Three Moons Over Milford: Series’ Future Eclipsed

Three Moons Over Milford castTo little surprise, the Disney Company’s ABC Family channel has announced the end of its original and quirky series entitled Three Moons Over Milford.

Three Moons was a unique drama set in the idealic small town of Milford, Vermont. Shortly before the pilot episode began, an asteroid struck the moon, shattering it into three large pieces and threatening to fall to Earth. The threat of an eventual “Judgment Day” causes many people to question their lives and live them to extremes by quitting jobs, indulging vices and living as if each day were their last. It starred Elizabeth McGovern and Rob Boltin as the heads of the Davis family.

Three Moons Over Milford got off to a slow start on August 6, 2006 on ABC Family. The ratings were less than spectacular (1.6 million viewers) — especially compared to another original ABC Family series, the very popular Kyle XY series. Unfortunately, despite having an original concept, Three Moons’ ratings didn’t get any stronger as the rest of eight episodes aired.

The last original episode aired on September 24, 2006 (a cliffhanger entitled “Goodnight Moon”). There is no word on a future DVD release but all eight episodes are available for download at
Apple’s iTunes store
TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mrcritic says

    this was such a captivating series! Anyone have any idea of how to get ABC to get the show back on? I can’t believe they just left us with a cliff hanger and then cancelled the show!

  2. Tia says

    This is really weird. iTunes gave the pilot episode free in February and now I am into a series that is cancelled. I wish they would tell people it was cancelled.

  3. amb says

    im sad this show was cancelled i loved it they really should bring it back.
    also does anyone know what the theme song is called?

  4. lozeerose says

    I just downloaded the pilot episode (a freebie on iTunes) and am hooked. They should have never canceled it. It goes in the bin next to Firefly as a great show and cast but not enough….pop-appeal.

  5. Paul says

    I wondered what happend to this wonderful little program and am dissapointed to see it was cancelled. I really enjoyed the quirky story lines. Hopefully, it will soon be available on DVD.

  6. Coop says

    im sooo pissed i loved all the previous episodes and i wanna know wat happens to everybodys individual story
    and y would they put it on iTunes if it was canceled with the cliffhanger on the season finale just made me even more mad bout the cancelation
    i really like this show it was cute and different PLZ ABC PUT IT BACK ON AIR!

  7. Ellen says

    We were heartbroken to see three monns was not returning.This was one of the few shows all three generations of our family could watch together.ABC blew it in advertising most of those we spoke to never knew it was on. Those we told last summer loved it when they found it. Please bring it back.Should have had it on reg ABC for the summer maybe on Sunday nights. The only trouble was noone knew it was outthere.

  8. Linda says

    I have been looking on the internet to find out when three moons over milford was returning. My husband, daughter and I just loved it and looked forward to new episodes and to spend hours on the internet and not find any information until finally today. I just couldn’t believe that this smart entertaining show has not been renewed for the 2007 season. I would think abc family would have given a new family show a chance. I wish they would reconsider bringing it back.

  9. Debbie says

    Please bring it back! It was such an original and funny show. At lease give us a finale to tie up the loose ends!

  10. MargaretJ says

    I too was looking to see when 3moons was coming back and was dissapointed that it isn’t. I look forward to the summer months now so I can see some of the quirkier, maybe short-run, series like this and some others.

    Every once in a while the networks just need to put on something that is smart and new and let the audience find it.

  11. Bob says

    Three Moons over Milford was the one bright spot in the dismal summer TV season last year. It would be wonderful if it could return.

  12. Vicki says

    I can not believe you got rid of 3 Moons over Milford but kept Kyle XYZ. That show was great and it was something different than the normal violence and sex.

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