The Tyra Banks Show: Host “Cancelling” Her Own Series

TyraFollowing in the footsteps of her talk-show idol, Oprah Winfrey, model Tyra Banks has announced that she’s ending her own daytime series.

The Tyra Banks Show has been on the air for five seasons, since September 2005. It began its run in syndication and then, last season, switched to the CW network last fall.

Banks revealed the plans to end the Tyra show this week and, on her website, wrote ” Hey there. I want to share some news with you. This will be the last season of The Tyra Show. I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years. The thing is, The Tyra Show is not leaving because of YOU. Most times, a show leaves the air because not many people are watching. Well, you all ARE watching, in record numbers. You must know this love and support is always felt by me and it’s given me the courage to take more exciting steps in my life. So I thank you for that.”

Banks says she plans to devote more time to new projects and making movies via Bankable, her New York-based film production company. In her website statement, Banks noted the changes in the way that content is being produced for the entertainment industry and that she wants to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Banks also paid homage to “the ultimate Queen of Talk,” Oprah Winfrey. She publicly thanked Winfrey for giving her a shot in daytime television and wrote, “You have had, and continue to have, such an amazing impact on me. I salute you.”

Production on The Tyra Banks Show will continue until spring 2010. The show won’t be leaving the airwaves any time soon however.

Tyra currently occupies two hours on the CW weekday afternoon schedule. A repeat airs at 3pm with a new installment running at 4pm. Next season, the network is returning the 4pm hour to local affiliates to program and The Best of Tyra will be run at 3pm for the 2010-11 season.

In addition to her new projects, Banks will continue to host and co-produce CW’s America’s Next Top Model and to co-produce ABC’s True Beauty.

What do you think? Will you be sorry to see Tyra go?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Laura_Gordon says

    I will hate to see the Tyra Show go. I watched it everyday from the first episode to now. Tyra Banks inspired me and became my rolemodel with the things that she has overcome and how she allowed us to see her in her weak times and see her grow stronger. I salute her and I love her. I am a seventeen year old girl and this show has helped me through some rough times with the advice that she gives. I think she is an awesome independent woman and I hope that when I become of age I could just a smidge like her. Her show wasn’t in vain and I pray God blesses and keeps her in all that she does. I love you Ms. Banks and I commend you.
    Laura Gordon

  2. Katy says

    I am glad her show is been canceled. She is nothing but a hypocrite. Criticizes people and does the same exact thing. No offense to those who admire her but I think she puts on a fake persona.

  3. Lillie DeLoatch-Jones says

    I admire this young woman–she is who she is and she’s proud of her race. I just started watching it this past year because I felt like I was too old (almost 70), and wouldn’t enjoy it, but I’ve learned a lot about people and about myself. Keep going on young lady–keep your head to the sky. I love American’s Next Top Model. You make “Mama” proud.

  4. The Tyra Banks show give so much bullshit. says

    I don’t normally comment on a show like this, but this show is just so ******* ******, I just had to.

    First off, for the smart-alecks who will say “Why do you watch this show when you say that you hate it?” I watch it just to laugh my ass off, because so many people are always being deceived so easily most of these shows like this one. There’s nothing else on and while I’m playing with my DS Lite, I’ll only like the atmosphere if some noise to be going on, and I don’t have cable in my room. She makes the most absurd shows, really. Trying to be so damn nosy into peoples’ lives, saying that she’s not judgmental when she actually bases colors on certain moods, actually believing that the Horoscope determines most of the factors in your life, being all close-minded to the fact that anything can be this or that and still have this and that happen, trying to desperately determine why this is like that for other people on whatever topic they’re discussing. Really, I laugh my ass off. So many more things that provoke me into continuing this rant. Statistics are bullshit. She exploits some of her guests when having some social experiment. Damn, I don’t even know why some teachers who teach about Sociology, doesn’t take some excerpts from her show to exemplify a factor that gradually ruins someone’s mind. There are more shows, but this is the one I put on the most, because after this ****** show, it’s the WGN Afternoon News at 5:00 P.M. . This show has made me think that women are just so naive. Don’t blame me, thank Tyra. This show, I think it’s the process of how to turn a woman, into a broad. Also, I love how they still gossip about celebrities in there a few times, when they clearly have made shows to prevent the audience and its viewers to stop being so Goddamn judgmental.

    People, remember that this is just my ******* opinion. Don’t let it affect you.

  5. Anonymous says

    I will miss you so much tyra! You are so beautiful inside and out….what you do inspires so many young women you’re doing a great job…haters stay away>>>haha<<<

  6. lala says

    ;-(….aaaaaawwwww so sad to see Ms. Tyra good…I look the show…she is a wonderful role model for the young women..including myself..I respect what she does..I hope to see her around…I wish her the best of luck with her career and her passion to inspire other young women to do good with their lives..may god bless.

  7. Miracle says

    I AM SO SAD to see Tyra’s Show be cancelled. I love her show so much I have been so inspired by watching her to be myself and to be real. She is the most authentic person in show business I can possibly think of. I always try to make sure I’m home to watch it at 3 and 4 (eastern time in Florida) and now she’s leaving. I know she wants to spread her wings and do more because she’s still young but I will miss watching her serious, fierce, funny moments. All the best to Tyra in whatever future endeavors she has. :)(

  8. Dionoga12x says

    I’m kinda sad the show is leaving; it was great and had many interesting topics as well as some memorable moments and episodes. The memorable ones was when Tyra wore the fat suit and the other when she was a homeless woman. No other talk show host has ever explored the some of the ills of society to the degree that Tyra has and I for one commend her for that. But I really think it’s time we start getting some original programming.

  9. savannah says

    Goodbye Trya I hope that more talk shows and the stupid reality shows that have ruined T.V. for years now will soon disappear. Someday I hope that the entertainment industry realizes that most people would rather watch either the old reruns of the great shows that was once on many years ago before shows like yours and the reality shows took over and ruined watching t.v. for people like us who are sick and tired of bullshit that is shoved down our throats such as Top model with Gay idiots on there that makes people want to vomit and the rest of these reality shows that should be taken off t.v. and bring back the good wholesome family type shows that we all miss that we all watched growing up. Alot of people like myself don’t watch stupid talk shows or any reality shows and life is much better without them especially not watching nonsense like Dr.Phil and so-forth.

  10. Bud says

    I bet the cancellation has more to due with The CW and the afternoon slot. Although she will still have reruns next season, I think the show is too costly for The CW. And who knows how the ratings really were. It was never a major hit, but she might have been better to stay in first-run syndication.

  11. bank says

    Hahahahaha who is the anonymous 1 that was hella funny cuz I noticed that. But I love tyra she aite I like how she give women a chance to be a model and how she up lift young women to do better. I’ll miss her show I watch it every day I make sure I get off work in time to catch the 4 pm

  12. Anonymous says

    it’s about time. she invite guest to the show and cut them off to go on commercial without letting them finish speaking. I find she is rude and feel as though she is all that. With makeup she’s fine, but take it off, my goodness. I’m glad she is leaving.

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