Three Rivers: CBS Pulls Alex O’Loughlin Medical Drama; Cancelled?

Three RiversTo little surprise, CBS has pulled Three Rivers from the Sunday night schedule, effective immediately. Will the show be back? Has it been cancelled?

Three Rivers follows a group of dedicated doctors and medical staffers who help those in need of organ transplants. The series stars Alex O’Loughlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado, Christopher Hanke, Amber Clayton, and Alfre Woodard.

The medical drama got off to a slow start in the ratings back in early October. Unfortunately, the numbers only got worse as the weeks wore on and it became a likely candidate for early cancellation.

To CBS’ credit, the network has been patient with the series and has kept it on the air. Two weeks ago, the network tried switching timeslots with Cold Case. While the veteran crime drama benefited from the time change and attracted more viewers, Three Rivers did not.

Three Rivers has now been pulled from the Sunday night schedule. As expected, Cold Case will slip into the earlier timeslot and repeats of various crime dramas will take over at 10pm.

A CBS spokesperson has said that Three Rivers’ fate has not yet been decided but the network has not ordered any additional installments beyond the initial 13 episodes.

TV show supportEight episodes of the drama have been aired, leaving five on the shelf. CBS will likely burn them off either on Saturdays or during the summer months but, unless the execs have a major change of heart, Three Rivers is essentially cancelled.

What do you think? What went wrong with Three Rivers? Is Sunday night football to blame for the show’s failure to attract more viewers or was the show flawed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kathy says

    My husband and I love to watch Three Rivers and Cold Case. They are both great shows.
    It stinks that they have been canceled. Please reconsider for us fans who looks forward to watching these programs each week. There are very few good shows on anymore and the stations end up taking the good shows off, leaving nothing good to watch.

  2. Nancy says

    I looked forward to Three Rivers every week and cannot believe others didn’t. I know my two daughters watched it after I told them about it. I think CBS is making a big mistake by not renewing it.

  3. Jennifer says

    I too thought this was a great show and can’t believe it too is cancelled. I will admit, I missed some episodes. That was not because I didn’t want to watch the show, it was because I found that once interested in the series, I could not pin point the next episodes date/time and would sometimes miss them.

    Maybe other people missed episodes because they too were not sure of the series show time???

    CBS: STOP CHANGING THE DAY/TIME SHOWS AIR WITH LITTLE OR NO NOTICE!!! Actually, this goes for all stations please and thank you.

  4. Sue says

    Unbelievable – another great show with Alex and it gets canceled. Are you guys crazy! This was a wonderful and inspiring show, great for families to view together. I am just shocked it’s canceled.

    Alex was also in a show called Moonlight. It was an amazing show, but aired too early (before the vampire thing had really kicked in), what a lose that was. Because it too was an amazing show.

    Let’s hope the Hawaii 5-0 gets a fair chance and doesn’t get canceled too early. You are all missing out on a fabulous actor.

  5. Mack says

    The sad truth of the matter is that too many people would rather watch tv that has no thought or depth involved in the storyline. They would rather watch the kardashians acting like idiots, proving that society is going down-hill fast, and sad has-beens trying to find “love” by drawing names out of a hat. Three rivers was intriguing, the sad thing is though, that if I hadn’t searched for other shows with Alex O’laughlin in it after I watched the 1st and only season of Moonlight, I would have never even known that the show existed. CBS refuses to properly advertise their shows so how can they expect anyone to watch?

  6. Elaine says

    I agree. It’s hard to even attempt to get hooked on a show because as soon as you do, the good ones go. I really really liked Three Rivers and felt it was inspiring and make you give more thought to donating your organs if you aren’t already. I also like Miami Medical but again, afraid to get too tied up in it as it will be pulled too. I just don’t get why they leave all these reality shows and trashy tv shows and then take away good ones. They don’t even give people a chance with it.

  7. Vic says

    Three Rivers was a good show that just needed a bit of time to come together. As a person who only watches tv shows through the internet it took a bit of time for this show to get my attention. CBS appears to enjoy sabotaging themselves. The quality of television programming is whoa-fully lacking. Three Rivers was well done and interesting without becoming over dramatic, or too soap opera. Miami Medical had it’s merits also. Canceling quality shows just encourages all of us to give up on television completely.

  8. Kathy says

    The problem with Three Rivers was the time slot. NOBODY could find when it was on. It followed football and when it ran overtime, it affected Three Rivers. We learned to also taped Cold Case so we could watch the last half of Three Rivers. There was one week, we watched it over 3 different shows and had to piece it together.

    The network NEVER gave Three Rivers a chance. I enjoyed the show. I don’t think it will come back on since Alex O’Loughlin is now on the new Hawaii Five O show.

    A show with meaning is cancelled . . . and the stupid brainless ones seem to stay on. I don’t watch much TV – shows are not designed for the intellect. They like those that make fun of and put down others. Ugh.


  9. chrissy says

    I loved Three Rivers. It is a show that I hoped would inspire people to become organ donors. I wish they would consider keeping it on air. It was a good show with true life on it.

  10. Sue Ellen Logan says

    Three rivers is a great show and is very tru to medicine and hospital life. I loved ER and it is no longer on, Three Rivers was a great replacement. CBS needs to give this show more of a chance. I am so tired of reality tv. Plkease do not take this show off

  11. Gale says

    Three Rivers seemed to take a few episodes to gel, but just as I was beginning to enjoy the cast as a ‘family’, someone decides to pull the plug, Why am I not surprised? A good show needs to be given a chance to develop a following. With all the spring/summer sports events, many people are just now looking for new shows. Shame on CBS.

  12. Carol says

    Three Rivers is a terrific show. I never saw it advertised in the fall line up. Also I am sure it probably didn’t get the audience due to Sunday night football. Also there are many people like me who does not like football, so I never turn on the TV on Sunday. I discovered the show when my friend stayed over. She was a dedicated watcher. After watching it with her I was hooked and was disappointed when it was removed. Then I saw it on On-Demand and was thrilled. I thought it had been resurected. I just can’t believe that TV keeps all the crapy reality shows on the air and cancels good TV. It seems that whenever I enjoy a show it is cancelled. I was a dedicated fan of moonlight, ghost whisperer and medium. medium has been revived and I am hoping the same happens for the others. With so few good shows on the air I am wondering why I even keep cable.

  13. says

    I believe THREE RIVERS to be a SLEEPER HIT! I believe it to be socially relevent. It puts a spotlight on the importance of organ donation. It might even encourage more people to register as organ donors. I can’t remember any other show that has the possible influence to save lives. Three Rivers has made my decision to register to as an organ donor easy. I honestly believe that it would make it without O’Loughlin, with the new addition to the cast. It would also be there for him to return to. It reminds me of ER and O’Loughlin is the new Clooney.

  14. Pat Balcom says

    I loved Three Rivers and am extremely disappointed that it has been cancelled. Also, Miami Medical was another great show that CBS has now cancelled. Too bad for CBS – not there is not much worth watching in their station.

  15. MITCHELL says

    THIS ALSO GOES FOR COLD CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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