The West Wing: Bartlet Administration’s Final Days in Sight

West Wing openingAfter seven seasons of award-winning, oval office drama, NBC is saying goodbye to The West Wing.

The final episode will be broadcast on May 14, 2006 and will be preceded by a one-hour retrospective episode. The series has long been trailing in the Nielson ratings so the cancellation isn’t much of a surprise. Still, for those of us who remember (and still watch) the episodes from the show’s early glory days, it will be sad to see President Bartlet, his political cronies and adversaries leave office.

The current election storyline (pitting TV veterans Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda against one another) will be wrapped up and the series will fittingly show the end of the Bartlett administration.

NBC executives have said that the decision to cancel the show was made before the death of series regular John Spencer and that it did not influence their choice. The Emmy-winning actor played chief of staff and later vice presidential candidate Leo McGarry. Spencer died unexpectedly of a heart attack December 16, 2005. The Los Angeles Times has reported that his character will pass away as a result of a similar condition in the episode to air April 2nd.

“[Executive producer John Wells has] walked us through everything that’s happening [in the final episodes],” NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly said. “And I don’t use the word extraordinary lightly, [but] I just think it’s truly incredible and will include, again, a great send-off to John Spencer.”

The series is featured daily on the NBC-Universal-owned Bravo cable channel and continues to be offered on DVD. The sixth season of the show will be released on May 9, 2006 to coincide with the series finale. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Peter Yeates says

    I cannot remember a more addictive-brilliant-authentic-real-riveting-marvellous-superb-TV series than West Wing.It is so fast and clever that I use the sub-titles to keep up-and I am English.The loss of that great actor John Fletcher was a sad blow to the Industry and of course a tragic loss to this family, but what an actor-truly he will be so missed-he was so young-so much to come-magnificent.But then again all the cast were great. It is fitting that Richard Schiff is now enjoying such success in London’s West End Theatre.They were and are all memorable-where did they get such good actors ?I have purchased all the series so I can watch, watch and watch again-as it is i am only halfway thru’ 6th series -so I have lots of pleasure to come for always.
    Wish I could convey my thanks to all the cast-Martin Sheen is terrific-even though his politics and mine are worlds apart-there can never be too much freedom-I understand his drive-but how do we help rid Zimbabwe of that monster Mugabe-now these are the real issues..issues that Martin should address-Rhodesia was imperfect-but free..yes it was…and the breadbasket of Africa… now you visitZimbabwe to see the ruins of Rhodesia-it used to be the other way around… I am an English Conservative and and American Republican-but altho freedom rules for now here, and in the place and put every point of view-sadly this freedom is disappearing fast-the West is as England and France was in 1938- keen to appease, no stomach for a real fight against evil… and mislead into efforts to try and sit down and talk with those who would only kill us all-These evil people will never move from that objective-when we understand that we shall perhaps avoid the inevitable sinking into the new abyss…of evil..I think political correctness is evil-and smacks of Mcarthyism and that political correctness we..the young of the fifties remember ( and witnessed everyday) so vividly, the terrible Communist Political correctness that terrified people into submissision -and that was witnessed by me in the Far East-everyday-of my young military life..but wish I could say thanks to John Flketcher somehow-he is the greatest or at least thanks to his family-if anyone knows how my English love and admiration can reach John’s family-tell them thanks-
    Great website
    Peter Yeates
    Riverside Way
    BS15 3Tf
    United Kingdom

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