Three Rivers: Alex O’Loughlin Series Cancelled at Home

Three RiversCBS’ Sunday night medical drama, Three Rivers, is destined to be cancelled here in the US but at least the show is still on the air.

The network hasn’t announced any plans to pull the Alex O’Loughlin series yet, perhaps in part due to the actor’s active fanbase from his days on Moonlight. Apparently people from the actor’s home land of Australia aren’t as sentimental. Three Rivers has already been cancelled there.

Three Rivers was pulled from the schedule of Australia’s TEN network after just one airing.

TV show supportThe premiere ran on a Wednesday night and attracted fewer than 500,000 viewers, putting it in fourth place for the timeslot. The show was replaced on the schedule by an NCIS repeat the following week.

TEN has yet to indicate any interest in returning Three Rivers to the schedule.

What do you think? Why isn’t this show working? Bad storylines, poor acting, a flawed premise, or something else?

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  1. Kiel says

    i’m pissed… sure i’m a bit late in finding out, but come on, this was a great tv show, no matter how late i come in, i still need to say this. It needs to be brought back. Not only was it inspiring to become an organ donor, but it wasn’t too serious either. It wasn’t like a dry show which would make me lose my interest. There was humor that i love in these… especially by Katherine Moennig… she’s an amazing actress! there was no point in cancelling this show, it pisses me off. CBS needs to get their act together, otherwise it’s just going to start losing more and more… bring back 3 rivers, it’s worth it. If they can’t see that, then they’re a bunch of pig-headed idiots without knowledge as to what we, as their viewers, want to see. bring back 3 rivers, then i might consider watching CBS again, otherwise, congratulations, you’ve got another hater.

  2. Grunt Wife says

    CBS/CW Need to bring Moonlight back! I will watch Alex in whatever he is in! I think he is an amazing actor. But I would probably not watch Moonlight if they recast him. He and his chemistry is what made me and my teenagers love the show.

  3. JuPiterCyn says

    Ya not really sure why three rivers was cancelled..Big…HUGE mistake..My family and friends all looked forward to sunday evenings just for that reason… Maybe there wasn’t enough people that knew about it and what a great show it is…let’s all make sure we fight to get it back on….

  4. normajean jamison says

    yes shame on you for cancelling three rivers. first they cancel moonlight and now this show. alex is a fantastic actor. the show has great content and i love it. pleaseeeee
    dont cancel.

  5. Cindy says

    CBS needs to get their act together. This is a very good show. It would be nice if a different network could pick it up since CBS can’t get it together!

  6. Heidi says

    I am so pissed I want to know what the hell happens I mean the TV networks are giving this great “Don’t miss the next Medical Drama” ( ER Shot) Then you see a HUNK of a man. So your hooked. Though I liked the Donor guy…Alex your eye candy to. But I mean you start this story for all of america to see then you cut everyone that LIKED IT OFF. I have a DVR. I watched your show after my kids were asleep. But I have to say SUNDAYS are a BAD time to ever have a NEW SHOW. 1 if there is a GAME of any type and it has extended time then the show starts late. so the DVR would only record the last 20 mins and you miss the first part. Now Sundays the TV does not belong to people that would be interested in shows like this because there’s a GAME ON and the DVR is recording the show for the other person. Now you have the STUPID AMAZING RACE on and that cut into my recording of 3 rivers. I could never watch something that was most of the time LISTED BUT NEVER THE RIGHT THING ON. I have VOWED because of Jericho and Now Three Rivers I will NEVER watch another NEW SHOW ON CBS AGAIN……….NUTS CBS I HATE YOUR NETWORK. STOP BEING SO ******* GREEDY! Maybe if you would CUT A FEW BONUS then you would not be so worried about the damn ratings…

  7. Gwen Wheeler says

    Please don’t cancel this show. It was a GREAT show but I think what the biggest problem was the fact that it came on at a bad time with football running late, then the amazing race. I loved this show, it always had a good message, and i believe it would help encourage others to consider being an organ Donor

  8. Lori says

    CBS is really getting on my nerves, why are the cancelling such great shows. I may quit watching anything new on CBS again!!!!

  9. Marilyn says

    CBS made a huge mistake in cancelling Moonlight! That was really , really STUPID!
    Alex O Loughlin to be a very talented Actor, the Chemistry with Alex and His co-star’s on Moonlight was HUGE.
    I watched Three River’s form day-one, again I’m sorry to hear , Alex will no longer be seen.
    But at least we can ALL see Moonlight, on the SCI-FY Channel’s, or if Your like Me, You have the whole series on DVD!! Maybe CBS should start listening to the viewer’s, at least the one’s , that have left CBS!

    • Karen says

      I have commented before, but this time want to direct my comments to the CBS Execs. Do they even read our comments at all? If they did, they would see that having only tried Three Rivers on Sundays was a complete mistake. They did not even give it another chance on another night. They would understand that trying any t.v. show at all on Sundays only is a huge mistake. Football and other sports games always interfere with good regular programming. I am appalled that the execs did not give it a chance on another night and cancelled it right off the bat. I am surprised that Cold Case has been on as long as it has on Sunday nights, but I surely think Three Rivers deserves a chance on another night. Though I do like Trauma (I love anything medical), I think Three Rivers has a more poignant message to the t.v. viewers, and should definitely be given another chance. Hey execs., I look forward for a reply from you.
      Karen Waters

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