‘Til Death: FOX Sitcom Cancelled, No Season Five

Til DeathLaunching a new series these days can be really tough. It either hits really big, or you’re out. FOX’s ‘Til Death got more chances than most but the axe has finally swung. The network confirmed today that it was indeed cancelling the show.

‘Til Death debuted on FOX back in 2006 with veteran sitcom stars Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Joely Fisher (Ellen). They play Eddie and Joy, an “old married couple,” who have annoyingly optimistic newlywed neighbors, the Woodcocks (Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster).

Each subsequent season then seemed to change its focus. The second season brought in a new character, Kenny (J.B. Smoove), Eddie’s friend from the Big Brother program. The next season had Kenny moving in with Eddie and Joy. Season four brought their daughter (Lindsey Broad, then Kate Micucci) and her boyfriend/husband (Timm Sharp) as they moved into a trailer in Eddie and Joy’s backyard.

Truthfully, the series has never been a ratings hit, but FOX kept it because of the economy of putting it on the air. Sony Pictures TV gave the network a big break on the license fee so that the studio could keep producing episodes to build the syndication package.

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The show’s ratings have fallen so low recently that many have wondered how FOX could afford to keep it on the air, even with the deal from Sony. Garrett, with his typical deadpan delivery, told Zap2It, “The other night, we got a 0.9 … Once your mom stops watching, you’re a 0.4″ He told the network if they gave him another month, he could take it down to a zero. Not surprisingly, there was dead silence on the other end.

Garrett says the others that were involved in the show have already moved on to other projects, “After year two, when you’re getting beat by Telemundo, it’s time to go home. I mean, even the show my housekeeper watches was beating the show that was paying her salary. I’d come in the room, and she’d quickly turn off Telemundo.”

FOX has since officially confirmed that, after 80 installments, the sitcom has been cancelled. Episodes will continue to air as scheduled with the last installment running on May 9th. Because FOX has frequently used ‘Til Death as filler, 37 episodes will have aired this season by the time it’s over. Most of the installments are from this season while others are holdovers.

For Garrett, he’s not sure what’s next for him. He wouldn’t mind another series, but admits it could take him awhile to commit to one again. He says ‘Til Death was a learning experience, as the show ended up being very different than how it was originally been presented to him. He said, “What this last experience did was to make me more picky than ever.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to see that the show’s finally been cancelled? Do you think changing the focus and cast helped or hurt ‘Til Death? Which version is your favorite?

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  1. Dave says

    The show was really good when then had Sh it break(American Pie) and his wife as their neighbours. Once that formula was taken away the show was destined to be doomed and I still watched and waited for it to happen. It sucks I liked “Eddie and Joy”.

  2. deeds says

    so feeling everyone’s comments… i feel like, if the people in charge were to read (comments) “out there” (’round the net), u keep hearing people say generally how much they liked the woodocks AND were totally alienated by all the changes (losing the woodcocks, the different daughter actresses, and… kenny. i found kenny to be very crude.) …why did they keep changing things at will? people will only put up with so much of that stuff, and now this network has managed to kill another show that, for a time i really enjoyed and looked forward to.
    …and i was so happy to see brad garrett shine, though this show (being on fox, don’t know what else i expected i guess) was too raunchy for my taste …i hope brad garrett will try again, with another network (back to cbs if possible! i think cbs’ writers …except two and a half men, which really just relies on dirty jokes… produce some of the best network comedy i currently know of – the big bang theory is such a cool show, and jay mohr is so funny on gary unmarried.) on tv for many years to come! :)

  3. Adam Decker says

    I already knew this was going to happen. I mean, the show’s people pretty much knew that as well. Why else would they go crazy with a character constantly breaking the fourth wall, adding new random characters, an episode with cartoon elements? Seriously, if they knew the show was going to last, they would not have done that. Fox did screw it over by cutting it off midseason last season and airing episodes out of order. I’m still confused as to what the storyline is supposed to be and how it should have gone down. You could tell they were burning out episodes. This announcent is no surprise to me.

    From what I understand, the actors who played the Woodcocks wanted to do other things. Kenny’s character was cut at the end of the third season to make room for a different newlywed couple. The show was never really about the other characters anyways.

    If you liked Till Death at least when it first came out, you might like Rules of Engagement. It is currently on CBS at 8:30/7:30 Central on Mondays.

  4. Jeff says

    Does anyone really know why they got rid of the Woodcocks and why they kept changing daughters? I seem to remember the older daughter on My Wife and Kids changing at one point. Didn’t like that either. Anyone remember that one?

  5. Christina says

    I thought the first season was really good. Very funny. They ruined the show. I don’t know why they made the changes they did…but it didn’t work!

  6. says

    The War at home, Do not disturb, Back to you, Dark Angel, The Loop, Brothers, Drive, Happy Hour, Past Life, Justice, and a lot more witch Til Death just joined, what do these shows have in common, these are shows Fox canceled that were good shows. Some of witch were canceled after three episodes. Fox YOU SUCK!!!! American idol is way f**kin overrated as is the stupid gordon Ramsey shows. What the F**K is wrong you guys?? I mean really. Next your gonna cancel Lie to me and Sons of tucson to piss more people off come on don’t Bulls**t me. But then again, I heard theres a possibility you jerkoffs mught cancel 24. Is that true because if it is then you guys suck more than I thought. Maybe you guys should avertise your shows better or something for you not to cancel show after show. I know it’s definantly not gonna happen anytime soon but maybe you should cancel American idol because A. its overated and B. it eats up a big chunk of the schedule. Now just think about this maybe if you cancel it, other people that hate american idol will start watching Fox again. I know you guys wouldn’t dare. There’s too many loyal fans, and thats the bottom line: you give a S**T about the viewers, the actors, creators or anyone or thing else but the money PeriF**kinod!!! F**K YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    This is bullcrap!!!!! Til Death was like the best sitcom in a long while. Yet Fox canceled yet another good sitcom. But on the other hand I guess it dodged a bullet and got a 4th season. It’s like a rockstar starting to rap when you hate rap. Fox I love you and hate so much at the same time. With you giving Gordon Ramsey three F**king shows now and canceling so many good shows. Now Sons of Tucson will be offically the last sitcom I watch on Fox. Witch I’m sure they’ll just cancel that too. Duh!!! Mother F**KERS!!!!!!

  8. camilla says

    I really liked the show but why did they keep re-casting the daughter? That was confusing and I hated her BF. Loved Kenny. Woodcocks were OK. And I really liked the other teacher (actor’s name is Nick?) with the red hair. I’m sorry to see the show end but with the sporadic airings, it didn’t really have a chance.

  9. thegrimmling says

    I somewhat liked the first season, the contrast between a young couple and an older couple. But for the last few years this show enraged me. I HATE HATE HATE this show and for the last few years been only checking the trade papers for the death of this show.

    I rarely hate any show, let alone hate it with a passion, but this show did it. Finding out ‘Til Death is canceled is the high point of my day.

  10. says

    My wife and I really enjoyed Til Death after all after 25 yrs of marriage we could identify. It seems like these networks dont really get what people want to watch . They dont get it. We didn’t enjoy the series changing people every season and what was up with the 4 daughters? Don’t move shows around so much. If it weren’t for my dvr I would never have found it.
    Oh and Joely is SOOOO HOTTT and sexy. Bring it back!!!

  11. says

    I, too, liked the Woodcocks on season 1. While the subsequent changes didn’t improve it, i don’t think they irretrievably damaged it either. It was a solid show, but not outstanding, I guess.

    P.S. It’s “Joely Fisher” (Carrie Fisher’s daughter).

  12. rhino says

    This is another example of when Fox messes with a sitcom. They messed with the Short-lived gem “The Loop”, they got rid of Piper and the other girl. They just can’t let a show run it’s course and grow into something good. I mean this last season of ‘Til Death was awful. That who’ll thing with Doug thinking he’s on a sitcom got so old so fast it’s not even funny. Then they had it where everyone was in a disney cartoon form, and that didn’t even make any sense. Plus the show this last season had such bad similarities to Married… With Children. Plus when it first premiered it had the funny show “Happy Hour’ on the same night that never got a chance becuase of the World series. Plus it went from being in the top 50 show of the week to 114 of 120 shows.

    The only reason this show failed was becuase of Fox, and if Fox is reading this…stop MESSING WITH SHOWS.

    • Kev says

      @rhino I totally agree about the loop. The first season was great and they completely messed it up.

      Same with this show. The first season was really funny. And Steph Woodcock was one of the funniest female characters I’ve ever seen in a sitcom. Now Til Death has just been a disaster. I’m just watching it to see what ridiculous thing they air next. It’s just become a joke. Has anyone noticed the lame sound effects between scenes that were randomly added in?

  13. david says

    this show was good! fox needed to get new writers for the show, the woodcocks were funny, they could of done more story lines of brad at work(School), but no they had alot to work with and killed the show themselves!

  14. Jeff says

    I happened to really like Til Death. I especially liked the first season but I really didn’t like the Kenny character so much. Kinda wonder why they got rid of the Woodcocks? Liked them a lot. If they would have brought the show back to the lst year premise, I personally think they would have done better. I really think Brad and Joey had very good chemistry, like god made them for each other!

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