The Unit: What Would Have Happened in the Fifth (and Likely) Final Season

The UnitMuch to the dismay of the show’s loyal followers, The Unit was cancelled by CBS in May. The series’ viewership had declined in its later years but, despite being preempted several times, still attracted 9.67 million viewers in season four.

The Unit was supposedly being seriously considered to continue in first-run syndication but the deal didn’t work out, likely because of production costs. Sadly, while the military drama and Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick, and Scott Foley will be around in syndication for years to come, we won’t be seeing season five of The Unit.

It turns out that the writers had a full plan for year five which Executive Producer Shawn Ryan was expecting to be the show’s last. He pitched the storyline ideas to the CBS execs but ultimately they weren’t interested.

At the recent TCA press tour, Ryan shared with The Futon Critic what would have happened. He said, “It was going to be a whole new show in the sense that we were going to be training some young people, Bob was going to be training some people for a whole new organization. Jonas was finally going to be seeing his run end.”

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Ryan continued, “The final season was going to be, I figured the fifth season was going to be the last… It was going to be a long, sort of final mission for Jonas. He’s not medically cleared, Mac has to go in and sort of change the medical records so that Jonas can keep on [going on missions]. We had a whole thing planned, it was going to be good.”

Of the cancellation, Ryan points to CBS’ last-minute decision to save NBC’s discarded Medium series. If things had been reversed and The Unit “had been owned by Paramount and Medium had been owned by 20th Century Fox, we’d be making the fifth season of The Unit right now. I don’t know how else to say that.”

What do you think? Do the plans for season five sound like a good way for the military drama to finish?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. WOLFPACK ONE says

    Well, if CBS cancelled it, why isn’t it possible to show it on another network?
    I mean CBS is not the only one right?

    Is there still a discussion about this or is it fully cancelled?
    If not, please try another Network.

    The unit is my favourite TV show, and honestly I don’t think I am the only one.

    • says

      I cannot believe that this show was cancelled or even considered for cancellation….even if there had been 10 seasons!! Remember the good old days when shows lasted for 10 years?…and a season was a YEAR! I sometimes get upset when a series is cancelled but I don’t write to anyone about it. THIS is the first time, and it may not be the last regarding this show. THE UNIT was SO well written and acted out!! AMAZING!! And you could never replace “Jonas” with anyone else. Mr. Haysbert could never be replaced, I don’t care who the actor is (Mr. – is no accident! The man deserves all the respect that calling him ‘Mr.’ can conjure up. He literally is a/my ‘HERO’! 😉 on the screen and off). I would never even have seen this show if it wasn’t for Netflix! I’m not much for wasting time with TV watching. But I’ll watch the odd thing from Netflix. I even brushed by it several times when it ‘recommended’ THE UNIT as a 5 star for me. (I’m not big into anything ARMY based – ‘How about that’!) I have no idea if this gets to any of those responsible for bringing the show back but please, let all the OTHER stations know what high demand there is for this shows return. CBS doesn’t deserve the opportunity! If they can’t recognize quality when they see it, (obviously) then let them lose out. AND ADVERTISE!! I’m in Canada! I never heard of this series while it was playing…thank heavens for internet! I have Fibromyalgia, CFS and Meniere’s Disease! These health issues leave me 95% of the time ‘bedridden’. Netflix and THE UNIT, have been a wonderful show to help me through my rough times.
      Regardless, a HUGE thank you to the writer and the actors of this show for what they did put out for us!! AMAZING and THANK YOU just aren’t enough!
      Whoever is responsible for this site “TV Series Finale”, Please help get this show “BACK ON THE ROAD”!
      Ever so Sincerely,
      Carol Groen

  2. Doug says

    Any chance of this show being brought back on another network? When it was first cancelled during Season 4, there was talk of Fox renewing it. Nothing happened though. It was an excellent show and we were left hanging in the middle of a tense, highly interesting plot.

  3. Anonymous says

    This is a good tv series. I think that if you are going to cancel the show at least let us see the final season of it. The 5th season was going to be the last one anyway, so why not let it finish out. Alot of military and prior military personal like the show and they can relate to it on a certain level.

  4. Berry blue says

    cant they change the ownership to Fox theatre if that wuld give us the 5th one or 9million viewers can make it happen, if we have to raise for the series…lol

  5. says

    Me and my Husband were travelling around the world, and we would not go out some nights after dinner so we could go back to our hotel room and watch the unit!! it was that good.

    We were so disapointed when we came home to search for the 5th season, and discovered that they cancelled it…!

  6. Mark says

    I just finish season 4…it’s too bad to hear that CBS cancelled the show…I hope they change their minds because the unit is one helluva great tv show love em…

  7. says

    The network owed it to loyal followers of the prgram to provide a satisfying wrapup of the series. Even a special miniseries to tie up loose ends, and give fans something to remember.

  8. Sveinung Norway says

    I just finished the fourth season and was looking for the next one…and I was very disapointed. I do not know the ratings in the U.S. or anything but this is no way to end a show….shame on CBS for the betrayal of all the followers and fans worldwide!

    • Frank says

      I totally agree. Was a one of a kind show that brought back The A-Team kinda feel to television. I’ve just watched all 4 seasons on Netflix and I’m very disappointed to know it ended with so much more character development still to be done. It was long, but felt like I could have watched a few more seasons. They brought Whiplash in for 8 episodes? Another face in season 5 would have been good. Maybe kill off the General and make Jonas the HNIC. Another girl? A bad president? lol. Like prison break, they had a good storyline boiling with the guys being on the run, but none of them used all that money that was put aside “just in case”. Would have loved to see them on the run doing freelance stuff for an entire season. Anyway. I’m tired. Bring the boys back. Peace. (and war!)

  9. First Responders says

    after recently reading the prospective storyline for season 5 on wikipedia.
    i’ll now say that I have to pass.

    a 1 hour 2 episode finale where the team leaves on a high is now my preference.

  10. says

    this show is the best I see evreybody watches this show in 2 weeks or 5 weeks I have watched all the seasons in 3 days and now I wanted to find out about season 5 and I found out there isn’t going to be one I am very dissapointed they did the same thing with the show las vegas its bullshit they keep on cancelling shows while there are enough people watching it and than at least make a good end and not a bullshit end like they did with these 2 shows

    amsterdam, Netherlands

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