The Unit: What Would Have Happened in the Fifth (and Likely) Final Season

The UnitMuch to the dismay of the show’s loyal followers, The Unit was cancelled by CBS in May. The series’ viewership had declined in its later years but, despite being preempted several times, still attracted 9.67 million viewers in season four.

The Unit was supposedly being seriously considered to continue in first-run syndication but the deal didn’t work out, likely because of production costs. Sadly, while the military drama and Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick, and Scott Foley will be around in syndication for years to come, we won’t be seeing season five of The Unit.

It turns out that the writers had a full plan for year five which Executive Producer Shawn Ryan was expecting to be the show’s last. He pitched the storyline ideas to the CBS execs but ultimately they weren’t interested.

At the recent TCA press tour, Ryan shared with The Futon Critic what would have happened. He said, “It was going to be a whole new show in the sense that we were going to be training some young people, Bob was going to be training some people for a whole new organization. Jonas was finally going to be seeing his run end.”

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Ryan continued, “The final season was going to be, I figured the fifth season was going to be the last… It was going to be a long, sort of final mission for Jonas. He’s not medically cleared, Mac has to go in and sort of change the medical records so that Jonas can keep on [going on missions]. We had a whole thing planned, it was going to be good.”

Of the cancellation, Ryan points to CBS’ last-minute decision to save NBC’s discarded Medium series. If things had been reversed and The Unit “had been owned by Paramount and Medium had been owned by 20th Century Fox, we’d be making the fifth season of The Unit right now. I don’t know how else to say that.”

What do you think? Do the plans for season five sound like a good way for the military drama to finish?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Adrian says

    Please deliver us an S5 mini series for closure.
    Maybe Netflix could commission it…..
    It was too good too be discarded.

  2. gethin says

    ive recently discovered the unit and smashed through all the episodes, absolutely brilliant, dissapointed this wont be anymore, could have watched this forever lol, maybe it should be brought to the uk would be class here. Maybe someone will see sense and cancel that crappy medium and bring the unit back.

  3. Shermann says

    Feeling of being left high and dry after 4 fantastic seasons of the Unit. 4 hit seasons no reason to doubt that the 5th will not be a success!!!
    C’mon guys cbs, fox whoever….. get this last one up and running to ensure a closure on the Unit.

  4. Paul8033 says

    Brilliant show season 5 would have been another hit. How many millions of viewers do you need before something is called a hit anyway?? CBS suck.

  5. L. says

    I was so disappointed when I found out there was no season 5.. Please make another season! It deserves a proper ending. One of the best shows I have ever seen.

  6. says

    I wish that they would make season 5 off the unit I watched season 1 to 4 in 8 days on Netflix it a really good series going miss it.. p.s please make season 5

  7. TERENCE says

    Im from down Africa ”SWAZILAND” to be precise,I have never seen a perfect TV show like that one,well i have seen NIKITA,LA VEGAS,etc but talk about the UNIT,BOB ,MAC,JONAS,TOM this Characters kept me glued season after season,bring back the Show and if it had lovers as far as Swaziland in AFRICA should mean something about it

    Greatest FAN


  8. Dh says

    I am so gutted that there will not be a season 5!… I started watching this about 3 weeks ago on Netflix.. and I have two left to watch before I should be on season 5… I love this programme probably the best one ive actually seen, and so many people ive spoken to haven’t even watched it… they really don’t know what theyre missing … I love them all there like a little family I have of my own and im pissed off that CBS will show everything else but The Unit…… Biggest unit fan right now!!! love you allll!

  9. Sarah Guleray says

    I have just watched all four seasons of the unit and I’m totally distraught to discover it
    Had been cancelled why does this always happen with good tv !!!!!

  10. says

    I think it should be reinstated and a season 5 -7 should be in order. IF I had the funding, I would promote and produce it myself. It was a sad end to a show that was so great.

  11. says

    Just wanted to say where is all the fan appreciation and loyalty from these stations? You give us amazing shows like The Unit which is one of the best shows I have ever seen we fall in love with it and you rip it from our lives WTF is wrong with you? Shame on you this show was one of the best you ever shared!!!!! Put COL Tom Ryan, Jonas, Mac, Bob And the rest of the cast and crew of the unit back on and lets continue to watch a real show and I guarantee you will have a block buster #1 again.The people the fans have spoken put the unit back where it belongs in our homes in our hearts where it belongs and if you can not do that for your loyal watchers shame on you!!!!!!!!!!Shame on you!!!!

  12. jamesboy onel says

    CBS suck The Unit to me was a blockbuster beautiful story lovely concept greedy CBS they only care about ****. Wish season 5 goes on DVD so CBS can go hit the road and never come back again.

  13. Juliet says

    I have been doing a marathon of the Unit and I have to say im so disapointed that this show was cancelled short of bringing it to a proper finale.. Great show that gripped me from the first time of watching it.. I became close to the characters.. I hate that CBS cancelled and continues to cance wonderful shows because all they want is the BIG money maker series with no concept of how the public loves and is dedicated to such a wonderful show.. CBS ABC AND NBC ALL SUCK!! I dont bother with cable anymore just for the fact that they disapoint constantly! Half the shows now are simply dumb and it has all bexome about REALITY shows.. What happened to non fiction kick ass shows with good plots? Anyways I’m just bummed..

  14. jt says

    Well they can only move to anotjer network like fox etc if they buy the rights over for the series the same like 24 cbs wanted to buy it over from fox but they said they won’t but I will love to see another phew seasons of the unit cbs is buying all the bullshit series and airing it that don’t even last one season

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