There Goes the Neighborhood: Poor Start; Cancel It or Keep It?

There Goes the NeighborhoodWhile ABC was going to the sharks, CBS kicked off their own new reality series. Did it do better than the competition or should it be evicted?

Hosted by Matt Rogers, There Goes the Neighborhood features eight suburban families whose Atlanta community has been enclosed by a 20-foot wall, cutting them off from the outside world. The clans compete against their friends and neighbors in a series of games, kicking one family out of the game each week. The prize for the winning household is $250,000.

The first episode aired on Sunday night and attracted an average of 5.08 million viewers and a 1.6/4 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic. For the timeslot, it ranked in second place in overall viewers and in third place for the demo.

Should Neighborhood be cancelled?

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CBS was certainly counting on better numbers, especially considering that the last half-hour of lead-in Big Brother attracted 6.94 million viewers and a 2.5/7 in the demo. Neighborhood lost more than 27% of that audience.

What’s more, viewership dropped over 10% between Neighborhood’s first and second half-hours. That’s a bad sign and typically means that the viewers didn’t like what they saw and won’t be back next week.

While Neighborhood didn’t perform as badly as ABC’s Shark Tank, that’s not saying much. If CBS even lets this show finish out its run in primetime, it’s very unlikely that it’ll be back for another season.

What do you think? Did you watch and, if so, will you be back? Should CBS stick by it or just foreclose?

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  1. Joanne St.George says

    I had searched for new start info some months ago, but had forgotten it. I think I read that it was coming back this year. but maybe not..I am kind of old !!!
    I’m now amazed that it was in danger of cancellation..we loved it..and can onlty hope it does return..
    Joanne St.George

  2. says

    I did enjoy the show, although some people dislike that the game has an affect on the neighbors, i think it makes the game more interesting. The show shouldn’t be blamed for any losses in friendships, because the families all agreed to partake in the game, and made their own decisions while playing the game. However, while my friends and I were watching, we felt as if it was a spin-off of Big Brother/Survivor . The only advise I would give is to make the show more original. Overall, I like the idea of the show, and would hate to see it canceled .

  3. Kyle says

    I liked the first season (not a big fan of it’s winner) but I still enjoyed it!

    And if it continued for a second season I would definitely watch again, I really enjoyed it’s dynamics!

  4. Viewer says

    Who would have guessed that a guy named Schindler would have “exposed” an important alliance that helped keep his own family in the game right at the very end.

  5. Benjamin says

    This shows hurts too much feelings among neighbors, and will cause long term damage to neighborhood relationships. It should be canceled.

  6. D says

    Just save you’re breath just cancel the show I seen it the first day last week what were they thinking. You’re friends for a long time and now you want to compete with one other come on now . We don’t want to see stuff like this maybe it can happen one day.

  7. Anonymous says

    I know several of these families. I watch many reality shows and thought this one was horrible. I know for a fact that this has changed the relationships for all involved. That makes me very sad. They are all good people. This has put a wedge in their relationships even if they try and say it doesn’t.

  8. Jan Alter says

    I sent off a letter to my local CBS affiliate station after viewing TGTN. Here it is.

    Last night I watched the premier episode of ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’, the latest reality show excursion to get the viewer to blink. I blinked, and additionally it got me very angry that CBS would partake in some of the most anti-social, anti-family,anti-community behavior, pitting families against each other for the greed of money and so-called ‘competition’. The damage done to these folks will be irrevocable, not only to the children but the adults as well, pitting long standing friends against each other as well as inter family members. The adult players kept saying ‘it’s just a game’, but that is far from the truth. This so called game will stay with these folks for many years and become part of the family history.
    I can’t quite figure out what your station had in mind for creating this kind of program except for sensationalism and thinking how low people can stoop for the sake of ratings. So is this what CBS is all about? This is what what you would have this country’s families watch on a Sunday night during prime time? Let’s see how to destroy a neigborhood. All we have to do is dangle money in front of them. We know their weakness. And the winner gets to take that money for moving expenses. They’ll be fine wherever they set up home.
    CBS constantly tells us how they stand for family values. Folks, these values are as far from any family values as the Earth is from the sun. As for me, you’ve just lost a customer.

  9. robycop3 says

    This show was crap from the gitgo. I believe most TV viewers are tired of this sub-genre of reality/competition show, and this one was a bummer anyway. If they’re smart, they’ll dump it at once.

    It won’t be a decent summer filler as Bigg Bruddah is, & CBS oughtta cut their losses & dump it at once.

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