The Wanda Sykes Show: Second Week Decline; Cancel or Keep It?

The Wanda Sykes ShowStand-up comic and actress Wanda Sykes recently unveiled her vision of a Saturday night talk show. Is it a keeper or should she stick to The New Adventures of Old Christine?

The Wanda Sykes Show is a late night talk show that airs once a week. It’s hosted by Sykes and her trademark biting wit to a monologue, skits, and interviews. Comedian Keith Robinson co-stars as her sidekick.

The show debuted on November 7th to a 2.2 household rating. According to Variety, that placed the Wanda Sykes premiere 16% higher than the average of MADtv a year earlier (1.9/4) and double the performance of Talk Show with Spike Feresten from last winter (1.1/2).

The first episode was also in part competing against the highest-rated episode of Saturday Night Live of the season.

Last Saturday’s episode wasn’t quite as good. The second episode of Wanda Sykes dropped to a 1.9 rating, essentially matching the MADtv average from one year ago.

A second week decline in the ratings is certainly not unusual and this one wasn’t as significant as it could have been. The show’s future will likely be determined over the long haul though FOX was hoping for significantly better performance from Sykes than what they were getting with MAD.

What do you think? Is The Wanda Sykes Show worth watching or do you wish MADtv or Spike Feresten hadn’t left the airwaves? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. PJ Phillips says


  2. JimH says

    I’m late to this party but I just thought of it after watching a rerun of Wanda’s show tonight. I didn’t think the show would last since it was on Fox and I know how low the average intelligence quotient is for too much of the TV audience. You can’t get too brainy or current or political on late night TV other than a few opening one-liners and a Top Ten List or the masses will become angry! I like Wanda but regular broadcast TV is not her place. She needs to be unfettered and uncensored. I thought her shows were too busy- interesting guests but not much time devoted to any one subject. I liked Porsche as well. I thought the show with Wanda being openly gay, a white drag queen who was almost too stereotypical, and a straight Black man who balances a subtle Liberalism with a hint of the Typical Black Comedian was just too forced and scripted diversity. I hope she can get another talk show on one of the cable networks. I think we need an earthier Bill Mahr who I also respect and like immensely. I agree with Bill’s stance on Religion but Bill wields it like a war club which I think keeps some people from embracing him. I think Wanda could be a powerful voice and host a great show in the right format and for the right network.

  3. Celeste Moon says

    See how Ellen DeGeneres does it? Not like Sykes, spewing liberal hate messages. Wish she would just allow for other viewpoints and just entertain.

  4. Celeste Moon says

    Wanda Sykes is TRULY funny but her ultra-socialist left-wing anti-patriotic approach is why I cannot watch her show. In other contexts she has made me laugh until I CRY but her harsh political slant is a turn-off because it alienates hard-working conservative American patriots.

  5. maribeth says

    I love this show! It is raw, and funny. Anyone who doesn’t “get it”, so sad! Fox is so fullish, couldn’t even understand why they, of all other networks would carry this unique show- hope another cable network picks it up!

  6. Anonymous says

    I agree with Jesse, Wanda can be very funny, but doesn’t know s**t from shinola when it comes to politics. I think the show might be funnier if Wanda and guests would lay off the sause while taping it

  7. Aaron Grey says

    This show is crap. CANCEL HER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is not funny. Fox should just show mad tv reruns. That’s waaay funnier. She is so lame. I can’t stand her wicked witch nose. Im gonna start calling her the wicked witch because her show is just plain old bad(not the good kind either).

  8. Jesse says

    I love wanda’s talent….just wish she was not so ignorant politically. she obviously has no understanding about the subjects she chooses. She needs to stay away from politics as much as she can. America loves wanda but will not watch someone who spews this crap. Terminate the show or get some good jokes….I know you can!

  9. Jules Chan says

    Keep it!! Wanda Sykes makes me laugh and brighten my days, she is talented and funny. I just wish they make the set a little brighter, and better writers!

  10. Anonymous says

    Keep this show. Started slow, but it’s actually funny. I want to see what they’ll do with another season

  11. says

    Keep it. If people are insulted by it watch something else. It is refreshing funny & real. No I don’t always agree with her but I can take a joke so please keep it.

  12. Randi Reyna says

    Pleeeaassse, keep it. I can be in the worst mood ever & Wanda can make me laugh. Bring me up. She is great! KEEP HER!!!!!!!!!

  13. Doug says

    Please cancel this racist stink bomb. This woman is a poster child for the stereotyping of black Americans. The episode with the equally talentless and bigoted Paul Rodriguez was especially distasteful. Please pull the plug.

    • winston says

      there is something wrong with u people if you don’t like it don’t watch it don’t hate it when u don’t even give it a fair pull( i say keep it ) black american mostly like her u need to go and get a sense humor if not don’t watch it

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