The Unit

The UnitNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 69 (hour)
Seasons: Four

TV show dates: March 7, 2006 — May 10, 2009
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Audrey Marie Anderson, Robert Patrick, Max Martini, Abby Brammell, Michael Irby, Scott Foley, Demore Barnes, Alyssa Shafer, Danielle Hanratty, Kavita Patil, and Rebecca Pidgeon

the unit past TV show

TV show description:
Based at the fictional Fort Griffith base, a top-secret U.S. Army organization (The Unit) performs covert missions around the world. If a something goes awry, the government will deny any knowledge of the operation so as to avoid an International incident.

The Unit is commanded by a no-nonsense Colonel, Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick), who reports directly to the President. Sergeant Major Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert) leads the team in the field. His men include veteran Master Sergeant Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini), demolitions expert Sergeant First Class Charles Grey (Michael Irby), marksman Sergeant First Class Hector Williams (Demore Barnes), and new member Sergeant First Class Bob Brown (Scott Foley).

At home, the families of the men are kept in the dark as to the missions and are encouraged to bond and support one another. Part-time real estate agent Molly Blane (Regina Taylor) is the group’s unofficial leader and helps new members to acclimate to the unique lifestyle.

Other civilians include Tiffy Gerhardt (Abby Brammell), Kim Brown (Audrey Marie Anderson), Charlotte Ryan (Rebecca Pidgeon), Crystal Burns (Summer Glau), and Jeremy Erhart (Daniel Wisler).

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jimmy says

    i’ve never commented online about a tv show; until now. I hope comments actualy make as diferrence. This show touched you at times and reminded you at others about prescious personal moments. My wife who is not into war, violence, or militiary situations fell in love with this show. she put it on the top of our dvr list and watched it as if we were at the movies. she told me it was cancelled and i said ur wrong, theres no way. Now im shocked. Pleaser tryt to bring it back on tv. Really good show. Great writing. I feel the same about an old show about great writing called the West Wing.

  2. says

    this was a fantastic show that we looked forward to seeing every week, sooo sad and sooo bad that it was cancelled…. what were they thinking.

  3. Mike says

    I agree with all of these people. It was number 1 on our dvr and I am very disappointed that CBS canceled it. Please CBS be smart and either bring it back or let someone else continue with it.

  4. Mistie says

    Can’t believe they cancelled the Unit. It was our favorite show. What a big mistake! Hope some other network will be smart and pick it up. What a bummer!

  5. LeiLynda says

    I just found out the horrible news. My favorite show has been cancelled. There are plenty of other shows(terrible ones) that could have been taken off besides that one.
    Please bring it back. I believe it will not be a wise move for CBS. It was the only good show on your station.

  6. Jummy says

    I think it’s horrible that The Unit has been cancelled. I was really looking forward to watching the next season and seeing what happens with the characters. It was a well developed show and the only thing that i watched on CBS to be honest. I hope another channel picks this up. It was one of my top5 and definitely one on my DVR list. This was a big mistake!

  7. Robert says

    The best show on TV. First in line on my DVR. All the good shows are being cancelled and crap remains. Wont be watching much TV anymore.

  8. Dave says

    With all the junk on TV that I and many others don’t even watch, they go and cancel just about the best show on the air! Bring it back! What could you possibly replace it with? Another spin off of a law, cop or forensic show? Or worse yet a comedy or cartoon?

  9. Aldo in South Florida says

    I rarely watched any shows on CBS until The Unit. They have a handful of decent shows and the “The Unit” was on top of my list. I guess they lost another viewer when they decided to cancel the show. Please bring it back!

  10. dennis new jersey says

    Nice to see a show depict some of the reality of war at home, overseas, and within the makeup of the family . To cancel The UNIT now with war continuing on over seas and families needing something to relate to would be disappointing. The show represents more then what we see or conceive of war. It touches us, lets us see hope, and gives people, i believe a true sense of what we experience in life and how to deal or work through problems physically and mentally. I am a veteran and my family went through an emotional rollercoaster when i was on deployments. The show brings back good and bad memories but overall my family and i can relate to The Unit. To whom ever reads this, lets keep the show alive and running, plus the acting is outstanding.

  11. Rusty says

    TV executives are not especially known for their intelligence, are they?
    Another stupid move on their part to cancel a successful production.
    On with poor programming.

  12. TCBinTexas says

    CBS should have kept The Unit This will be a great loss to their line up. Why they picked up Medium is beyond me. It wasn’t that good or else NBC would have kept it. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back THE UNIT

  13. Spec Ops Rock!!!! says

    CBS made a bad move with canceling this show! It’s never too late for execs to change their minds and put it back on! They would be smart to do just that, if not, grow a pair and sell it off to NBC! At least that’s a real network that would do the right thing!

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