The Whole Truth: Cancelled Series Pulled by ABC

Whole TruthThough the cast and crew of The Whole Truth will get to finish filming their 13 episode commitment, there’s no guarantee viewers will get to see them any time soon. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the show had been cancelled by ABC. Now, it looks like the network is pulling the legal drama from the schedule for the whole month of November.

As previously announced, next week’s episode will be preempted by the interview special In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville. The following week, the entire Wednesday night line-up is bumped for the Country Music Awards.

After that, Whole Truth is being replaced by a pair of celebrity specials. On November 17th, ABC will air 25 Years of Sexy: People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!. The following week, Primetime: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far? will take the timeslot.

It’s unknown if The Whole Truth will return in December or if ABC will keep the remaining nine episodes sitting on the shelf.

What do you think? Will ABC air the rest of the The Whole Truth episodes soon, over the summer, or never?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sheryl says

    I love this show. One of the new season shows I actually watch. I hate to see it cancelled. Hope ABC reconsiders. I would love to see the last 9 episodes.

  2. says

    Seriously, you guys are thinking about bringing V back and kicking The Whole Truth to the CURB. Please, consider showing the last 9 episodes, at least give us faithful viewers that much. Just so you guys know, i had plenty of shows to watch in this time slot, but i chose The Whole Truth because it was very intertaining. Plus, i had a crush on the handsome black guy, shhhhhh, our secret. Guess ABC does not mind losing viewers.

  3. Peyton says

    I love this show! I looked forward to watching it every Wednesday and now I hear its been cancelled! I was very disipointed in ABC for cancelling such an awesome show! I really hope they decide to bring it back.

  4. Cathy says

    I can’t believe the networks keep shows like “no ordinary family”. & cancel a great show “The Whole Truth”! Please bring it back.

    • joyce says

      I love this show. I had been looking for it and was hoping it had not been cancelled. It is the only show like this, which shows you what really happened after the verdict. The two actors had such great chemistry, I will miss this show. It was fantastic.

  5. says

    I can’t believe there taking the whole truth off the air my husband and I love the show its one of ther best shows on the air. too bad they don’t know what shows to take off

  6. says

    you are taking a good show off and putting garbage on in its place…what’s the sense of that !? So many really good shows go that way and get replaced with JUNK ! How has The Good Guys stayed on so long ?! And you cancel The whole truth ?! I just don’t get it ! I guess people like mindless drivel these days.

  7. says

    I love the show ! It tests your intellect…..not like those mindless Modern Family and Cougartown ( you must be kidding !!!) The whole truth is…was the only show we watched on Wed night. I stayed up for it ….there is nothing else worth watching on the whole evening !

    Very sad to see it go !

  8. Nicolette says

    I hate that this brilliantly witty drama is being cancelled! This is one of the few shows that I record, as well as one of the very few shows that is even worth watching… I was so excited to see another intelligent, entertaining drama on primetime this Fall. Disappointing. Please bring ‘The Whole Truth’ back!!!

  9. Glinda says

    In an undeniably brainless, tasteless move, ABC has cancelled one of the brightest, smartest programs to hit the airwaves in years. This show should not only remain on the air, but should be moved to a more popular time and served up by a program already on the winning table. Each one of these episodes is more clever and compelling than the next. Come on now, ABC Programming Department. Click the box called Winner, next time this name comes up.

  10. says

    I LOVE the Whole Truth. I like that we get to see both sides of the preparation for the trial, then see the trial and outcome of it, THEN see if they actually did it or not. Love the concept!!! Very sad that they cancelled it. :(

  11. Yvonne says

    Shame you are cancelling this show it is actually very good. It takes you from pretty much beginning to end on both sides of the case…prosecution and defense. Then at the end you actually get the truth of what happened. I watch one other show on ABC, because in my opinion most of your shows are not good to me any more. This one was actually good and had me coming back, but low and cancel another good. Please consider keeping this one. I love the people, characters and storylines.

  12. Rhonda Latham says

    I hate to see “The Whole Truth” cancelled. I always looked forward to seeing it, and hate that it comes on so late. Every week I check your lineup out to see if you’ll show it. I really love the top male and female stars – they’re great. Would you consider extending this show?

  13. Charisse says

    One of the few shows I record. Smart, funny and entertaining. Characters have great chemistry. ABC why do you continue to cancel the good shows? You’re replacing this with junk like “The Sexiest People Alive” and “Celebrity Plastic Surgery”? Seriously? ABC used to be the network to watch but you’ve made a lot of por choices in the last couple of years. I know I’m not alone when I say I’m so tired of “reality” shows. Clever writing and superb acting are still what I find most entertaining. Please reconsider and give “The Whole Truth” a fighting chance.

  14. Marg Delaney says

    This show shouldn’t be cancelled – it has a very unique concept and is so much better than most of the shows on TV today. Please reconsider and keep this show!

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