The Young and the Restless

The Young and the RestlessNetwork: CBS
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: March 26, 1973 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Jeanne Cooper, Doug Davidson, Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Eileen Davidson, Kate Linder, Jess Walton, Peter Bergman

the young and the restless past TV show

TV show description:
This long-running soap begins by following the lives of the wealthy Brooks family and the less fortunate Foster family in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Since then, the show’s focus has shifted to follow the Abbott and Newman families as each owns and operates their own cosmetic companies.

Arrogant businessman Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) heads Newman Enterprises and his on-again off-again relationship with wife Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is often a cause for drama. Their marriage has produced two children, Victoria (Heather Tom, later Sarah Aldrich and Amelia Heinle) and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow).

John Abbott (Brett Halsey, later Jerry Douglas) founded the rival Jabot Cosmetics company and his children, Jack (Terry Lester, later Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson), work for the company in various capacities over the years. One of the soap’s longest running plotlines is the rivalry between Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) and Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton) which began when Jill’s affair with Katherine’s husband resulted in a son.

Other families impacting the never-ending drama include the African American Winters and Barbers.

Actors Shemar Moore, Vivica A. Fox, Eva Longoria, and Tom Selleck, are all celebrities that have been part of the large cast during their careers.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kitty says

    I just heard that Phyllis is leaving the show. That is the reason she is being shipped off to the island off of Georgia. I think she is the best actress on the show and has such passion. I love her with Jack. He is worthy of her. Nick was not. Sharon is a loon. Can ‘t stand her. Victoria is a Daddy’s baby girl and can’t make it on her own without her Daddy. Victor is pure evil. I don’t think there is anyone who can replace Phyllis. I also like the old Abby. She was great. I do like the new Summer, at least she can act which the old one could not.

  2. Terry Pleasants says

    Just reading some of these old posts and can’t believe what some of you are saying. I love Victor and Nikki. Sad that Jeanne Cooper’s character appears to be developing dementia. I love Catherine Chancellor and I wish she would have more scenes. Maybe she is thinking about retiring but I hope not. I would truly miss her. She, Victor, and Nikki are soap opera legends. My favorites besides the above are Jack, Phyllis, Nick, Sharon, Michael, Lauren and Adam. I wish Chelsea would just go ahead and tell Adam she is pregnant. You know he is going to figure it out anyway. Love you Y&R. Been watching since I was 13 with my mom and grandma. DVR it every day and look forward to relaxing to it every night. Also a B&B fan, but Y&R is the best.

  3. rose says

    please do not end the young and the restless i been watching that show for 50 year please please dont love it to much it a relexing hour for many people after a long day at work it relexing time for many people PLEASE DONT THANKYOU

  4. Anonymous says

    The Young and Restless has run its course .It is time for the show to end along with Bold and Beautiful Days of Our Lives and General Hospital

  5. Barbara says

    I like the Y & R, but I am getting a bit weary of watching Victor and Nicky being front and center on the show. These 2 characters are real jerks in my opinion. Victor is pure evil disrupting and corrupting the lives of many. And his has been stripper wife is an air head that lacks indepth character. Yet all the other characters follow them like a bunch of sheepal. They constant accept them and treat them with abiding respect? It’s a great imbalance to the show. I have often wondered why they didn’t just name it ‘The Victor and Nicky Show’ I often watch it, but sometimes I just have to take a break from it. They need a new writer with more creativity. I fear that if they keep repeating the same old story lines, with the same old characters, it will be cancelled.

  6. Sherri Weeks says

    I have loved Y & R for so many years it is like a creature comfort for me. No matter what goes on in my life that is the one thing that is always a constant..I can’t imagine why they would ever cancel it. I do think some of these crazy story lines lately have been a bit much and drug on way to long. Maybe they need a mystery writer that is able to wrap things up within a few shows may be helpful. It seems like some of these story lines drag on and are just forgotten which is a bit odd. How they turned Ronan into a sniveling cling on with Phyllis was a bit much, Genevieve should have been used as a fierce competitor to Nikki for Victors affections, instead she was sent down multiple random story lines that ran off a cliff. Clearly they are sending Jack down the pill problem path, with Phyllis there out of desperation. Love Phyllis with Nick but like the Avery storyline, although will probably be a bit boring. Cane and Lilly are a bore, I fast forward through the majority of their scenes. Love Adam & Chelsey, need more of them and what happened to Gloria? Need more Michael, Gloria, Lauren, Phyllis, Billy & Victoria, victor, Jack, Abby and bring back Ashley! Can’t believe they let her go, hope they do not recast her.. Love the real Ashley..looking forward to the new Newman Ranch house, and of course A new Glowworm

  7. says

    I writing for two reasons….1. I would love to know where to find that flaming pink dress that Sharon wore to Nick’s almost wedding at Glow Worm. She was stunning and I would love to try that dress for myself!
    2. To the comments on the new plus sizes Black actress…I think that she should be given more chance to grow in her skills as an actress! I think she is doing just fine! She as far as I am concerned is a very beautiful young woman and the comments ripping everything about her apart…truely just not right. The people who choose the actresses/actors for the YandR know what they are doing! She is a good choice! JMO

  8. pat says

    I love Y&R. I grow up watching it when I was a teenager. Now I am 50. It is a part of us. Please don’t cancel the most popular soap for years. KEEP IT ON CBS!!

  9. margie palmer says

    I was so disappointed with the new black actress…bad hair, bad make-up, bad clothes….I am a plus size person and would to have that job…I live in syracuse new york and would love to try out for that spot…Willing to sent pics of my self…

  10. veronica conerly says

    you have got to be kidding me! Out of all the actresses in La that are Black, beautiful, confident, and plus size WHY in the world this one…she has little talent, bad weave hair, and I know she does’nt have a make-up artist…for someone playing a business women/shark she is ATROCITY…I have been watching this show for 30 years and I worked in hollywood as make-up artist…she looked like a hired clown…the caucian actresses even the background extras look more polished…as a comfident, beautiful, black woman I don’t want to watch my favorite soap and be baffled with unprofessionalism and pure disregard to the new actress…I hope and pray that fans are just as outraged as I am…I have a wonderful recommendation…a plus size actress that would gladly do a screen test…she’s a businesswoman, storng, confident,and exudes SEX APPEAL…I am sending you a copy of her head shot if you can use her in any capacity she is availble…If you would like to check my resume it is online @ tonyasbrush/facebook…I am an expert at ethnic skin and make-up…thank you veronica conerly

    • says

      Nice reply Ronica, and I fully Agree! God Bless You Beautiful for such intelligent comments… i’m proud to have a women like you, representing the absolute truth.

  11. misty says

    i dont u guys to cancelling world turn or young and restless i have been watching they seen i was little with my grand ma and then with my mom and now my kids

  12. says

    it makes me sick the way that CBS is cancelling daytime first the guiding light and now as the world turns there are lots of Baby boomers out there that grew up with these programs and a lot of us dont work any longer and we are at home during the day a lot and we want to keep our programs

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