The West Wing: President Bartlet Returns to Help Obama

Jed BartletWithout a doubt, the current presidential election has been the most interesting political competition in recent history. Though Hillary Clinton was the obvious frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, she was ultimately beaten in the primaries by underdog Barack Obama. It seemed like Obama had the election all sewn up but then John McCain chose Sarah Palin for his running mate and the Republican ticket’s popularity rose.

Though Obama is ahead in the polls at the moment, this election has certainly proved that things can change very quickly. Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing and an outspoken supporter of the Democratic party, recently imagined that Obama might need a little no-nonsense advice. Who better to give it to him than the finest President to ever rule the NBC primetime schedule?

That’s right, after a few years away, Sorkin raised former President Josiah Bartlet to give Presidential candidate Obama some kick-in-the-pants guidance via the New York Times. When last we saw Jed Bartlet, he had just finished attending the swearing in ceremony of his successor, Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits), and he was heading back to the Bartlet home in New Hampshire.

What’s the former President been doing lately? Based on the new dialogue, we can tell that he’s still married to Abbey, he’s healthy, and he hasn’t lost his trademark sense of humor and wit. Like most anything that award-winner Sorkin writes, the exchange is intelligent, humorous and, most importantly, worth a look. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. John says

    I heard Rob Lowe get asked in an interview, if West Wing’s going to return. Is it?
    Being that President Bartlett name was Josiah, why was he often called Jed?

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