debra Messing as Molly Kagan, a Hollywood wife/mother who has it all. Her life is turned upside down when her studio exec husband, Kenny (Peter Jacobson, later David Alan Basche), dumps her for a young starlet. Within hours, Molly’s social circle discards her and all that she knows is in turmoil. She slowly rebuilds her life and, by the time the TV show begins, Molly’s on her way to thriving. Castmembers include Judy Davis, Chris Diamantopoulos, Joe Mantegna, Stephen Moyer, Anika Noni Rose, Novella Nelson, Aden Young, Bethany Whitmore, Miranda Otto, Trilby Glover, Hailee Denham, Gigi Edgley, Hart Bochner, Danielle Nicolet, Reggie Austin, James Black, Brielle Barbusca, and Daniel Gerroll.

The mini-series of Starter Wife kicked off on May 31, 2007 and ran for six installments. The premiere attracted 5.4 million viewers with over half of those being in the coveted 18-49 demographic. Based on the numbers, USA announced plans to make Starter Wife a regular series. Unfortunately, the October 2007 announcement coincided with the writers strike and nothing happened for several months.

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That delay may have been particularly costly for any momentum the show could have had. The Starter Wife TV show debuted a year later, on October 10, 2008. The viewership was much less smaller. Though the show’s season average of 2.4 million is impressive for a cable audience, USA’s other series have been attracting more than double that number.

Despite Messing’s being featured in USA’s current “Characters Welcome” campaign, the network has opted not to renew Starter Wife for a second season.

A statement from USA reads, “The Starter Wife was an award-winning, critical and creative success. We were thrilled with its performance as a miniseries, expanded and enriched it through an additional 10 episodes and reached what we all feel is a satisfying conclusion.”

Unfortunately, viewers may not agree. How will their new life in San Francisco affect Devon and Liz? What will happen to Joan and her troubles with the law? Is there any hope for Molly and Zach’s relationship? We’ll likely never know.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Alicia says

    I had this setup to record on my DVR and just knew I had the thing screwed up somehow, because I have not seen any new episodes of the Starter Wife. I really feel cheated and I am going to miss Ms. Messing, she played this character perferctly. And, you replace it with NCIS? How could you??? I used to look forward to Fridays with Monk and the Starter Wife. Now, I look forward to renting movies!!!!

  2. MIMI says

    OMG! Here I am GOOGLEing when SEASON 2 of STARTER WIFE is going to start, and I get STARTER WIFE CANCELLED! WTF! I was soooooo excited for it to come back, I mean COME ON! You cancel MONK , the FREAKIN’ show/actor WON a freakin’ award, and you guys cancel that and, now, USA you CANCEL, the ONE comedic, entertaining, drama, ADDICTIVE show that you had! SHAME ON YOU! USA you SUCK! I BOYCOTT YOU !

  3. Sisi says

    It really sucks this show is cancelled. I’m playing catch up on Netflix for what reason now. The show is really good. Really really good.

  4. Nicole says

    i loved this show!!! after seeing Debra Messing in “The Wedding Date” – i totally fell in love with her!! she is awesome, and this show brought out a side of her that most actresses wish they could reach. I can’t believe they cancelled it. I’m sorry, and i don’t mean to offend anyone, but USA honestly decided to keep Burn Notice over The Starter Wife… that is choosing corny over one of the best shows that women can relate to. they seriously need to re-evaluate their shows, and if you look at every comment on here, as well as other sites, so many people agree that this show was truly one to keep going for several seasons!!!!!

  5. jaki says

    I was just discussing this show with a co-worker and we were so pumped about it because we actually thought a new season began this summer. What a total bummer to find out after almost a year that it has been cancelled. SHAME ON YOU USA! The Starter Wife was an amazing show. I heart Debra Messing. My co-worker is going to be heart broken when I tell her the news. The network seriously needs to reconsider bringing back the show. I followed it religiously an even went out and bought the book!

  6. Karen says

    What a shame! It was a great show, very entertaining and had a plot that kept you coming back the next week. I agree with former comments about nothing but reality shows on TV and what a waste! I can’t believe you cancelled the show. Too bad the viewing public doesn’t get a vote in these matters.

    Bring back the show!

  7. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe this show has been cancelled! It was a great show and I was a loyal viewer. I am sick and tired of watching reality shows, this was a nice switch. Please reconsider, by looking at your poll…. 92% of us want it back on!! This was just a enjoyment to watch, and the cast was fantastic and had great chemistry! Who makes these decisions anyhow?!?! FYI…there are no other shows on USA Network that I watch, I’ve switched to the Halmark channel for all my romance/comedy needs.

  8. anonymous says

    cant believe they would cancel such a great show!!!!!! pretty soon all there will be to watch are all of these rediculous disgusting reality shows they are bringing to tv!!!! enough WITH ALL OF THE REALITY SHOWS ALREADY!!!

  9. Judy says

    I loved this show! The characters were great. We need more shows that are just fun to watch. I did not miss a show. I would love to see how the story plays out some more.

  10. Cheyenne says

    I want to know how the heck they make these decisions?!?!? They leave things like Weeds on which is OK but I have seen enough stoned people in the real world & then they cancel a very entertaining show that could be watched by many ages & leave so many of the dumber shows on. Why didn’t they just try a re-launch after the writer strike? Would that have been hard? Um, NO. First I lost “What about Brian” & now this. The upper management & suits in these companies are dumb as a box of rocks & seem to have little or not initiative to work with anything. I’d hate to be their kids – 1 strike & you are OUT.

  11. Regina says

    I’m just learning of USA Network to cancellation of the “The Starter Wife”. You’ve cancelled “MONK” now this. I guess it’s time I find another cable network to make as my regular TV viewing channel.
    I agree with a previous poster, you put a lot crap on TV that’s bad for children and when there are decet shows like “MONK & The Starter Wife” you cancel them.
    While I like “Burn Notice” it’s not holding my attention like the others did. Please reconsider and bring them back; if not MONK, at least bring back Starter Wife. Debra Messing is a great and beloved actress.
    I suggest you think about what you’re doing, soon USA Network will be cancel as cable network due to poor quality shows.
    Right now TNT have me hooked on Monday nights with the “The Closer”.

  12. says

    are you kidding me you really do not want to bring this back are you high or on another plant. this was a GREAT show something I shared with my 18 yr old daughter. I will VERY disappointed if this show is not brought back. My lord you take this show off the air and leave some of that other trash you air out there. Well if that is how you feel about your viewer then maybe we need to view other channels.

    Prossible former viewer.

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