Thursday TV Ratings: Gang Related, Black Box, Rookie Blue, Big Brother

Gang Related TV show ratings Thursday, July 17, 2014 ratingsNew episodes: Big Brother, NY Med, Black Box, Rookie Blue, Working the Engels, Welcome to Sweden, Last Comic Standing, Gang Related, and Hell’s Kitchen. Reruns: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Big Bang Theory, The Millers, and Elementary.

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  1. Mary Ann says

    Gang Related, powerful. Continue, real life situation. Don’t mind the subtitles, if it suppose to be reality dealing with the cartels, then in my opinion keep them. Last week was a shocker, did not expect the knife in the eye segment. WOW!

      • Emerie says

        Are you serious with that tired old “We speak English here?!?” And, do you mean the sub-titles? They ARE in English. I’m wondering if your spelling of the word “Spanish” with a small S was intentional, to further your point, or if it was an error in your English writing skills.

        • says

          In reply to the comment about “The tired old thing a about speaking English. when I read the TV Weekly or TV guide and the name of the show is in Spanish (Spelled right) instead of English it bothers me. I’m 78years old and for that 78 years we have always communicated in ENGLISH. If this upsets you that I like things in English, then pack up you stuff and go back to Mexico. I don’t communicate in Spanish and I don’t intend to learn..

  2. Mary Ann says

    I have been following Black Box since it started, I personally think it is a wonderful show with a great story line about an individual professional that is brilliant and can help others with the empathy that she has as someone who deals with her own real issues.

    The actress that portrays Catherine is brilliant in my opinion. I would like to see it given another season. Sometimes viewers don’t get it. Give it a chance.

    • Ted Cydaewn says

      I agree! I have absolutely loved this show from the first episode. If it ends on a terrible cliffhanger and then gets cancelled, I’m going to die!

  3. Anonymous says

    I really like this show. I would like to find out what happens now. My humble opinion, don’t cancel too soon!

  4. Amicus says

    Black Box is a badly written/dialogued show where the Creators and Writers had an idea what they wanted to do but not the skill or knowledge to do it.
    Apart from the drama there needed to have been an interesting storyline underneath, something that threads through all the various characters, something that gave them life and made viewers want to know more about them, identify with them and understand them.
    There was none of that.
    1. The boyfriend being a Chef….bad/boring writing, make him a night club owner with shady friends.
    2. The Alpha male doctor is one of the most unlikable characters, too much nonsensical testosterone happening there.
    3. Failure to more integrate the daughter, brother and sister-in-law into the movement of the drama.
    4. This show should have been far more gritty and disquieting, not this cartoonish mess.
    5. The boyfriend/fiance should have been the one to have to find her when she goes manic (should be often) and clean her up and get her prepared to go to the only place where she can be sane (among the mentally insane) work.
    Really bad writing, bad boring lines with boring predictable outcomes, also you need a more interesting mental health expert to advise.

    • Ted Cydaewn says

      I disagree. I would prefer more manic breaks, but otherwise the characters are perfect in their current places. Will being a nightclub owner would be too stressful and cliché, not to mention overused and stupid. Will always catering to Catherine after a manic episode would be unrealistic and odd, like he’s more of the dad than a love interest. Bickman started out as a jerk, but is now much more than that. Also, there is very little predictability. The only thing you can predict is that the first diagnosis is always wrong. ie the only predictable thing is that the show is unpredictable!

  5. says

    Have always liked Rookie Blue, Need to keep it for sure. Gang Related is also good, However—-We are still an English speaking country. Someday we will become the “United States of Mexico, but until then PUT THE SHOW TITLES IN ENGLISH – PLEASE.

    • Rose says

      I totally agree w/George. There are already enough spanish channels to choose from. Why put us through having to speed read (yes that stuff goes by quickly) all those subtitles? And yes, I really do like the show…. makes you wonder why anyone is still living in L.A.

  6. Anonymous says

    I think ABC deliberately changed Black Box to an earlier time slot, because it was originally not doing well. They just wanted an excuse to cancel it.

    Keep this show and change the day and time! Last night’s episode was great!

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