The White Queen: “Cancelled” by BBC, No Season Two

The White Queen canceled, no season twoEven though Starz just premiered their new TV series, The White Queen, we already know there won’t be a second season.

Based on Philippa Gregory’s bestselling historical novel series The Cousin’s War, The White Queen tells the story of three very different women as they attempt to scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne. The cast includes Max Irons, James Frain, Rebecca Ferguson, Janet McTeer, Ben Lamb, Amanda Hale, Tom McKay, Aneurin Barnard, David Oakes, Faye Marsay, and Eleanor Tomlinson.

The show is co-financed by the BBC in the United Kingdom and Starz here in the states. The 10-part series began airing on BBC1 in June and completed its run last Sunday night.

According to Broadcast Now, the BBC has maintained that The White Queen was intended to run just one season. However, Gregory had hinted that there were hopes to continue the drama via an adaptation of The White Princess. That novel follows the story of Elizabeth of York who went on to marry Henry VII, the first Tudor King.

It now appears that a continuation won’t be happening. A BBC spokesperson said, “The White Queen will not be returning, but it is important to note that it was never actually conceived as a returnable series.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that The White Queen won’t be continuing in some form? Are you glad that the story was designed to wrap after 10 episodes?

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  1. Dina says

    I wish I would have known there would be no season 2. I would have never started to watch. I thought this was a great show and had oppurtunitys for more seasons.

  2. Mario Borghouts says

    The White Princess is a magnificent book.
    The cast of “The White Queen” is perfect.
    So, one and one makes two: BBC, GRABB YOUR CHANCE !!!!!!!!!!

  3. says

    I have seen only 4 episodes so far. Where are the other 6? I am glad that the three books were combined as the second one, “The Red Queen”, the story of Margaret Beaufort, was deadly dull and very repetitious. “The Kingmaker’s Daughter” was a little better, but still, same stuff as before. The series should last only one season as the story has ended. “The White Princess”, the story of Elizabeth of York and Henry (VII) Tudor was a little more interesting as it covered different historical facts. (Will Gregory write it again from the POV of all of Elizabeth’s sisters?) Perhaps a three or four episode mini-series could tell that story on film. The story of Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, etc., has already been told, ad nauseum, and in much better productions.

  4. Dalena says

    I am just heart broken, I have been rushing home on Saturday nights to see what happens next. I really hate to see it end and had no idea this was the end. I love historical dramas and this on was every bit well done. I want it back!!! Please. And why get us started and just drop us in the middle. ( Not Fair!) I was looking around Sunday night after work to see the next episode and found no trace of these beloved characters I’ve come to know over the last few weeks. I was getting into the story and truly enjoying it, I want more!!!

  5. Amy says

    I just started watching the series on Starz. It’s an excellent show. I was just really getting into the characters and the dynamics between them. It’s really a shame that there won’t be a second season. The actors are brilliant and I was hoping there would be more.

  6. BJ says

    Really they can make more seasons, theres still books on the Cousins War. Aka Lady of the Rivers (Young Jaquetta Woodville) and White Princess (Elizabeth of York/Mother or Arthur and Henry VIII), also you can do Phillipa’s other books from Constant Princess up to Other Queen. You have books like Constant Princess (Catherine of Aragon), Other Boleyn Girl (Boleyn sisters), Boleyn Inheritance (Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Jane Parker-Boleyn, Kathryn Howard), Queens Fool (Mary I and Elizabeth I as Bastardized Princesses in court of their little Brother Edward), The Virgin’s Lover (Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley) and The Other Queen (Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Hardwick)

  7. garrett says

    There can only be one season of the White Queen. The three books (white queen, red queen, kingmaker’s daughter) all end in 1485. The tenth and last episode of this season features the battle of Bosworth Field, in 1485!!!

    There could have been more seasons with White Princess, Constant Princess, The Other Boleyn Girl etc., but that would be an expensive and extensive undertaking.

  8. Deborah says

    Why are they cancelling this show!! It has great actors and it just so wonderfully done. I love this show. It’s a decent well written show. But I guess the powers that be what to replace it with another slash and burn Serial killer show. Their is nothing of quality to watch anymore on TV!!! Shame on the BBC!

  9. whitedove says

    really bummed there won’t be a season 2 I what’s hooked on the first episode please reconsider making a season 2 3 4 5 please

  10. MalteseLover says

    I love this show. I love this time period. I am very disappointed that there will not be a Season 2. It just doesn’t seem complete. I never missed an episode and was looking for more and more to come.

  11. LDoleys says

    Good grief!! I just got hooked with the superior casting and quality of this show! There is so little good on TV anymore, just unfortunate to not continue something of worth. Also would love to see more of the remake of Upstairs Downstairs. Please reconsider making another season!

  12. Mary Claire says

    oooh no???!!! why??? i was hoping for more episodes before they end season 1… ='( and now no more season two. ='( please please continue ~the white queen~ it’s very compelling and the stars are so good in their characters…

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