Three Rivers: CBS Officially Cancels Alex O’Loughlin Series, No Season Two

Three RiversLast month, CBS pulled Three Rivers from the Sunday night schedule. Though the network would only say that the show was going on hiatus, most suspected that it had indeed been cancelled. We now know for sure.

Three Rivers follows a group of medical personnel in Pittsburgh who work in the fast-paced and emotionally-charged world of organ transplants. The series stars Alex O’Loughlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado, Christopher Hanke, Amber Clayton, and Alfre Woodard.

The series got off to a slow start in the ratings and viewership got worse as the weeks wore on. The writing was on the wall when CBS decided against ordering any additional episodes beyond the initial 13.

In early December, Three Rivers was pulled from the schedule but the network has declined to call it a cancellation — until now.

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At the current Television Critics Association’s press tour, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirmed to attendees that the show is indeed over. She said, “You know what, yes. We’ve all known each other long enough to know, when something is on hiatus it’s code for something else.”

Though the ratings weren’t very good, Tassler feels positively about the impact that the series has had. She said, “The reality is, it’s not too often that you get mail that lets you know as a network that eight lives were saved as a result of the organ donation that people become aware of because of that show.”

TV show supportTassler continued, “And every show takes its time in finding its legs — some shows take longer than others- – but I think at the end of the day knowing that the fact that that show was on the air and had that kind of impact is pretty extraordinary.”

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet as to when or if the five unaired episodes of Three Rivers will be shown.

What do you think? Will CBS run the unaired episodes or will we have to wait until the series is (hopefully someday) released on DVD?

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  1. Irene says

    I sooooo want Three Rivers back!! I saw the 13 episodes in 2 days! come on! It is just sooo interesting and good! I want the second season please!!! I love Three Rivers!

  2. Holly says

    I love the season three rivers i wish they would air the rest of the season and continue the season 2 . I hate when tv producers think they know exactly what people like or hate because its in are best interest. I would do anything for the show to air again!!!!!!!

  3. Beverly Curtis says

    I just watched the first 13 episodes, and you were so wrong to take this show off the air,i work inthe surgical medical proffession and this show was right on the money, for showing the work, and the dedication as well as the compassion that these people have, people who do not do it ,will never understand this side of it, what a disappointment that CBS would rather have stupid, uninteresting reality shows such as the bachlor,people would rather look at disfuntional then face a show thats real , emotional and showed alot of heart!maybe a good station like lifetime will pic it up!

  4. Theresa says

    These production companies have a weird way decide whether to cancel or promote shows. Three Rivers is a great show and so was Moonlight, but they all got cancelled.
    I would love to see us the decision makers of which production companies to stay in business, CBS would be the first one to go, being so a poor judge.

  5. Karen says

    I love three rivers it has inspired me to become and organ donor I know that sound weird but it’s the truth I never knew that if I was in a tragic accident that I would not return from that I could save eight lives for me it’s like another life for me and the person that would get the organs it has also made me take a step into a medical field and I would have never knew his it would be like or even consider if it wasn’t for this show I hope that they bring it back because who know it could change someone perspective in life like me.

  6. Virginia says

    It would indeed be desirable that “Three Rivers” return. Stories were interesting, educational, and entertaining. Give it a good slot and you’ll be amazed at the phenomenal interest.

  7. Suzie says

    Three Rivers is a wonderful show that should have never been cancelled. When I found out about this I immediately broke down and started to cry, I hate to admit. It’s my ultimate favorite show and should be aired again. Three Rivers is reality. People die and people live based on their body and how it functions. It’s a great show that should continue.

  8. says

    I wish you would reconsider putting three rivers back on, I thought it was right up there with the top 5 g greatest shows! I was very disapointed to hear this news. I think it is an excellent show, and I will miss it. I don’t understand what happened. I don’t think it really had a chance. I hope you don’t burn the rest of the (not seen episodes) take them off the shelf and put them back on tv….Please.

  9. Shanaz Mohammed says

    This show was excellent. I loved it. It needed time, they didn’t give it enough time to gain a large following. The actors were great, the stories were great. Come on! Give it a fighting chance….please????

  10. Chuck says

    I’m disapointed that Three Rivers is canceled. Seven years ago I received a Double Lung transplant. The show was all about what donations of organs could mean to someone that needs then. Please Change your mind about the show.

  11. Juanita says

    I really enjoy Three Rivers. I’m sad because it was taken off the air! I enjoy the the cast and I have learned a lot about organ donors and transplants.

  12. tnasetl says

    I was so disappointed when Three Rivers was canceled. That was one show that the whole family could sit down and watch and learn from. I, myself decided to become an organ donor because of the show. I use to think that there was no way that someone was going to cut my body open when I die and take my 0rgans but since I watched the show, I see what good it can do. It can save other people’s lives. I really would love to see Three Rivers return to CBS.

  13. btnczy says

    I’m not happy that they canceled this show. It was really good and well acted, but CBS seems to not be able to recognize good stuff when they have it.

  14. Lori Oldham says

    I am so saddened by the news of the cancellation of this wonderful program. It should not have been cancelled as it was full of real-life and compassion; the actors all passionate about their work. What it wrong with CBS? The cancellation of The Unit was also so disappointing to me and my family; such a raw story which depicts deaily lives our Armed Forces have to endure to keep our country free. What about Flashpoint? Another cancellatuion! What is going on with you-all? I have almost given up on CBS if it were not for The Mentalist and NCIS: L.A. and Old Christine. What about Shark? Man, I find more pleasure and at least some continuity in Cable News, I often leave my channel on CNN or MSNBC just becuase “the big guys and gals” are making me and a lot of other viewers miserable with their choices…How about giving these most worthy shows another try when other seasonal favorites on other stations are airing? You are dooming them before they even get the chance to show off the integrity of the show and their actors respectively….Help!

  15. says

    I truly miss Three Rivers. I agree with all the others that the show was great and should’nt have been canceled. You put it against Desparate Housewifes which had a loyal following already-I left that show too enjoy TR and Alex.Please-PLEASE give it another chance on a different time slot!

    • Shelle Rod says

      I agree with you the show was great. I truly enjoy watching Alex. But, if your a fan of Alex he is going to be staring in the remake of Hawaii Five O this fall on CBS. I know I’ll be watching.

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