The Unusuals: Debut Numbers Disappointing; Keep It or Cancel It?

The UnusualsLast night, ABC’s The Unusuals debuted in the post-Lost timeslot. The network’s had high hopes for the quirky crime drama but many critics have deemed it to be “usual” fare at best. What do viewers think?

The Unusuals revolves around a unique group NYPD detectives that all have secrets. They also have twisted senses of humor, which is helpful since every day could be their last. The series stars several TV show veterans like Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), Adam Goldberg (Head Cases), Harold Perrineau (Oz), and Terry Kinney (thirtysomething), as well as Jeremy Renner, Kai Lennox, Josh Close, and Monique Gabriela Curnen.

Last night, the Unusuals premiere attracted 6.84 million viewers and a 2.2/6 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. That’s better than last week’s Life on Mars finale in overall viewers (5.86 million) but it’s essentially the same rating/share in the demo. These aren’t the numbers that ABC was hoping for.

On top of that, there was a significant drop off midway through the episode. There were 7.44 million watching when the episode began and by 10:30, 1.19 million had dropped off. That’s not a good indication that those people will return next week.

Considering that a premiere typically represents a show’s best numbers, none of this is a very good sign for the show’s future.

Did you watch the show and if so, will you be back for more? Worth keeping or time to let it go already?

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  1. alan kaye says

    I thought the unusuals was a great show — interesting, funny, and…..unusual with a great case but like it always seems the network will cancel the good shows and put on garbage.

  2. pat brown says


    It may have had a slow start; S0 did some of the lasting shows on T.V.

    How about having a contest to see how many shows , movie and stage, were slow starters, but lasted longer than most.

    I’ve watched all of shows straight through last night plus one new one.

    I TOLD SOMEONE ABOUT THE SHOW TODAY. I thought ABC was showing The Unusuals starting iin April.

    It would be fun to have an UNUSUAL movie night. Friends gather to watch the movie together.

    Have a contest to see if those who would l like a family friend movie night (watching the UNUSUALS ) write in chattering about their thoughts about the UNUSUALS. Who? What? and Why?

    The ten letters chosen will have an opportunity to get autograph tapes (10) of the one they had chosen to write about.

    I would be willing to watch it for a third or more times with friends. Could be…. we could even win.

    Sincerely, pat browN

    Thanks for reading this.

  3. Gloria says

    To “Unusuals” fans: Please go to TNT and register, and send TNT a message that you’d like them to pick up the show. They picked up Southland, maybe if enough people write in, we can get the Unusuals back. (After you register, go to contact TNT, type in question, “can you pick up a show.” Keep continuing till you get to the form to send them an email.)

  4. JM says

    I too love The Unusuals–TNT picked up Southland (NBC axed it)–couldn’t one of the other stations do the same for The Unusuals? Hope so–good acting, smart writing.

  5. EMR says

    “The Unusuals” is one of the greatest new shows that has come out recently. It has the best cast of characters and the whole story line can’t be beat!! Who made the decision to cancel this show! It ran for such a short time how on earth can you make the decision for it to be cancelled. BRING IT BACK!!!

  6. MKleist says

    Just watched the shows on HULU. The show had some flaws(e.g. too much heavy handed unimaginative guitar music), but I grew to like the characters and their development. The drama was handled matter of factly, ala the 60s, without being mawkish as is the modern taste; The humor often had subtlety and was devoid of the accursed laugh track. I bet you that it takes off in the UK. Anything slightly out of kilter scares and confuses Americans. Oh yeah, dumbest title ever.

  7. R.A. Jordan says

    Wondered why it had not been back on yet and was extremely disappointed to find it was cancelled. I thought “The Unusuals” was an excellent show. Very different from your standard fare.

  8. Gloria says

    There is so much of the same crap on tv. I am so sick of CSI shows. The Channel USA has had some great new shows. Maybe we can start a writing campaign to see if USA will pick up this show.

    ABC’s lineup sucks!

  9. Frank M says

    Better than most shows ABC has aired this year and many that’s it’s kept way past their predictable cancellation.
    Won’t miss the weird duo though, but liked the other characters.
    A much better season than NYPD blue’s last and more tolerable than Life on Mars.

  10. kayla fischer says


  11. sue brandenberger says

    i loved the unusuals. why did it go off the air. it hardly had enough time to capture an audience. bring it back, pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

  12. Jane Michaelian says

    I adored the show…been looking for it in the new fall lineup. Stupid move ABC…nothing good on but a couple of shows. The chemistry between the cast was sexy, light, fun and a bit quirky…LOVED IT….stupid ABC….very STUPID!!!

  13. alanna says

    i loved this show i stayed up just to watch it ever time it was on! i was really sad when it didnt come back on and it never said anything about not running it anymore! i think they shouldve kept it! im sad they didnt i was going to replace veronica mars with this show but every tv show i like it seams like it doesnt last long or it gets taken off air!!!! =[

  14. Annie says

    I agree with Silvercat. Great cop show. Intelligent, funny and interesting. So very tired of REALITY SHOWS! Let’s have some more shows like the Unusuals that make you use your mind!

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