The Whole Truth: Cancelled Series Pulled by ABC

Whole TruthThough the cast and crew of The Whole Truth will get to finish filming their 13 episode commitment, there’s no guarantee viewers will get to see them any time soon. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the show had been cancelled by ABC. Now, it looks like the network is pulling the legal drama from the schedule for the whole month of November.

As previously announced, next week’s episode will be preempted by the interview special In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville. The following week, the entire Wednesday night line-up is bumped for the Country Music Awards.

After that, Whole Truth is being replaced by a pair of celebrity specials. On November 17th, ABC will air 25 Years of Sexy: People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!. The following week, Primetime: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far? will take the timeslot.

It’s unknown if The Whole Truth will return in December or if ABC will keep the remaining nine episodes sitting on the shelf.

What do you think? Will ABC air the rest of the The Whole Truth episodes soon, over the summer, or never?

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  1. Elizabeth Wilenius says

    I was so disappointed when this show was bumped for stupid ones. It was an interesting and unpredictable show and a refreshing change. Do we really have to have more reality shows with celebrities trying to stay in the limelight?? Put the show back on.

  2. Hope says

    My husband and I so enjoyed The Whole Truth. We are disappointed that it has been canceled and hope that ABC will reconsider the permanent cancellation. This show was such an improvement over the plethora of reality shows. Please, ABC!!

  3. June Gabriel says

    I am late in writing this but I went to organize my DVR and wondered what the heck happened to this show. I can’t believe another great show got the ax. Who the heck makes these decisions? They don’t even give a show a chance before they dump it. I hope someone picks it up. It was really very good story line and the actors were great. Oh well….reality tv is taking up all the space -:(

  4. Patty says

    The Whole Truth was a show that I truly looked forward to watching every week. I am so very disappointed that ABC has taken it off the air. It was their best show, and their only show that I actually watched for more than one or two episodes in the last few years. Maura Tierny and Rob Morrow are two fine actors who deserved a chance to draw viewers to this engaging and innovative drama. ABC should admit their mistake and put this show back on the air. I refuse to delete my DVR timer in the hopes that ABC will come to their senses.

  5. Ann says

    The best drama yet. The Whole Truth had excellent actors and was very interesting to watch. Kept you on your toes. This was one of the keepers. I am very disappointed that it was cancelled.

  6. Debbie says

    I just finished watching all of the episodes of The Whole Truth that I had previously recorded and I LOVED it! I realized that nothing had been recorded since 12/1 and when I checked on line I found out it had been canelled. Bad move ABC. This was one of the keepers. I think you should definitely consider bringing it back. At least air the other nine episides this summer. . . .

  7. Belinda says

    I would much rather see all the “reality tv shows” cancelled than “The Whole Truth” that was truly entertaining and just when I was getting into the show: CANCELED! I don’t think they were even given a fair hand shake…but, they have my vote to return it!!

  8. Debbie Chapman says

    I hate the fact that this series was cancelled before it even got started. I really enjoyed the show and definately want to see the remainder of the episodes.

  9. Nichelle says

    I’m devestated at the cancellation of this show, it was truly a brillant show. I hope the network has a change of heart . The whole truth allowed me to become interested in television once again.

  10. Robbin says

    I feel that pulling The Whole Truth is a big mistake because this series not only shows a judge and jury but it finally revealed something everyone always wanted to know about the accused and that is who they do the crime. This show is a master piece and it is very stimulating to watch “cause” the end definitely justifies the beginning. Best legal show ever…. Jerry Bruckheimer created the most fascinating night drama with substance and it gets canceled again that’s a big mistake.

  11. Marcia says

    My family and I regret the cancellation of The Whole Truth, an innovative and delightful legal drama. Seeing the cases from both sides gave a different take on the same old presentation of evidence. Best of all was watching the chemistry between Tiery and Morrow’s characters. ABC pulled the plug prematurely.

  12. allison uher says

    Couldn’t believe this got cancelled. Finally a law show that isn’t all about sex, sexual innuendo and shock value with more sex. Sort of like when Boston Legal got completely retarded when it used to be one of my favorite law shows when it first started. What about The Practice? One of the best legal shows ever. People would rather watch the Bachelor and Dancing/Skating with the stars than a well executed legal drama with great seasoned actors. Just another piece of the puzzle that reflects what the massess in the country find appealing. So Sad!!

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