Three Rivers: CBS Officially Cancels Alex O’Loughlin Series, No Season Two

Three RiversLast month, CBS pulled Three Rivers from the Sunday night schedule. Though the network would only say that the show was going on hiatus, most suspected that it had indeed been cancelled. We now know for sure.

Three Rivers follows a group of medical personnel in Pittsburgh who work in the fast-paced and emotionally-charged world of organ transplants. The series stars Alex O’Loughlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado, Christopher Hanke, Amber Clayton, and Alfre Woodard.

The series got off to a slow start in the ratings and viewership got worse as the weeks wore on. The writing was on the wall when CBS decided against ordering any additional episodes beyond the initial 13.

In early December, Three Rivers was pulled from the schedule but the network has declined to call it a cancellation — until now.

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At the current Television Critics Association’s press tour, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirmed to attendees that the show is indeed over. She said, “You know what, yes. We’ve all known each other long enough to know, when something is on hiatus it’s code for something else.”

Though the ratings weren’t very good, Tassler feels positively about the impact that the series has had. She said, “The reality is, it’s not too often that you get mail that lets you know as a network that eight lives were saved as a result of the organ donation that people become aware of because of that show.”

TV show supportTassler continued, “And every show takes its time in finding its legs — some shows take longer than others- – but I think at the end of the day knowing that the fact that that show was on the air and had that kind of impact is pretty extraordinary.”

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet as to when or if the five unaired episodes of Three Rivers will be shown.

What do you think? Will CBS run the unaired episodes or will we have to wait until the series is (hopefully someday) released on DVD?

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  1. Joanne says

    Came home tonight from work and all that is on t.v. is crap.
    Bring back the good shows
    Three River’s
    What’s wrong with you CBS?

  2. Jay and Connie Hildreth says

    Well you did not ask us about this show before pulling it off. We really enjoyed it and would have been faithful watchers.

  3. sheila says

    Three Rivers was one of my favorite shows, darn those who took it off the air. Just look at how many Law and Orders, and CSI’s they have I don’t know why they couldn’t keep it on. They cancelled ER so if they just put it on opposite something that people are tired of looking at it would probably do better in the ratings. Since the character of Grissom left I no longer watch CSI Las Vegas and I getting sick of NCIS, it’s just that Three Rivers was different becasue it delt with people waiting for transplants and how could resist Alex O’ Laughlin (loved him in Moonlight) Well maybe in the summer they will bring it back in a better time slot.

  4. Rebecca says

    I totally agree, I really liked this show. It was a good dose of something that no one else has done. Instead of just moving the same show to a different city, (CSI Miami, CSI New York, NCIS Los Angeles) we actually got something that no one tried before. I really liked the episode that was about the football team crashing. I thought it was a great show and couldn’t wait to watch the next week. I hope they bring it back or at least air the last episodes so I can record them and keep them.

  5. Joanne says

    I agree with everyone. Why did you cancel this great show. It gave a light on organ transplant’s and how important this is. I am a doner.
    You keep stupid t.v. reality shows on which we have way to many and take off great one’s.

  6. Janelle Niedermeier says

    What a bunch of idiots you guys are. I totally agree with the above comment. Huge fan of NCIS, NCIS LA, Ghost Whisper, and, Medium. An awsome show like this with a great cast deserved better. You could have changed the day time, whatever. At least finish it up and please release it on DVD, I will own it if it does.

  7. Linda says

    I also enjoyed Three Rivers very much. I liked the show, the actors & Alex O’Loughlin. I enjoyed Moonlighting too. I hate reality shows, but love comedy, scifi & adventure. I watch CBS shows 90% of the time (NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI [original, but not spin offs], Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Mentalist). When I would miss Three Rivers I would logon to the internet as soon as I could to see it. If you must cancel the show, please air the rest of the episodes & wrap up all the ends. Then find Alex a new show to do.

  8. Kristin says

    That is too bad they have cancelled Three Rivers. It didn’t really get a fair chance. Everytime I set Three Rivers up to record, The Amazing Race ran overtime and then Three Rivers always started late so my recording got all messed up and I ended up missing most of the show. People might have turned it on to watch Three Rivers but saw The Amazing Race was on and turned it off. I thought it was a great show.

  9. Amy says

    I can’t believe that Three Rivers has been canceled. All that is on TV now is reality shows, stupid comedy shows, violent shows, and people talking to the dead. Why cancel a good show and run reruns of CSI shows? The rateings are going to low when football is on. I think you should try another night.

  10. Barbara says

    Well, it took me a long time, but I finally just found out that Three Rivers is indeed canceled. I simply cannot believe it. I am so sick of stupid, laugh-track sitcoms, violent one size fits all cop shows, mob and gangs shoot-um-up stuff. Here was a well cast really interesting, emotionally charged show-something different and deep that we were just getting into….and it’s gone…..just like THAT! How short sighted can you be?

  11. carol says

    Three Rivers was an awesome show…the Mandy Patikin episode was the greatest. Please don’t cancel it. Maybe try another night.

  12. Michelle says

    This is why I don’t watch CBS that much. Shows get cancelled too soon. I quit Desperate Housewives to watch Three Rivers, a show with substance. Way to go CBS.

  13. Teresa says

    Are you kidding me? Why do they always cancel the good medical shows? As a health care professional I enjoy these types of shows. Half of the so called comedy shows are so stupid that there is nothing on TV to watch. Please don’t cancel Three Rivers and for god sake please air the remaining shows. Its bad enough I have to wait till March to see the rest of Fast Forward.

  14. nancy says

    I also forgot to tell you that i am not very happy with cbs because i think and i am not the only one to think like that the 2 show were good because it was new insted of the other one who are only show about cops case like we don’t have enough show like that on tv so i dont know who take the decision on cbs to canceles a show or keep it but that person does not know her job and people who watch tv very well thankx again miss Nina Tassler hope you have a great life but not keeping your job for to long again because you are going to put cbs on bankcrupt verry soon if you don’t stop cancelling show like this

  15. nancy says

    i think that is wrong to decide to canceled the show three rivers like it was for moonlight because it’s been 2 time that cbs cancelled a show wich was very good in my point of view but i think i am not the only person who think that because it’s not good to decide ti put a show like these two on the air and decide to canceled it just like that without having any point of view by the people who like it and i am one of them thank you very much

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