The Whole Truth: A New Legal Drama for ABC; Cancel or Keep It?

The Whole TruthLast May, Rob Morrow said goodbye to Numb3rs, a CBS TV show he’d co-starred on for six seasons. Now, he’s back in a new legal drama on ABC. Will this one last as long or will it be quickly cancelled?

In The Whole Truth, Morrow plays a powerful defense attorney who was raised on the wrong side of the tracks. Maura Tierney is on the opposite side as a Senior Trial Assistant District Attorney whose father was a sheriff. Viewers are shown how each side builds their case, using their own version of “the truth.” The rest of the cast includes Eamonn Walker, Sean Wing, Anthony Ruivivar, and Christine Adams.

With on-screen talent like this, last night’s premiere could be described as a crime. The Whole Truth only mustered a pitiful 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 4.89 million viewers. It came in at a distant third (last) place in both categories. It also lost viewers as the hour progressed, ending with a 1.3 rating and 4.6 million.

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To give you some historical perspective on how bad this is, last year’s Eastwick debuted to a 3.0 rating and 8.5 million viewers — almost double Whole Truth’s numbers. Eastwick dropped in the ratings nearly every week but it took until November for the numbers to go as low as The Whole Truth’s premiere.

TV show supportEastwick was, of course, cancelled and only 11 of the 13 episodes ran. It seems highly unlikely that, unless Whole Truth has a big turnaround, ABC will wait that long to pull this one.

So, what do you think? Did you watch The Whole Truth? Why do you think it’s not attracting viewers?

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  1. Mrs. C says

    Better marketing for the show would help too. Not many had heard of it. Different time slot might help. PLEASE bring it back!!

  2. Nancy Manley says

    I thought “The Whole Truth” was a different and interesting spin on the lawyers game. This show disappeared so fast before anyone had a chance to look at it. When the new season starts it takes a bit of jumping around trying different shows to find something you will watch. This show deserved more of a chance to get a following.

  3. Lee says

    This is a shame. When a show like Defenders and Cover Ups can stay on the air that has no relaity to it and a thought provoking show such as the Whole Truth gets cancelled it shows truly what our society looks for in a top rated show….Nonsense and nothing stimulating . I loved the way they devoloped the cases and portrayed both sides in a very informative and structured format. Please do not cancel this show….

  4. Marlene Guy says

    The series was probably too intelligent . Many good shows are canceled and the stuff like The DUKES OF HAZARD go on forever.

  5. Lou says

    How disappointing. We really liked this show, watching it before The Defenders on another network. None of the “special” shows sound like anything we will be interested in watching. I guess we will just tune in to The Defenders.

  6. Karen says

    All these cops show that are not shot in NYC but are set in NYC look horrible and so
    unbelievable!!! Set the show in another city if you can hack shooting here . Love Maura Tierney but exteriors and even interiors scream SET in LA or canada..

  7. Allison says

    I hope they keep the show. I find it interesting seeing both the defense and prosecution side. I like how the truth is revealed at the end. I dvr the episodes because 10:00 is too late for me. I’d watch it if it were on at an earlier time.

  8. kristen says

    I really liked this show and DVR’d it and the defenders. Normally i am a L&O fan, but the LA version just didnt appeal to me in the first episode. I then watched L&O LA on demand, and enjoyed the 2nd episode much better. I would like to know why the “good shows” that I would really like to watch are all on at the same time where someone has to make a choice… i would much prefer that it replace the stupid reality shows that arent even entertaining.

  9. Anne says

    This show must be promoted NOT cancelled. ABC needs to forget about promoting Dancing With The Stars and put this worthwhile show.

  10. Andrea says

    Wow, I can’t believe someone’s considering canceling this one already. I have been really enjoying it for the past two weeks. I like the unique structure to the show as well as the cast. It goes up against The Defenders and Law & Order LA on the broadcast channels. Is it losing to these shows?

  11. Angel says

    I liked both episodes so far. If promoted better this could be a great addition to the ABC lineup. Word just needs to spread about how good the show is.

  12. Vanessa says

    Watched both episodes on ABC’s website because I don’t have cable. I thought the first episode started out a little rough but got really good towards the end. I am liking the dynamic between Tierney and Morrow. The second episode showed them being a bit more playful with each other which I really liked. I hope they do not cancel the show because I am very interested to see what develops with the characters and am really liking the structure of the show. Thumbs up so far!

  13. Brian says

    Quite simply, I have DVR’d both episodes to date and am waiting to see if it’s canceled before dedicating any time to watching it. If the ‘critically acclaimed’ Lonestar didn’t make the third week, what chance does a ‘average rated’ show (and not critically acclaimed) like this stand in the long term? Certainly not enough for me to waste any time on a short lived endeavor. It’s much easier to record and cancel/delete without any heartache. And with the large list of ‘mid season’ shows the networks still have available, nothing should be kept past its ‘sell by date’.

  14. Renee Beaty says

    It was pretty bad, because you have “The Good Wife” that is sooo good and this majorly palls in comparison since they are both courtroom dramas. I don’t think it will last very long.

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