The Unusuals: ABC Cancels Cop Dramady, No Season Two

The UnusualsABC won’t be making its official announcement until tomorrow but the axe has already fallen for midseason’s The Unusuals.

The dramady revolves around a dysfunctional but effective group of New York City cops. The series features the talents of Amber Tamblyn, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau, Joshua Close, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Kai Lennox, Terry Kinney, Adam Goldberg, Ryan O’Nan, Ian Kahn, Kat Foster, Heather Burns, Robert Funaro, and George Aloi.

The ABC show debuted on April 8th to a disappointing 6.83 million viewers and a 2.1/6 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. The following week, the numbers fell to 6.01 million and a 1.8/5. The network tried a different timeslot but the numbers were worse and subsequently fell to a terrible 4.74 million and a 1.4/4.

Though ABC really wanted to find a new cop drama, it became pretty clear that this one wasn’t going to be it. The network has opted to cancel The Unusuals rather than order a second year.

Their official schedule will be announced tomorrow but show creator Noah Hawley has already been informed that the show is dead.

He twittered, “Friends, just heard The Unusuals will not be back for a second season. Thanks for all your amazing support.” He later wrote, “It’s a tough loss.”

There are four episodes left in season one and ABC will begin airing them next week, on May 27th.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I haven’t been so disappointed since “Homicide” was cancelled. there ain’t much on for thinking people. Of course, it wasn’t a reality show and didn’t have magic stuff in it, so it couldn’t be popular with the typical ignorant viewer.

  2. kay k says

    Hey, just found out you have cancelled the Unusuals. What a bummer! This was one of the most original shows and stories on TV. How rare to meet some flawed people in a TV show. Would any other station be able to pick it up? There’s not many things I watch on ABC except for Grey’s and Private Practice so this is a real loser for you.

  3. Caty says

    Unbelievable, a show my husband and I could enjoy together and it’s canceled. There were so many new shows on last year that by the time this one came on tv watchers had already set schedules and perhaps it didn’t get expected ratings. The same happened with pushing daisies, it came back when all the new shows and schedules were already established. Life on Mars was awful but had The Unusuals had that spot from Sept. it would have been a winning show

  4. kiki says

    Those of us with higher I Q’s, that like to watch intelligently designed shows, also buy products advertised on television. I’d wager we have somewhat larger coffers from which to spend than the average 18-49 year old reality-show-watching moron. It seems to me that when tv execs cancel shows of this caliber, and there have been a lot lately, they disreguard an entire demographic, but they still try to sell PC’s and retirement brokers to beer-swilling, chain-smoking, couch potatoes. Go figure.

  5. Sheilla Kiley says

    The Unusuals was the greatest show on TV last season. We have been waiting around for it to come back this season. I finally got on the internet only to see it was cancelled. Such a crying shame. It was funny, sometimes poignant, with many layers of interest.

    Please bring it back.

  6. Dean says

    ABC I’m sick this crap. I don’t even want to give new shows a chance anymore. I find something good, get hooked, then it gets cancelled. The Unusuals was, by far, the best show I have seen on your’s or any other network in a while. I can’t believe it’s been cancelled. Get your heads out of the glue pan. The other networks had nothing to compare to “The Unusuals” as they have nothing but the usual on every night. This was a bad decision ABC and I hope you change your minds, or better yet, another network decides to pick it up.

  7. Susan says

    What a bunch of losers. I never watch abc and they finally put something interesting on and then decide to cancel it. Brilliant. Almost as good as your Monty Python fiasco in the 70s. Who runs this station anyway? May as well have chimps running the business, even they could do a better job. (No offense to the chimps – just to the chumps!)

  8. Tom says

    This is typical network programming nonsense at ABC. By some fluke, they get a show that’s too smart for the room or something that requires some time to grow. Thank you ABC for hunting down creative television and killing it.

  9. Jeff Nelson says

    I just found out this show was cancelled. It is such a shame it was a good show. I loved it, as well as a lot of others. Now I was thinking about ABC, and I then got out my guide, and started searching for shows on ABC. I can not find anything else that I want to watch on this channel. I can see that I can block ABC and will not miss anything.
    t is such a shame, this was a good program, I looked forward to it to come on. Now all I can see that ABC has to offer is, Dancing With The Stars (actually Dancing with the Fallen Stars is more appropriate I think) and Greys Anatomy (This one got old after two seasons in my book).

    I really think it should be rethought about cancelling Unusuals. It is much better than you think.

    Thank you for your time,

  10. stephanie says

    Quality network television. How many times do you get to use those three words in the same sentence? The Unusuals is quality network television. Terrific writing, excellent directing, and strong, compelling actors.
    I miss this show.

  11. SRL says

    Was so looking forward to a new season. Checked to see when and learned about the cancellation. Too bad. The characters had so much potential. Just loved watching the development.

  12. Teresa says

    ABC did it again! What the hell are they thinking? Such a refreshing new show with all sorts of story lines on different levels and they pulled a “Kevorkian” on it! Dancing with the Stars again??? Really??? I don’t get it. I just wish one of the Cable Channels are reading and listening to us!! TNT, FX, USA??? PLEASE HELP US!!
    Shame on you ABC your ratings are slipping!

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