The White Queen: “Cancelled” by BBC, No Season Two

The White Queen canceled, no season twoEven though Starz just premiered their new TV series, The White Queen, we already know there won’t be a second season.

Based on Philippa Gregory’s bestselling historical novel series The Cousin’s War, The White Queen tells the story of three very different women as they attempt to scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne. The cast includes Max Irons, James Frain, Rebecca Ferguson, Janet McTeer, Ben Lamb, Amanda Hale, Tom McKay, Aneurin Barnard, David Oakes, Faye Marsay, and Eleanor Tomlinson.

The show is co-financed by the BBC in the United Kingdom and Starz here in the states. The 10-part series began airing on BBC1 in June and completed its run last Sunday night.

According to Broadcast Now, the BBC has maintained that The White Queen was intended to run just one season. However, Gregory had hinted that there were hopes to continue the drama via an adaptation of The White Princess. That novel follows the story of Elizabeth of York who went on to marry Henry VII, the first Tudor King.

It now appears that a continuation won’t be happening. A BBC spokesperson said, “The White Queen will not be returning, but it is important to note that it was never actually conceived as a returnable series.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that The White Queen won’t be continuing in some form? Are you glad that the story was designed to wrap after 10 episodes?

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  1. Donna says

    My sister and I looooooooooved season 1 of The White Queen. BBC can’t possibly leave the fans hanging by not having an continuation . I hope they will listen to the fans of this awesome miniseries. The actors are great as well as the storyline! Pleeeease BBC bring back some kind of continuation of The White Queen.

  2. Lindayaya says

    This is a series that both my husband AND I look forward to watching. With it being so historically accurate, money doesn’t even need to be expended on inventing plot lines. Who would think history could be so entertaining? Come on, Starz, please continue this top drawer production.

  3. HEIDI says

    I am tired of starting a new series just to be cut off. Makes me want to stop paying for my premium channels. Please bring this show back.

  4. Anonymous says

    Please don’t cancel this show. You cancel everything that’s worth watching. It’s history and moves fast and wonderful actors. Please don’t cancel.

  5. Anonymous says

    what a shame, i loved this show. twist after unexpected twist kept me longing for more. hope they change their minds.

  6. says

    What a shame, such a great series and although there is some poetic licence on the side of the writers a great means to educate people. This is just another BBC cutback, all the millions they take on licensing and spend it on rubbish, are there not enough TV chefs already? Very disappointed Aunty beeb, you know it makes sense, make another series.

  7. Karen says

    Here In New Jersey, believe it or not there are people who do not watch reality shows, I love to learn about history. This show, all though it moves really fast through the years keeps me waiting for 7 days. I can not get enough of it. I am saddened to hear that is will not air after October 2013. They will keep garbage like “The Real Housewives of New Jersey and “Honey Boo Boo” on, but cancel history! Disappointed is not even the word! ;/

  8. Annie says

    God! Even in sweden everybody loves this series. Seriously, finaly a compellon season that inspires peaple to find out more about the past and now it´s done. I have´nt met enybody who did´nt love this series and everybody have been talking about it. Another let-down by BBC.

  9. Mike says

    What a shame. All of the alleged “Premium” channels , Starz,Showtime,HBO have been programming with no consideration for their viewers the past several years. They started to cut the number of shows per season from a ridiculous 12 episodes a year to an even more laughable 10 or even 8 episodes per season. After HBO cancelled Deadwood several years ago I stopped watching all the “Premium” series as I was sick and tired of having a good show cancelled right when something earth shattering was about to happen. I didn’t start watching a new series about Leonardo daVinci even though it looked good as I knew I would have the rug yanked out from under me after 10 episodes. I was convinced by my wife to give The White Queen a chance and now they’ve stuck it to me again. One ten episode show is a poor excuse for a tv series and is not worth the time to get involved with.

  10. Kristi says

    I am so sad. This is such aa great story. They made it sound as though there would be more to the series than one season. Sad fan here!

  11. Anonymous says

    Very disappointing. Would love to know why? There was a lot still left to tell. This is what programing should be.
    To much reality TV on all the stations for me and the sad part is that people watch the scrap

  12. Linda Vertichio says

    OMG! Another BBC show cancelled! First “Magic City:”, then “Luther” and “Copper” were cancelled and now I am REALLY MAD! I have been reading Phillipa Gregory’s books and relishing each episode of the series. There is so much interesting history to tell. Why did BBC & Starz cancel this exciting show? I’m sure it is all ahout the bottom line ($) and how it affects the execs bonuses or lack thereof. If it wasn’t for these wonderfully written and acted shows, I would hardly be watching TV at all. I do not find most of the reality, vampire and zombie shows entertaining. It’s hard to believe that viewers like myself are in the minority. Our interests need to be met too! This is outright discrimination!

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