The Unusuals: Debut Numbers Disappointing; Keep It or Cancel It?

The UnusualsLast night, ABC’s The Unusuals debuted in the post-Lost timeslot. The network’s had high hopes for the quirky crime drama but many critics have deemed it to be “usual” fare at best. What do viewers think?

The Unusuals revolves around a unique group NYPD detectives that all have secrets. They also have twisted senses of humor, which is helpful since every day could be their last. The series stars several TV show veterans like Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), Adam Goldberg (Head Cases), Harold Perrineau (Oz), and Terry Kinney (thirtysomething), as well as Jeremy Renner, Kai Lennox, Josh Close, and Monique Gabriela Curnen.

Last night, the Unusuals premiere attracted 6.84 million viewers and a 2.2/6 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. That’s better than last week’s Life on Mars finale in overall viewers (5.86 million) but it’s essentially the same rating/share in the demo. These aren’t the numbers that ABC was hoping for.

On top of that, there was a significant drop off midway through the episode. There were 7.44 million watching when the episode began and by 10:30, 1.19 million had dropped off. That’s not a good indication that those people will return next week.

Considering that a premiere typically represents a show’s best numbers, none of this is a very good sign for the show’s future.

Did you watch the show and if so, will you be back for more? Worth keeping or time to let it go already?

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  1. Melody Moschella says

    The Unusuals was a terrific show. Why doesn’t ABC give the shows they put on a chance to get the word out to other potenital viewers? Life on Mars was great! Til Death is funny. Why are these shows only given a short time to find it’s audience? Nowadays, they cancel shows at the drop of a hat! If Seinfeld hadn’t been given a chance to find it’s audience, where we would all be? Yada Yada Yada-Bring them ALL back!

  2. Marsha Thompson says


  3. COOL says

    this was a change from all the csi’s shows and chnagen is always good and always needs time to get use to, BRING IT BACK.

  4. Anonymous says

    I agree about bringing it back. It is way better than the CSI shows that have been running for years. I don’t usually get addicted to shows, but this would be one of them that I really enjoyed and watched every week.

  5. Anonymous says

    they should totally keep it! I really like this show and would like to see where it was going! There have lots of really good shows canceled this season! It sucks! There are some new ones that could totally be cut, but not this one!

  6. Gilgamesh says

    I’m not a huge fan of copshows, but the Unusuals was really good – please bring it back ABC! There is *far* too much mind-numbingly boring dross on, especially in this oversubscribed genre, that this quirky, original show with interesting characters is almost a crime to cancel.. somebody should investigate :)

  7. Silvercat says

    Love the Unusuals. Please bring it back. It was not the run of the mill cop show. The cast was great together!

  8. fran says

    This is an awesome, down to earth show. During the first season the characters really came together and the uniquness of several of the series’ characters was very refreshing for a cop show, given the many different (and wonderful) cop shows to choose from. They’ll probably cancel it, but if anyone with influence actually reads these posts, I and my husband are pleading that the Unusuals is brought back!!!

  9. JMcBaa says

    Really loved the show & so did my Hubby! Sorry it is not coming back!! Hope they change their minds and let the show return!!!

  10. says

    I LOVED the show and I hope someone like TNT or USA picks it up. Smart, funny and original. Is there any hope for TV when the flood of inane “reality TV” shows dominates the airwaves? There must be a remnant of us folks who actually can “get” subtlety in a story.

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