Three Rivers: Alex O’Loughlin Series Cancelled at Home

Three RiversCBS’ Sunday night medical drama, Three Rivers, is destined to be cancelled here in the US but at least the show is still on the air.

The network hasn’t announced any plans to pull the Alex O’Loughlin series yet, perhaps in part due to the actor’s active fanbase from his days on Moonlight. Apparently people from the actor’s home land of Australia aren’t as sentimental. Three Rivers has already been cancelled there.

Three Rivers was pulled from the schedule of Australia’s TEN network after just one airing.

TV show supportThe premiere ran on a Wednesday night and attracted fewer than 500,000 viewers, putting it in fourth place for the timeslot. The show was replaced on the schedule by an NCIS repeat the following week.

TEN has yet to indicate any interest in returning Three Rivers to the schedule.

What do you think? Why isn’t this show working? Bad storylines, poor acting, a flawed premise, or something else?

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  1. jenny falana says

    Moonlight should come back. And I agree with one of the writers, that now in this craze for Vampire shows, Moonlight would be a hit, that wasn’t given a chance before. These new vampire actors are not that believable to me. Alex was the BEST… and I am a lover of Vampire movies since my childhood. Network TV execs need to listen to the public, and put Moonlight back on TV, or make a Movie. Please!

  2. Gladys Quintal says

    I totally agree with Elise – so do a lot of other Alex fans. I don’t know how Alex would feel about revisiting his role as Mick St John but his fans would go wild! They just need to give us a few more episodes or a movie at least (tho a second season would be awesome!) to answer all the questions they left in the first season. I saw an interview with Alex saying he couldn’t say too much about Mick’s character coz they were visiting his musician side and more about his past in the 2nd season – but we didn’t get a 2nd season:( Plus to cancel it now when the Twilight craze is happening?? It would be the perfect time to make a movie I think:)

  3. Elise says

    I honestly feel that Moonlight needs to be revitalized. It was an amazing show…personally the best vampire series that I’ve ever come across. It had the perfect blend of reality mixed with myth and was wonderfully written. It needs to come back!!! I miss you Alex O’Loughlin!!!

  4. Kat says

    This show never had a chance. It’s on immediately after football is over. If a game runs over the show gets pushed back and back and back. I tried to DVR the show and ended up with half-shows every time. Just no way to really enjoy it. I wish they had picked a different night for. It would have had a chance then.

  5. TW says

    Three Rivers, another show that isn’t getting any chance. I liked the show a lot. Ofcourse it isn’t ER…duh! It’s not supposed to be another ER. it’s supposed to be an entire new show.
    I hate it when people compare medical drama’s with other medical drama’s. Each show has it’s own personality and should be appreciated as such. There will always be lovers and haters and that’s everybody’s good right, but pulling a show after it hasn’t even been aired for a full season is just ridiculous.
    I loved the actors, each one of them are very experienced and great actors.
    And yes, I loved the episode with the guy with ALS. I think it was the best episode yet and I’m sure we would have had more great eps like that.

  6. Harry Catlin says

    “3 Rivers” , the best new show on TV being canceled ? Who is getting “paid off” for this ? Wake up, CBS. This show is great !!

  7. Barbara Flores says

    I am very upset that Three Rivers was cancelled. It took awhile to get use to it, seeing it replaced my favorite CBS show Cold Case. I am so tired of Desperate Housewives and Football so it was great to have 2 great shows after Amazing Race. The only good thing is the Cold Case is back on at 9:00 pm, please put Three Rivers on in January and give a another chance…..

  8. Ann Koral says

    Of course, cancel a great show again. Alex O’Loughlin is fantastic as a transplant surgeon. And Sunday nights after 60 minutes and Amazing Race and Footb***. Yeah, it might be on by 10pm. If it’s lucky!! Give it another chance. And another suggestion for *** the networks!! Stop with splitting the f*** and spring seasons, it doesn’t work!! By the time we get to January and sometimes May, it’s *** over for most of the plots. Who cares by then. Just put on 22 weeks of TV like you used to and get over it.

  9. Terry says

    I loved Moonlight and was shocked when CBS cancelled the the show. What a bright move that was, I swore off watching CBS after that,Then they put Alex O” Loughlin back on in Three River’s. I tried, I really tried to like the show, but in all honested, you guys are not ER. I just couldn’t keep watching them same thing over and over again. I found the show slow and boring. (On the other hand my husband loved the show) LOL, go figure. IAM HOPING FOR ALEX O” LOUGHLIN TO START MAKING MOVIES. (umm he is the next brad pitt lol )

  10. Travelguy1 says

    I gotta say, I’ve been searching on the PVR to find out why it was not on and now only to hear this. I always do enjoy medical dramas , I have been totally hooked on Three Rivers. Great cast, some amazing story lines especially the man (Victor) dying from ALS and wanted to be taken off life support. I’ll certainly miss it!

  11. Tina says

    I wish they would bring back Moonlight so much – it was never given a proper chance with the writers strike and all. Besides, Mick (Alex) was the hottest vampire EVER and Jason Dohring was such an incredible actor! I do so miss that show – but am watching the reruns on Chiller even though I’ve seem them countless times already. Three Rivers is okay, but I only watch it because Alex O’Loughlin is in it. I truly don’t think the show itself is that good.

    • Michelle Williams says

      I’m right with you on Moonlight. I miss that show too. I LOVE Alex O’Loughlin. I didn’t know it came on another channel. I’ll have to check that. I need to buy the DVD’s of that show too. When I heard he was going to be in another show, I was all geared up to watch and now I am really disappointed that the network wants to cancel it. Give it a chance…But who am I?!!!

  12. Misty says

    I love Three Rivers!! Please DO NOT cancel this show. Move it to another evening if the ratings are that bad on Sunday night. It’s a very touching show.

  13. Gladys Quintal says

    I am really annoyed because Australia didn’t even give it a chance! You think they would support their own actors a bit more. I’m hoping one of the new channels picks it up soon so I can watch it:(

  14. Jamie says

    It’s just feels old, seen it before don’t need it again. The cable channels are coming up with innovation and great acting. Network TV feels as if it belongs in the old folks home. They had an original in Moonlight and shafted it before the True Blood and Twilight crazes. Not bright.

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