The Wedding Bells: FOX Cancels the Honeymoon

Cancelled The Wedding Bells on FOXAfter a four week run, FOX says the honeymoon is over for David E. Kelly’s The Wedding Bells series.

The Wedding Bells follows the Bell sisters, Annie (KaDee Strickland), Jane (Teri Polo) and Sammy Bell (Sarah Jones), who inherited “The Wedding Palace” following their parents’ divorce. The staff also includes Jane’s husband and company COO Russell Hawkins (Benjamin King), photographer David Conlon (Michael Landes), and wedding singer Ralph Snow (Chris Williams).

The series debuted on March 7th on FOX following American Idol. Over 12.4 million watched the initial episode. That sounds impressive until you realize that the comedy lost almost 16 million from Idol. Once Bells started in its new Friday night timeslot, viewership quickly fell even further. The most recent episode attracted only 4.5 million.

Production was shut down yesterday following the completion of the seventh episode. Four episodes have aired thus far and FOX maintains that the remaining three will see the light of day. The Wedding Bells remains on the schedule this week but was already scheduled to be pre-empted next week (for an airing of the movie White Chicks). It’s unlikely that the series will return.

A spokesperson for FOX said, “While we’ve been pleased with the show creatively, and David’s writing was first-rate, (Bells) just didn’t secure the ratings we’d hoped for.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. lookingformyshow says

    I really wish this show would come back. It’s been a long time since we have had a show this quirky, funny, such a great cast of characters. It just seems that other new shows that begin are given a much longer time span before a network wants to cancel. This one didnt even have a chance.

  2. Anonymous says

    I am 32 years old, my huband is 41 and we LOVED this show. How is it that this show is cancelled yet stupidity like Wife Swap is still on the air?

  3. Juan says

    What a shame that such a gem of a show would be cancelled. It’s been years since a series like this was introduced to american audiences. Everyone from the incredible cast to the writers, directors, set and costume, and lighting designers were at the top of their game.

    David, if you read this, bring the show to HBO. You’ll find your audience there.

    Juan C

  4. Tracy says

    I just learned about the show being canceled. This is really a shame! The writing was great, and I loved the quirky characters. I’m very disappointed that the show was not given a chance to get legs. I don’t see how you can pull a show after only four episodes.

  5. says

    I enjoyed the show. The writing is good. Just need a new time slot …. for once, don’t show it at the same time with AMERICAN IDOL again. :)

  6. FS says

    I loved Wedding Bells. I even had a girls night so I could introduce my friends to the show. What a pity that it was cancelled.

  7. IA says

    I was so excited when this show came on. It was so different and interesting. The possibilities seemed endless, and I am dying to know what happens to the characters. I am so dissapointed that this show is not going to be aired. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  8. CK says

    I Loved this series. I was just really getting to know all the characters. It was a refreshing change from reality tv.

  9. Mags says

    I love FOX. In fact it is my primary viewing station. An becuase of that I am really TICKED-OFF about this! This was a FANTASTIC SHOW! It has everything you need is a great show. I followed it to the Friday slot, but knew it would be in trouble. You might as well take a show off the air, if you send it to a Friday slot. PLEASE, bring it back. What a Fantastic cast and idea you are wasting.

  10. Leila Crist says

    This fast became my favorite show and I am very disappointed that it’s being cancelled. Please reconsider. Maybe people didn’t tune in because there wasn’t a familiar name in the show. Please, please, don’t give it up!

  11. says

    WHY, WHY, WHY would the Wedding Bells be cancelled?
    This was one of the greatest shows on television. Every week I have been watching for it to return; only now, seeing where it was cancelled. Get wise and put this show back on the air. Rememeber Home Front it was another great show that got cancelled several years ago. We need good shows and the Wedding Bells was one of the best shows on television.

  12. Michelle Christensen-Asay says

    I am very disappointed that this show was cancelled. I had told all my friends and family to watch and they did. The night that the White Chicks movie or what ever it was, was on everyone called me to see what was going on. I talked to Michael Landes’s mom as to what was going on with it and she told me that it was cancelled. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I watched this show because my friend was in it but I would have watched it even if he wasn’t. I liked it that much. I hate seeing shows that are bloody, gory, stupid and what ever else that I don’t like to watch. I love these family shows where my family and I can sit around and watch without putting the kids in their room because of things that I don’t want them to watch. I am not a big fan of a lot of shows that FOX airs but I was really excited to hear that they finally have a full family fun and entertaining show that everyone at all ages can watch. Then to find out that it was cancelled just really upset me. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Wedding Bells and maybe try it on a different night so it is not competing with the Ghost Whisper.

    Why is it that all the good family shows are being cancelled? Why is it that all new shows aren’t given a chance to prove how well they can do? All new shows should be given more than 4 weeks to prove themselves. Let’s try giving new shows a full season if not at least half a season. 4 weeks just isn’t long enough.

    Again PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Wedding Bells and maybe try it on a different night it is a very good show.

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