The Unit: After Cancellation, Producers Get Some Good News

The UnitToday certainly wasn’t a good day for fans of The Unit. CBS cancelled the show after four seasons on the air. For producers of the series however, today’s dark cloud also had a silver lining.

Though there won’t be any new episodes featuring Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick, Scott Foley and company, the show will return to the airwaves next year.

The show’s studio, 20th Century TV, announced today that the military drama has been sold in syndication. According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Unit has been cleared in 56% of the country, including Fox and CBS stations. It’s sold in all 15 of the top markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

Because only 69 episodes have been produced, the stations are likely to run episodes only once or twice a week. While several series have been saved recently because of potential syndication profits, there’s seemingly no interest in continuing The Unit. This likely stems from the fact that hour-long dramas aren’t as popular in syndication as half-hour sitcoms.

The series launches into syndication beginning in the Fall of 2010.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sean says

    First Jag, now The Unit! What are we going to watch now? I am a veteran and love watching this show! The networks are a joke, they also mess with the formula that works! If it aint broke, don’t try and fix it!

  2. Gregory Hayes says

    I still can’t believe of all the shows CBS decided to cancel it chose one of quality, substance and a show I can truly relate to being a prior service member. Every Wed. night leaves you begging for more, unlike quiet a few of the shows CBS decided to continue for another painful season. This was your BEST show CBS, and your WORST choice for cancellation.

    MSgt Hayes, Retired

  3. Willem says

    I have learned so much on this show. Felt the feeling of being proud of a country. I live in South africa. BUt I have learned the love of the Americans for their country. To be proud of her and to serve her people and not the goverment. It was so great to see the real feelings of the conflicts at home, and on the battlefield. To see what they do, that I wanted to do. It was apleasure to see a TV series that had no rasist issues, and to learn that their is always hope. Bringing the morals of man back in our lives. War is NO joke.
    But I can tell you that this would have given all soldiers hope and pation for doing what they do. Hope they do bring it back. Even if it is a hole new team.

  4. Angie M. says

    This is the best military show on tv. We are a military family and absolutely love watching. Everything everyone has said is true, why do the good programs get pulled and replaced with junk? Bring back this show, please! It was not as expensive to produce, not as much as some of the junk that is out there. We wont be watching CBS anymore.

  5. rodney hunt says

    i think this is the best army show out there they should bring back for miltary people who understand a lot of thing going on .sf all the way

  6. dan t. says

    Why, would you remove a show that was well written and acted, and replace it with something inferior. I don’t understand why fox didn’t pick it up, since 20th century fox produced it.

  7. Antoinette says

    I’m very sorry to hear The Unit has been cancelled it was a good program. It seems like all the good program get pulled.

  8. David says

    Aristotle taught us the arc of a good story. In the end a lesson must be learned. It may not be the way we want it to end but there is a lesson that we will keep with us and will make us better people.It is the only show that is not clouded with delusions of everything coming together in a fairy tale since and then having the whole story handed to you just the way you want it to. We are not children and do not want this show to be replaced by some other show that is nothing more than our mothers reading us a bedtime story. Where everything is handed to us as if we were three and the good guys always win and live happily ever after. Listen to the wise Aristotle and let us learn lessons from this show. Not senseless lessons that some wanna be actor is doing to win a million dollars. That’s not reality t.v. They are actors, they got on those shows because they have agents. They are puppets; what part is reality? What lessons will we learn from mindless criminal investigation shows? In this show we learned lessons of how to deal with conflict resolution. Churchill taught us, true genius resides in the capacity to evaluate conflicting information. This show always had conflicting information that conflicted with duty, orders, and morals. This show took Aristotle and Churchill’s lessons, rolled them into a show, and taught us something about ourselves and our lives. All I’ve learned (and if you watch the news, what the criminals have learned) from watching criminal investigative shows is how to evade and elude the authorities with forensic details. More “Mayberry” and more “Fort Griffith”!

  9. steve says

    I really don’t understand how The Unit could be cancelled and shows like Super Nanny, America’s Got Talent, etc. are not. The Unit was an action, drama, situation, show rolled into one. You should consider bringing back, if not a weekly show, but possibly a once a month movie. What have you got to lose!

  10. kevin says

    WTF!!! One of the best shows to hit the television and the ******** cancel it. Bring it back, I don’t know of anyone who disliked that show.

  11. LaDonna Anderson says

    Man, I can’t believe this,, my son has been recording The Unit and I have been sitting for hours watching these things,, and I lOVE this show. I never knew anything about it until my son recorded the re runs. I can’t believe I am not going to get to watch these any longer. This is depressing.. If people aren’t cursing and swearing and sexually deviant, no one wants to keep it on the air! I love even the music, everything about it was original! Medium is a joke, at least with The Unit, you can actually come closer to believing than watching some goofy chick having violent sweaty dreams that hint of her reality… zzzzzzzz I have fallen asleep just thinking about it.. Medium Sucks,, I miss you “Unit”… come back,, :(

  12. Sherri says

    I agree, I will find another station to watch.. I too have been sitting waiting on it to come back on.. love the show and want it back!!

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