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The Tony Danza Show

The Tony Danza ShowNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 14, seven unaired (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 24, 1997 — July 7, 1998
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Tony Danza, Jody Millard, Majandra Delfino, Ashley Malinger, Dean Stockwell, Maria Canals-Barrera, and Shaun Weiss.

the tony danza show past TV show

TV show description:
Freelance sportswriter Tony DiMeo (Tony Danza) knows a thing or two about games. But in the game of life, women are something of a mystery to him.

Recently separated from his wife, Tony is taking care of his two daughters; Tina (Majandra Delfino), a typical 16-year-old with plenty of attitude, and Mickey (Ashley Malinger), a brainy 11-year-old hypochondriac. Tony has a phobia of his own — the computer. For technical help, he enlists sexy Carmen Cruz (Maria Canals Barrea) as his assistant who frequently rants in Spanish.

Tony’s bakery-owning father, Frank (Dean Stockwell), doles out plenty of old-school parenting advice that’s frequently incomprehensible. Pudgy doorman Stuey Mandelker (Shaun Weiss) offers his own brand of help while trying to pick up as many tips as possible.


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