Three Rivers: CBS Pulls Alex O’Loughlin Medical Drama; Cancelled?

Three RiversTo little surprise, CBS has pulled Three Rivers from the Sunday night schedule, effective immediately. Will the show be back? Has it been cancelled?

Three Rivers follows a group of dedicated doctors and medical staffers who help those in need of organ transplants. The series stars Alex O’Loughlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado, Christopher Hanke, Amber Clayton, and Alfre Woodard.

The medical drama got off to a slow start in the ratings back in early October. Unfortunately, the numbers only got worse as the weeks wore on and it became a likely candidate for early cancellation.

To CBS’ credit, the network has been patient with the series and has kept it on the air. Two weeks ago, the network tried switching timeslots with Cold Case. While the veteran crime drama benefited from the time change and attracted more viewers, Three Rivers did not.

Three Rivers has now been pulled from the Sunday night schedule. As expected, Cold Case will slip into the earlier timeslot and repeats of various crime dramas will take over at 10pm.

A CBS spokesperson has said that Three Rivers’ fate has not yet been decided but the network has not ordered any additional installments beyond the initial 13 episodes.

TV show supportEight episodes of the drama have been aired, leaving five on the shelf. CBS will likely burn them off either on Saturdays or during the summer months but, unless the execs have a major change of heart, Three Rivers is essentially cancelled.

What do you think? What went wrong with Three Rivers? Is Sunday night football to blame for the show’s failure to attract more viewers or was the show flawed?

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  1. Pam says

    I absolutely love this show. There’s never been anything like it on TV before…sure we’ve had plenty of medical dramas to go around but none that centered around organ donations and all the emotions/logistics involved with it. Please reconsider axing this show.

  2. says

    as i wrote yesterday july 2, 2010, COLD CASE has to stay,it is the show i tape from all sources and when i go on holidays it is the one show that has preference above any other considerations—i don’t care if you change the day, the time, the affiliated channels, BUT just play it, pleaaaaaaaaaaase—my friends and family are hooked for the unique ways the show has of travelling in time, i just love it to see a character talking “old” and being “young” in the same breath—also the older the murders, the better we can appreciate the Times of years long gone—-i could go on and on, but i think the big boss No.1 got the message—-my greatest respects for all involved, but especially to the genius brain of Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer, who is everywhere at once, cited in “Inside the Actor’s Studio” by Mr.Lapaglia ( Without a trace)—hopefully yours,
    Gislaine Brévart —this 3rd of July 2010, from Québec, Canada

  3. Belinda says

    Sorry Karen, but as a patient on the UNOS transplant list, I can tell you that YES, these doctors ARE that concerned about their patients. Not only the doctors, but the whole transplant team are dedicated professionals who truly DO care. My transplant team feels like family to me and treat me as if I were part of their own families. I think if CBS wants to live up to their new slogan (CBS CARES), then they will keep this potentially life-saving show on the air instead of replacing it with more of the same old, mindless garbage that they seem to love so much.

  4. karen says

    O’loughlin made a better vampire than a doctor. Three Rivers has good stories but no doctor is that concerned about his patients. Alex O’Loughlin will probably not make as a good cop on Hawaii Five- O either. He is just to cute

  5. karin says

    As a mom of a living donor, a wife of a soon to be reciepiant and a transplant reciapiant, i feel i have a good understanding of transplants. 3 rivers is a disgrace. All copies burned an their med advisor dr. Pepper fired. It is a insult to any transplant team/dr/donor or reciepiant. There was no truth or reality to their shows. Shame on them, they could of done so, so, so much better. Keep stupidity off of tv!

  6. Tiffany says

    I love three rivers. I have a best friend who is 35 years old in the process of getting placed on the heart transplant list and my father needs a transplant as well but because of other issues can not . This show is so close to what actually happens in the lives of so many people daily. A wonderful true to life show that is not a soap opera or a reality show but filled with actual true life events. I can not express enough how much my family and I enjoy watching Three Rivers. I too belive this show needs more publicity and a better time slot. This show has potential to be one of the best running shows on television. Give it a chance DO NOT CANCEL THREE RIVERS!!!

  7. Joan says

    All I can say is that I’m glad I left Three Rivers in my DVR because it has picked up these last couple of shows. This is the best show on TV in my opinion. Please bring it back! It is so good. Also I found a song I hadn’t heard before, Kathleen by David Gray from the last episode. Great writing, great characters, humor when needed, seriousness when needed, good music… what more could you ask for? Please bring it back.

  8. meriley says

    I too am disappointed, Love this show. I am finding
    that the networks don’t give these new shows a chance,
    they cancel them so quickly. I am so enjoying the cable
    channels much better these days. I also agree that there
    are just too many reality shows out there and they are
    just so stupid and unintelligent…..

  9. carol says

    I am so upset that they have cancelled this show beyond the next 3 episodes. I know that Alex O’loughlin is on a new show now but honestly when will they stop with all the reality garbage and keep shows on that really are about meaningful topics. I think it is a well thought out show and it has kept my attention from the very first show. like the others I really do hope CBS will reconsider and keep it on. Hopefully Mr. O’loughlin is talented enough to keep up with two shows :)

  10. Elaine says

    I am very disappointed that this has been canceled I do hope that CBS will re-think their decision. I watched it all last year. There are many other shows that could be canceled, we can always learn from this show.. Please put it back on the air…Thanks.

  11. Laura says

    As Alex O’Loughlin is starring in the new Hawaii Five-O remake, I’m sure Three Rivers is done. This is disappointing to me, I enjoyed the show and was impressed how they actually followed the science and accurately depicted UNOS and the organ network.

    Maybe that’s why it didn’t do so well – it was too intelligent.

  12. Rhonda Enright says

    I am totally upset that Three Rivers has been cancelled. I don’t think it got enough advertisement. I didn’t see anything about it either, I accidently saw that it was back on when channel surfing. I thought it was a great show. I think a different time slot would also be nice. I agree with the post above, everytime there is a really good show it gets cancelled for garbage.
    I will definitely be watching the rest of the shows, but I am hoping it resurfaces in the fall. Just please let everyone know!

  13. JanT says

    I loved this show! I was terribly upset when Moonlight was canceled, too, because I love Alex O’Loughlin. Every time a really good series starts, they cancel it & usually end up putting some “Reality TV” garbage on. When will the madness stop? Who decides that a show gets canceled, anyway? Everybody I know loved Three Rivers!

  14. christie says

    Having become a kidney recipient myself last year (i got it from my husband!) i watched three rivers for the first time tonight…not knowing what to expect from this show i was pleasantly surprised by it. The public needs to know that this a life giving procedure….i was especially glad to see that the “daisy chain” was touched on…that this is possible. Everyone needs to know that they too could be a life saver. Over 4000 people awaiting transplant die every year waiting for a transplant.
    Please don’t cancel this show…we need to have this information out there so another life can be saved…

  15. Karin says

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I was so excited when it came back on a few weeks back. I live this show. Try giving it some publicity. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing much publicity on it’s first go around. I found it through word of mouth. Spread the news.

    • Karyn says

      I agree. I only recently heard about Three Rivers and liked it. I never saw any kind of publicity. I was channel surfing and came across Three Rivers. I enjoyed it so much I set it up to tape each show. I didn’t know that this wasn’t the first season and was disappointed to hear this was the final season. The Network didn’t properly advertise the show (like above I don’t remember seeing any advertising)and I don’t think they gave the show enough time to catch on. Hopefully the network will reevaluate their decision and bring it back.

      Totally off the subject while looking at the different posts I noticed there are 2 others that spell their name Karin. On my birth certificate my name is spelled Karin too. I changed it from Karin to Karyn when I was in middle school to see if it helped people pronounce it correctly. Didn’t work. Anyway I pronounce my name Car-in, like Car in the garage. How do you pronounce yours? And any other Karin’s out there.
      posts from 2 different people

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