‘Til Death: FOX Sitcom Cancelled, No Season Five

Til DeathLaunching a new series these days can be really tough. It either hits really big, or you’re out. FOX’s ‘Til Death got more chances than most but the axe has finally swung. The network confirmed today that it was indeed cancelling the show.

‘Til Death debuted on FOX back in 2006 with veteran sitcom stars Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Joely Fisher (Ellen). They play Eddie and Joy, an “old married couple,” who have annoyingly optimistic newlywed neighbors, the Woodcocks (Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster).

Each subsequent season then seemed to change its focus. The second season brought in a new character, Kenny (J.B. Smoove), Eddie’s friend from the Big Brother program. The next season had Kenny moving in with Eddie and Joy. Season four brought their daughter (Lindsey Broad, then Kate Micucci) and her boyfriend/husband (Timm Sharp) as they moved into a trailer in Eddie and Joy’s backyard.

Truthfully, the series has never been a ratings hit, but FOX kept it because of the economy of putting it on the air. Sony Pictures TV gave the network a big break on the license fee so that the studio could keep producing episodes to build the syndication package.

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The show’s ratings have fallen so low recently that many have wondered how FOX could afford to keep it on the air, even with the deal from Sony. Garrett, with his typical deadpan delivery, told Zap2It, “The other night, we got a 0.9 … Once your mom stops watching, you’re a 0.4″ He told the network if they gave him another month, he could take it down to a zero. Not surprisingly, there was dead silence on the other end.

Garrett says the others that were involved in the show have already moved on to other projects, “After year two, when you’re getting beat by Telemundo, it’s time to go home. I mean, even the show my housekeeper watches was beating the show that was paying her salary. I’d come in the room, and she’d quickly turn off Telemundo.”

FOX has since officially confirmed that, after 80 installments, the sitcom has been cancelled. Episodes will continue to air as scheduled with the last installment running on May 9th. Because FOX has frequently used ‘Til Death as filler, 37 episodes will have aired this season by the time it’s over. Most of the installments are from this season while others are holdovers.

For Garrett, he’s not sure what’s next for him. He wouldn’t mind another series, but admits it could take him awhile to commit to one again. He says ‘Til Death was a learning experience, as the show ended up being very different than how it was originally been presented to him. He said, “What this last experience did was to make me more picky than ever.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to see that the show’s finally been cancelled? Do you think changing the focus and cast helped or hurt ‘Til Death? Which version is your favorite?

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  1. Cheryl says

    The woodcocks made this show and why would they bring on that multiple daughters and that boyfriend is beyond my understanding.Bring it back PLEASE.

  2. TillDeath says

    I love this show too bad they canceled it!
    I think if they kept the woodcook’s and brought Kenny too it would’ve been a hit and of the woodcook’s gave children and Eddie and joy would help while they’re mad and stuff it would’ve been such a big hit but they went the wrong way! This is the best sitcom I have honestly ever watched since F.R.I.E.N.D.S ! Toooo bad it’s canceled its AMAZING all the other shows are the same and trying to be like Seinfield and Friends but this one is DIFFERENT and AMAZING!

  3. Baba Ganush says

    Too bad. This show had a long ways to go. There were stories to tell, arcs to cover. My favorite would have been the one where the daughter talks about a friend she just met that is so like her. She goes on and on and when she finally brings her home it’s one of the actresses that played the daughter before. The son-in-law almost freaks out but gets it together after the new girl vehemently insists she doesn’t know him. Just as she exits the scene at the end of her two episode arc she leans back and winks at him. He mumbles, ” I knew it. But the pills do help.” Second arc. The Gilbert Godfrey character dies and his wife gets a new boyfriend. Come to find out he faked his death to see if she was cheating on him. As he has enough money he offers to fake Eddie’s death, too. Eddie’s response – That’s ok I’m going to Miami it’ll seem like I’m dead, anyway.” He is satisfied and asks Eddie to drive him to Miami where his new fiance is waiting for him. Joy goes with them and when she sees the new fiance it is Laine Kazan – her mother. Fade out. Pick it up next episode. But , alas, tis not to be. Too bad. So sad. But that’s TV. The sponsors make the calls. The producers are only guessing.

  4. Jezlilolme says

    I just found this show on Netflix a couple months ago.. I’m not a big tv watcher.. But since I got Netflix we have discovered some shows we really enjoy that we never heard of.. This show is one of them.. It’s actually my favorite show to watch! It’s soooooo funny!! Makes us crack up every time we watch it:)such a shame the show didn’t last long:( its the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time:)

  5. Angel says

    I like Marlena not a big TV watcher. Besides watching the news and the occasional baseball game i may watch 6-8 hours of TV a week. However im a late night person and about 3 months ago discovered this show in the 3:30 AM timeslot. I thought it was a pretty funny show. However once Kenny came in the show had no direction. I actually like the person that plays Kenny. I understand the actors that played the Woodcocks both left the show. I also believe Brad and Joely worked pretty good together. The show while funny was lacking a certain something that i cant put my finger on. Even so i believe it could of have ran a year if two if they would of bought in new actors to replace the departed Woodcocks and had a better sense of direction.

  6. Marlena says

    I’m not a big TV watcher, and only recently discovered this show on Netflix. I loved every episode. I’ve been married 20 years, and totally relate to the humor. I also recommended the first season to my friends who are engaged to be married in a few months.

  7. Kimberly says

    I though the show could have done better if they kept the woodcocks even with adding Kenny. But every episode was just those 3 no more working just nothing. Really like first two seasons though

  8. larry says

    love the show. just discovered it this january 2012. all the cast is great. too bad there isn’t more sitcoms like it. all we usually see now is reality shows that show the worst in people.

  9. Jamie says

    I love this show, unfortunately though all good things must come to an end.
    I think it did not get the credit that was due.
    I found it much funnier than Everybody Loves Raymond & that show ran for nine seasons.
    Brad Garrett is a very talented comedian, that brought both of those sitcoms to life.
    I got seasons one & two on DVD for Christmas, though the last two seasons are not on DVD. I hope that they become available on DVd soon.

  10. Joyce says

    I am not a big fan of sitcom TV, but I hear my husband and daughter laughing all the time while I am watching other shows. I decided to see what was so funny and discovered the best comedy ever! We DVR these shows and I can’t wait to curl up with my family and watch this delightful gem of a show. I am sick that it is no longer on the air! I told my husband that I want all the seasons for Christmas this year. If you haven’t watched you are missing one of the best shows ever! Please Fox bring it back!!!!!!

  11. George says

    I love this sit com and still watch the re-runs everyday
    it weird to me that the ratings were so low i can only concluded
    that most people really don’t know whats good or funny any more
    at the same time i can’t stand football or any of those NCSI type shows
    that are doing soo well ok so till death is cancelled and jerry springer is still on?
    what does that say about america ? IQ’S ARE IN THE TOILET if you ask me.

  12. says

    I loved that show ;but the kenny hit a very strange and went down the weird and wrong road..thought it was a very dumb and unrealistic premise.Upt o then the episodes made u think of someone in your own family;kenny went to far away ;a cousin or other relatives maybe; but for a grown man to be well it did not work for me it was so dumb it was hard to laugh and I loved the show till then.

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