The Unit: After Cancellation, Producers Get Some Good News

The UnitToday certainly wasn’t a good day for fans of The Unit. CBS cancelled the show after four seasons on the air. For producers of the series however, today’s dark cloud also had a silver lining.

Though there won’t be any new episodes featuring Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick, Scott Foley and company, the show will return to the airwaves next year.

The show’s studio, 20th Century TV, announced today that the military drama has been sold in syndication. According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Unit has been cleared in 56% of the country, including Fox and CBS stations. It’s sold in all 15 of the top markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

Because only 69 episodes have been produced, the stations are likely to run episodes only once or twice a week. While several series have been saved recently because of potential syndication profits, there’s seemingly no interest in continuing The Unit. This likely stems from the fact that hour-long dramas aren’t as popular in syndication as half-hour sitcoms.

The series launches into syndication beginning in the Fall of 2010.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. milatary bound says

    by far one of the most inspiring audio and visual experiences ive ever ever encountered. it definately encouraged me to serve my country, and im sure it has to countless others as well, even though not based on real events you get a chance to see what it is like to have to make sacrifices for a greater good way beyond your comprehension at the time. powerfull message put country and duty first, all respect to the women and men who does this for a living whom we may never get the pleasure of knowing!

  2. Sharlean Williamson says

    What we want to know, is why in the hell did you guys really cancel The Unit show? My Husband and I are huge fans of ( THE UNIT ) show, and are really not happy at all why the show was canceled, and we were really into it. we still watch the reruns a lot, we’ve probably seen some of them at least 50 times, and still can’t help but watch it anyway. Very well written, and acted out, and we like all the characters as well as the actors and actresses on the show.
    Please! Please! bring back the show!

  3. SZ says

    One of the best shows I know, well except for 24 and NCIS probably and Lost and Prison Break. Great male cast, the females should have been cast differently. Regina Taylor was bad, the ones that played Kim and that other women were even worse. The only female character that stood out was Bridget, she was AWESOME! And they should have kept the brown dude from seasons 1-3.

    It would be awesome if they renewed the series with a new season, with a new cast maybe and some of the old ones returning.

  4. Arlinia Drummonds says

    This show was great, this show stood the test of time. I haven’t seen a television show that has lasted this long since the “Cosbys”, “It’s A Different World”, and etc. TV shows that stick around like this one; are very well written; and keep the attention of it’s viewers. With me being a military member, I was so suprised how real the show was; but not too real. I like this show, and I would love to see a season 5. But I guess the folks in the movie business know best. But I must really admit, I think they dropped the ball on this one. This show still had so much more to tell, and we viewers where ready to listen. CBS I think you guys dropped the ball on this one, we where awaiting that closure. I love the couple Molly & Jonas, I would have love to see how that ended.

  5. Jon says

    broke my heart also. a whole lot of crappy tv shows on CBS now. I still can’t believe the way in which season four ended….seemed very unfinished to me. PLEASE!! bring back our favorite show ”The Unit”

  6. says

    My Son and I were both very saddened to hear of the Cancelling of the show The Unit. How sad for all it’s viewers, we always looked forward to watching this show. I work for the Military, and my Son is prior Military. I know many people who loved this show. Please CBS…..can’t you please bring this wonderful and entertaining show back on our TV’s!!!!!! Now a days all we have is crap TV shows, Vampire shows….REALLY!!!!! It was always such an exciting TV show to watch. Why is it always about money, maybe some of you should take a pay cut, and bring it back on, at least it was about real things, real people, and possible senarios. SAD SAD SAD, FOR YOU CBS….YOU LOST A GOOD SHOW, WHICH WAS ALWAYS GOOD ENTERTAINMENT…..SHAME ON YOU GUYS!!!!

  7. Reginald Taylor says

    The Unit should be mad into a movie…. this was the best show on tv and the people who watched it are sad that it ended…. I own the series and i wish there was a way to get it back on TV….

  8. SNAKE DOC says

    Hello good fellas, i really wish the show can return soon. I love the series. It really shows what it takes to be a Soldier and experiences of the fellas. Hope it returns. Cheers

  9. michael holden says

    The unit is a badass show, I am a huge fan. I say we should all ban CBS for canceling it, afterall there are hundreds of channels out there and jay leno is way better than dumbass letterman.

  10. Brenda & James says

    We loved this show. It was more interesting than anything else on TV. Now we watch the reruns. Great suspense.

  11. NUMBA 9 says


    • Anonymous says

      hello you feel the same way i do about the unit. i am still sick over it i pray that one day the hold cast and show will return.

  12. says

    I’ve been watching season 2 religiously on MyNetworkTV. Hopefully syndication is treating them well. I was late to the party. So late in fact, it was over once I got there. I just got to see the party video.

    Bad metaphor, I know. 😐

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