Three Rivers: Poor Premiere Ratings; Cancel It or Keep It?

Three RiversMany Moonlight fans are still upset over the cancellation of CBS’ Friday night vampire series. CBS is counting on viewers wanting more of the show’s star, Alex O’Loughlin, and put him front and center in the new medical series, Three Rivers. So, will O’Loughlin’s physician outlive his vampire character?

Three Rivers revolves around a team of elite surgeons who work in the high-pressure and emotional world of organ transplants. The leader is Dr. Andy Yablonski, (O’Loughlin) a workaholic with a quick wit.

His co-workers include rebellious Dr. Miranda Foster (Katherine Moennig), womanizing Dr. David Lee (Daniel Henney), inexperience coordinator Ryan Abbott (Christopher Hanke), dedicated head of surgery Dr. Sophia Jordan (Alfre Woodard), and Pam Acosta (Justina Machado), Andy’s best friend.

TV show supportMany have suspected that the drama was in trouble even before it got out of the starting gate. Amid some negative early reviews, CBS decided to bump the pilot episode and air the second installment instead. The second episode, which is set to air next week, is called “Ryan’s First Day” and might be a little confusing since returning viewers have already seen Ryan working at his job.

Should Three Rivers be cancelled?

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Based on the early ratings, that may be the least of CBS’ worries. Three Rivers debuted last night with a disappointing 9.17 million viewers and a 2.0/5 rating/share among adults 18-49. It ranked in a distant third place in total viewership and a distant fourth place in the all important demographic.

Three Rivers retained a little more than 70% of its lead-in audience and, in the same timeslot last year, Cold Case brought in almost two million more viewers.

Based on typical ratings trends, even fewer people can be expected to return next week. If you look at it that way, Three Rivers’ life expectancy doesn’t look very good.

Is Three Rivers worth saving or should CBS do a mercy killing and cancel it now? What do you think?

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  1. crysmack says

    I can not believe they would even think about canceling Three Rivers. This show is outstanding and was so intense, it had me crying at moments. Many people out there are not aware of what an organ donor even is, and this show sheds light into how grateful organ donors and their families are; for getting a new chance in life. I think the show only got low ratings(which I find hard to believe) because the network did poor advertising on the show. They didnt try to grab the audience. No one even knew about the show, what kind of networking is that? KEEP IT, or they are just plain dumb.

  2. WendyLou66 says

    CBS should NOT have cancelled Flashpoint, The Unit, Without A Trace, or Three Rivers. It is not fair to base ratings on shows that begin during football season because they really are not being aired in their time slot due to games running over etc. I know that I not only watch them but I DVR episodes too and that makes it difficult when the show is 45 minutes late. If they would have all of them viewable by web episode or ON Demand, like Criminal Minds is another one that you can’t watch if you miss part of it. BRING THE GOOD SHOWS BACK and put them in the correct time slot. If I worked at CBS I would have the shows The Price is Right primetime on Sundays because it doesn’t matter if you miss part of it or not….it is really just filler TV!

  3. says

    I don’t watch much TV, but this is a show I never missed and when I did, thank god for tbo. We now will never know if Koul ever gets a heart and the episode with Mandy Patinkin was heart grabbing. This shows people what rights they might have when it comes their time instead of suffering until they die and can’t help others. I don’t know whose idea it was to cancle this show, but they were crazy ! I don’t think you gave the show a chance, I forgot it had started and had to find the episode I missed and NEVER missed another. I think you should reconsider your decision and bring the show back next season. I really miss it

  4. says

    DO NOT cancel Three Rivers! Not only is it full of great actors it is a really
    great show, that is informative and entertaining. A better time slot would be a good move. This show deserves another chance. So many shows are being canceled without listening to the viewers its ridiculous! Keep Three Rivers!

  5. says

    Please bring back Three Rivers, it is a great show. I also agree with the others about CBS being so short sighted in the past, like cancelling Moonlight, Flashpoint, Without a Trace which by the way was GREAT!!!! and those are the STUPID decisions that CBS makes.

  6. gigi says

    I loved the show; the episode with Mandy Patinkin was absolutely astonishing; I haven’t been moved by a show since ER’s “Love’s Labor Lost” and this show won an Emmy; CBS is very short sighted and didn’t give this show the chance it deserved; I guess I’ll watch “Mercy” on NBC

  7. Marilyn says

    My family & friends loved the show & are dissappointed that it has been cancelled.
    I feel the ratings would improve if aired @ another time. PLEASE BRING BACK”THREE

  8. Sandi Garcia says

    Please bring Three River’s back, it was a good wholesome show with sensitivity & something that people should know more about! I watched every show & looked forward to watching it every week. It’s something a little different not all sex & violence,but like I said & others said before something that more people should know more about! Plus alot of good actors & actresses.

  9. Dina Sherwood says

    I agree. Bring Three Rivers back. My mother and I really loved the show Three Rivers and like other people Please Bring It Back. Pople need to know about Organ Transplant because it could save a life of someone you know or don’t know.

    Chaingang Soldier

  10. Annette says

    I watched every single episode and was very touched and moved. This show SHOULD STAY ON THE AIR…the more it is on, more peopel will learn of it and watch> PLEASE KEEP THREE RIVERS ON!!! thx

  11. says

    Moonlight was ALL THAT!!! , BUT with that knowledge of popularity and fans of the show, that’s what they should bring back. This show is very entertaining. ALEX should be on Greys Anatomy, he would bring talent+class and could have the nickname McEyeCandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Darlene Bryant says

    Please bring the show back, I loved it, when a show is so moving that it brings tears to your eyes, then it is a moving and good show. I think the ratings were low because of when it was aired not because it was a bad show. CBS always has a way of getting rid of the shows that mean something. We need more shows that show a sensitive side and giving side to humans instead of sexual or violent.

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